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New file at the Repository: Ciembienne (2013-08-12)

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Nice map, I try play in quick battle mode, add deployment area and targets, but troops don't want to attack, what's problem?

There are no AI plans. This is just a map.

I am working on a scenario for the map, though. But it won´t be ready for three or four weeks - maybe more.

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Exciting video. And an xnt example of the magically disappearing Sherman, now you see it, now it's vanished, now it's back again, now it's vanished etc. even with inf right next to it they completely lose contact with it.

Both times it "disappeared" it was shrouded by smoke and dust. Not so magical. Awareness of it being there is different than seeing it. Unfortunately the computer doesn't always grok awareness or communicate that to the viewer.

Nice video! Reminds me I need to go grab a sound mod.

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There are troops about 2 or 3 meters away from the invisible tank. Losing all knowledge that the tank is there is ridiculous. If the LOS or whatever can't be fixed maybe increase the time it takes to lose contact so very temporary smoke doesn't result in this most unrealistic phenomenon.

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I´m still looking for one more tester for the Ciembienne scenario, I am making. If you´d like to test, please send me a PM.



About the scenario:

Human british vs german AI, 90 minutes (fictional)

More pics from the map: http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=110703 (NB: the troops in these pics are NOT in the scenario!)

Here´s the briefing:


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Our attacks in this region of Normandy have been successful and we have broken though the german lines in many places. At the moment we are trying to exploit our momentum to the maximum and seize as many key areas as possible while the jerries are off balance.

Amongst these key areas are the railroad bridges and cathedral in the small town of Ciembienne: Y o u r o b j e c t i v e s.

Our intelligence tells us that the germans have scraped what forces they´ve had in the area together to block our advance. This means their defences are relatively unprepared and weak: Probably a couple of infantry platoons, supported by AT guns, MG´s and mortars. But as you are well aware: Attacking in an urban area is never going to be easy.

Our biggest headache is a platoon of Jagdpanzers that have just arrived to reinforce the defences. They are going to be very hard to deal with.

Luckily, we´ve recieved an exceptional piece of intelligence: A source working in the lorry workshop in the centre of town tells us that the Jagdpanzers arrived there last night for maintenance. They are set to leave for their defensive positions at 0500 hrs.

This is a golden opportunity to strike the panzers at their most vunerable! We have raced two sections of scouts in carriers into the southern edge of town - each reinforced with two PIAT teams. They should arrive around 0430 hrs.

Our informer in town tells us that there should be no guards at the workshop. But the germans are patrolling the streets. So keep your eyes open while approaching and avoid the patrols if at all possible. Engaging them will probably lead to heavy casualites and delays - and thus jeopardize the mission. But keep moving forward - we need to get to the workshop before the panzers leave. You have 30 minutes to complete this task.

Once the Jagdpanzers have been neutralized, use the PIAT and recon teams to scout ahead of the main force.

The main force will arrive at approximately 0500 hrs and will consist of an armoured car recon section, three motorized rifle assault sections, one light tank section and one cruiser tank section.


On map:

"Stealth group"

2 x scout sections with 2 PIAT teams each - arriving in Bren carriers*


Main force (arriving from app. 0500 hrs):

3x motorized rifle assault troops. Each troop consisting of:

1x HQ section

4x Motorized "reinforced" rifle sections

1x light mortar detachment

5x M5 halftracks

Each troop is reinforced** with

2x scout detachments

2x breach detachments

1x bren detachment

1x armoured car recon section

2x Daimler II armoured cars

2x Humber III light reconnaisance cars

1x Light tank section:

2x Stuart V

1x Stuart VI

1x Cruiser tank section:

3x Cromwell IV

Enemy forces:

The german forces are believed to be relatively weak and consisting of two to three infantry platoons, supported by a few guns, MG´s and mortars. And of course the 4 jagdpanzers. We have no knowledge of other armor - but they might have a few vehicles in left in the area.


First: Locate the lorry workshop and use your PIAT teams to destroy the 4 Jagdpanzers.

Then: Secure the objectives.


*) The Bren carriers are immobilized. This is because they are not to be used as transports, as their sound would alert the defenders. They are on map because they contain extra PIATs.

**) The rifle troops are reinforced by small detachments that can be used as gunners in the halftracks when the rifle sections themselves have disembarked. They also add extra firepower and satchel charges for blasting through obstacles.

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