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New file at the Repository: UK Helmets (2012-03-21)

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I simply wondered whether the CW would troops would have worn different versions of helmet at the same time.

Yes they would.

Mk III helmet was handed out to the "assault" units first of all, and then other units as available. So the assault units who charged onto the beach on D-day mostly had Mk III (the whole unit, ie the battalion).

But as soon as replacements came in to compensate the losses they came from RHU (Regimental Holding Units) who still had Mk IIs, then other units where broken up and divided into other units etc etc. So already after 1-2 weeks in Normandy there was a hell of a mix of Mk II and III in the units.

But the Mk II was used untill the wars end so it was never entirely replaced. so the mix BF has now is pretty correct.

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Can you choose only to have the Turtle style helmets for ALL of your force?

Yep...I just uploaded a mod that'll do just that.

These are great, one question though..do I just delete the number after the description on all of the helmets and they will all work in game?


Nope, leave them as is. The numbers allow the game to randomize them.


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I gather Mk3 helmets were a brand new issue just before the Normandy landings. so they were not so commonly worn by the troops who indeed preferred to stay with the known item.

The priority has been given to the assault troops to swap their old helmets for the new ones, as they were thought to be a better protection than the Mk2.

But again not everyone liked them for many reasons, so in battle both marks have been used.

It seems that it was much more commonly worn by the Canadian units.

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