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  1. Oplot ingame has bug when commander some times stuck in forever "rotating" state during which he dont spot anything. Bulat has naturally better optics than BV IRL Bulat also has better commander sight than T-72B3. Not sure if its true for ingame Shooting atgms instead of sabot is just lazy bug of ingame ai. Cause of this i actually think t-64bv ingame is best ukrainian tank cause its just does not have those stupid atgms so it stuck using right ammo choice.
  2. Ingame BTR-4 is just BMP-2 on wheels with tall silhouette. They dont use their agl often or effective enough to make impact. They almost never use their atgms, and when they use them, laser warning systems on all enemy armor defeats it (while irl laser warning system shouldn't be triggered by beamriding atgm), and atgm on bmp-2 dont trigger laser warning cause its old style optical guiding. RWS module on BTR-4 ingame modeled as conventional turret (you can see it if you move camera inside hull), line of sight for its weapons comes from hull not from turret, so it cant shoot over cover as it sh
  3. Thats false news from the mouth of pro-russian propaganda. In reality Bulat has more horse power to weight ratio than soviet t-64bv. Bulat upgrade package includes new more powerful engine.
  4. Russian forces shooting AGS from the window of civ apartment.
  5. IRL ukrainian APS has 2 charges per module, second charge is being deployed instantly after first is expended. You can install as many number of modules on a vehicle as you wish, but realistic number is 2 modules per side, so 4 charges for each side.
  6. T-80bv in training (comes in middle of video)
  7. Dont know if already posted, but here some decently clear video from operator of BTR-4 shooting
  8. Russian APS is pure fantasy. Even prototype of T-90AM that was actually built for parades but never even considered to be in service does not have and never even tested this fantasy APS. While ukrainian APS is real and even exported to other countries, like Turkey. Ukrainian APS should have much much lower rarity ingame, and allowed to be mounted not just to Oplots but also to BTR-4s.
  9. Russia in this game is uber over equipped. IRL they dont have t-90am in service, they dont have bmp-2m and and bmp-3m in service, they dont have brm-3k in service. Almost every shiny tech that russia has in this game irl is just fantasy or just prototypes. And those that is actually in service made overpowered in game. For example btr-82a irl has much worse optics than btr-4, but in game its reversed. Airburst munitions for btr-82a is not produced by russia, it was ordered from europe, and after sanctions its not possible anymore. Kornet atgm is much much older and inferior system than Scif, b
  10. Ukraine Army at this moment does not have any Oplots. But Oplots themselves is much more real than russian T-90AM. Number of Oplots built is bigger than T-90AM, this russian fantasy tank is not in service in any country currently, even not in russia itself, Oplot at least in service of Tai army. As for other tanks. We have several hundreds of T-64bv in storage(it was made in ussr), they being restored from storage and put into army in quantities currently needed. Also about 100 of this tanks was upgraded to T-64 bulat, and current version of Bulat has thermals. Also we have many t-
  11. I tried only "demo" version, which is on old engine. So question is, does problems that was in old engine got fixed in new engine? For example this one Also it seams even when commander is not bugged out by rotating glitch, he still cant spot anything cause looks like in game thermals only got gunners sight, but on actual oplot thermals are for both gunner sight and commanders panoramic. or this Or other that i discovered myself with btr-4 In manual it says that it has rws that gives it higher viewing point on battlefield helping it to see better, but ingame
  12. If this bug is not source of Oplots poor spotting - then its just Oplots spotting characteristics in game is seriously under-powered. Oplot has same second-generation thermals as russian tanks, and they both make their thermals sights from imported french thermal sensors. Nor Russia Nor Ukraine has its own full cycle production of thermal imageres - they both import key parts for their thermals from abroad.
  13. Maybe cause KrAZ "Spartan" is made in co-operation with Canada, and BTR-4 is solo Ukrainian product? Dont try to find logic sense where corruption is involved. And cause of BTR-4 is solo ukrainian product - it sure has alot of corruption in it.
  14. Yes, there is a notation in ukrainian at top part of aiming display saying that this is thermal image. But its not BTR-4E, its KrAZ "Spartan" armored car.
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