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About Me

Sorry for my English being not that good any more, I hope it´ll improve some day. I´m in my thirties, trying to survive (thanks to coffee and music) and I love wargaming. 

I came across CM in 2018 and in it I found "my game", it seems. I tried playing "flames of war" (tabletop) some years ago but as a gigging musicians there is not enough time to get really into it. CMBN always has time for me. ;) For me, CM = easy to learn, hard to master. Just like a guitar. Well...a guitar is hard to learn and nearly impossible to master. ;) There are the great youtube-videos of armchair general that helped me a lot to understand the deeper mechanics in the game and he brought me into the "OCOKA"-idea. Youtuber "Headbreaker" has a pretty good CM-related channel running, I learned "alt+z for command-link" from him, great stuff.

Well, now I´m here, hanging around with you and hope to get some more information on some topics I still struggle with. 

CMBN, "school of hard knocks" - you know, I´m still a beginner in CM and this scenario seems pretty rough. Is it just me or is it...kind of challenging?

Thanks to John Costello of battlefront for quickly answering my request on CM-merch. A good game deserves merch! ;) So the guitarist with this nice looking CMBN-hoodie on a stage near you soon...that´s me. ;) 

See you soon on the board...

btw, I live some 20 Km afar the "Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster". It´s a grand tank-only-related museum in nothern Germany, not too far away from Hamburg. If you´re planing to go there some day let me know, if you want. I´ve some fine adresses for accomodations etc. in this area. The museum is really cool, Mr. Ralf Raths, a young german historic, is head of the museum. Check out the yt-channel of the museum, great stuff on tanks in motion while "Stahl auf der Heide"-event.

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