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Road Ahead v2.0?

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Last year (June) BFC posted that their plan for the next 12 months is to release Normandy module 2, Eastern Front 1 and Shock Force 2. I think the Fortress Italy was not mentioned there and came as a nice surprise soon after. Steve specified the plans that during the next year 6/2012-6/2013 their plan is to release 3 base games and 3 modules.

Now after that year has passed we've seen 1 base game and 1 module but not any of those that were mentioned in the initial Road Ahead (http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=104854) Hopefully the Market Garden is soon to be released but it has not yet even officially announced. That's a lot of stuff to play but I have to say that I'm a bit disappointed as the expectations were pretty high after those unofficial announcements. I still don't think BFC is going to release lot's of stuff in a short period so those new base games and modules (except MG) are still pretty far away?

Would be nice to hear how the plans have changed and what can we wait to happen during the next 6-12 months. Or has these been posted elsewhere and i have just missed them? If yes, could someone be kind and attach a link to those news here.

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When I read that post last year I knew it was a bit ambitious. As anyone familiar with software development can tell you, things rarely go as planned or scheduled. I've been playing computer games since the early 80s and almost every game that I have eagerly waited for has been delayed to some degree or another.

Fortress Italy was announced just before that post by Moon, I think. Obviously they have changed from their original plans a bit to focus on Italy and it's subsequent modules.

*EDIT* Also, after JonS's posts about scenario design, I can fully understand why OMG and other modules takes so long to develop. First, BF has to design, code and test the new features for OMG, then the scenario and campaign designers can actually start building their works of art which are probably more time consuming to develop and test - especially the campaigns.

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"Black Sea" comes before SF2 doesn't it?

The Road Ahead is as noted a development plan. It is nice to hear how the plans have changed but honestly I don't have enough "game time" to play CMSF Mac Bundle, CMBN-CW, CMFI-GL... now.

If BFC is chipping away at the Eastern Front and they need EF beta-testers I might find more "game time":)

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I think we will see MG well before the end of the year. Possibly we will also see either Bagration or SF2 around the end of the year, but not both. But those are long shots.


I agree

There is other post that have given insight as to what we likely will be seeing soon.

I recall that SF2 is more likely to come out first over Bagration. Other than that, who really knows.

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