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JSGME does work. I have used it and it is decent. Only problem is that you have to install in your BF folder. Eats up HD space.

Use Zbee mod manager. It is easier to use and will your mods from anywhere. I have mine stored on a separate drive off my SSD. Go over to thefewgoodmen forum and look at the tutorial that I put up. I can also help you out if you PM me.

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The HD usage of the program is almost nil. It is where you are storing your mods that is the issue. Using JSGME they have to be stored in the same place as the game/JSGME. With Zbee you can have all your mods on a separate HD. Not a big issue to most but if you need to keep your SSD running nice with CMBN it could save you from bogging it down. Zbee also does a lot more than just swap mods like JSGME. You have that nice Bulge Mod - well you can set up Zbee to activate all your Bulge mod files with one click. Instead of going in and deactivating and then reactivation each Bulge file. It allows you to set up mod sets which activate in one click. Easy to use.

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Well, I will check out Zbee. Thanks!

I've only had JSGME for a few months and it was a giant leap up from what I had been doing previously all manually.

I don't really track the HD usage but maybe I should be. I am sure I have all my old outdated versions of mods taking up valuable space. I am not a neat and tidy modder.

tsk tsk tsk

Only when I started the Bulge mod did I see how I needed something more rapid. Setting up one click pre-sets will be another big leap up.

Thanks a bunch.

downloading z-Bee 1.4 Mod Manager from the repository.

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you have a tutorial you say. I think I need it!

I imagine I will have multiple copies of z-Bee? 1 for each of the games?

1 for CMFI and 1 for CMBN?

EDIT: I am trying to set-up my various paths and am getting an error.

Error Caught

Error from inside set singlevalue 2147467259. Operation must use an updateable query.

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It seems to be OK now. At the top of the previous version it had a windows banner type thing which said it was read-only.

I guess I was trying to set-up my paths while still read-only. So, I saved it as my own copy and it was all good to go for setting paths.

I have not yet gotten fancy with mod pre-sets but I am greatly looking forward to that.

lol, I now have some Sicily July 43 US troops running around in white wash helmets!

Thanks again eniced73

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