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  1. Not sure what exactly is going on here. I put my squad inside a building but for some reason one dude keeps on sticking out of the building. Tried repeatedly putting the squad back in the building but dude still keeps on sticking out(and proceeds to get shot immediately). First time i am encountering something like this. One of the tf thunder missions. Thi is happening with a lot of the buildings in this map. Any ideas? Added the save file and a screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WeCLB6kSSET8bqMfz3rSJTKFqoZz0FAj/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTgj9fgEtATNZ
  2. Hi, Not sure if this a bug or something but I can't pass through this bridge with bradleys. it's one of the tf thunder missions in sf2. first time i am seeing anythng like this to be honest. it keeps on reseting back halfway across. the strykers went across fine. any workaround to this or should i just run my dudes across. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nTgj9fgEtATNZdQZVyGlSyi-iLMhB74l/view?usp=sharing
  3. So i started playing with the commonwealth forces and had a few questions with them. Is it better to keep each squad as three teams and split with that to move around or is it better to combine the squad to make two teams and then spit with that to move around(to get better fire output from each team). So far I am finding commonwealth squads very anaemic in terms of fire power in the ww2 titles. The americans tend to do well at mid to close ranges cause of the m1, the germans are great at long ranges thanks to the mg and the russians are very good close up cause every second person gets an smg
  4. Hi. Was just playing the us campaign 2nd mission. I am trying to breach through this wall with the enginners. For some reason, they don't want to breach through this wall although you can see they have 12 charges and that should be enough to punch through the walls.the 3 man breach teams don't really seem to have this problem. i tried it in other walls with the same engineer squad and it just defaults to the quick command. Any idea what's going on?
  5. Nope.i had a save right before the engagement. Tried absolutely everything. Target arcs, target armour arcs, target light same deal as before. And that's a really bad reason to give. I've used target multiple times before and never ran into this issue so something else goes into the BMP choosing weapons. And these aren't issues just faced by me. Last I remember the BMP 3 thread had a number of people talking about similar issues with weapon choice at closer ranges.
  6. if everyone can't see it properly shouldn't los be white instead of blue which means only some dudes can see him? it was blue in this case
  7. got a few questions about the bmp2 weapon choice by the ai when engaging targets. What exatly As shown in the picture below i caught a bradley out in the open and the bmp just stood there trying to use it's atgm at the bradley when the 30mm on it is quite capable of shredding the bradley at that range. The weapons choice of the AI seems really strange at times. It does the least optimal thing. I checked los and there really is no obstruction. The bmp itself isn't damaged or anything and the crew isn't shocked. So i have no clue why the bmp just stands there waiting for five seconds while it sh
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dFVQ72CZMg5fgVA5hXwEF56XYl4kbchw/view?usp=sharing I think this should work. This is the map where you choose your branch
  9. Uhh. May sound stupid but do you know where to upload? is it the helpdesk?
  10. Hi Can anyone help me with an issue I am facing? I am playing the german campaign but for some the map where you have to choose which branch of missions to follow is messing up. the first branch is done by just pressing cease fire right at the start. That works fine for me. I kept a save of that map(so that i could come back and choose the other branch). However when i try to select the other branch(by going to the objective marker at the end of the road and the pressing case fire) the game just hard crashes. Don't know what's happening since everything else works fine. I have a copy of
  11. Quick question. Do choppers always unload with missiles on armour? Cause in black sea this sounds like a bad idea in black sea since every us vehicle has aps. I was playing one of the scenarios which involved stopping an armoured push by the us. Now four choppers were available to me from the start so i started the match with heavy shelling of the expected start location of the americans(to supress any stinger teams) and immediately calling out all the four choppers. The results were dismal cause all the missiles were intercepted by the aps(lots of armour,lots of aps). The second time was much
  12. Hi, Quick question. Do i need to keep a hold of the installation files for the games? I might get a new machine in the near future so is there any point in keeping the installation files (and hog up space in my current machine) or can i redownload the files any time i want?
  13. I was just wondering, the uncons and the Syrians in sf2 had access to the much nastier rpg29. I was wondering why doen't the Russians have access to any better RPGs. I know the 7v2 is frontline issue but I was reading up on their equipment ages back and I remember seeing that the army had other more modern RPG, including the 29, in service along with the 7. Just asking cause the 7 is kinda bad and struggles with anything above a Stryker and you have to mass a ton of them. Also it's not very accurate unless you are really close whereas the at 6 is quite accurate, has no back blast and hits much
  14. i'd say to play defensive through out the whole campaign. except for a few mission, the russians always counter with huge amounts of armour. Always keep scouts at vantage points to spot spot incoming armour. right at the start of the game, get everyone in the squads to take up as much at4/javs as they can pick up. yes you are overloading them but trust me they will run through it fast. also remember strykers are kinda **** when it comes to spotting. in fact they are quite bad. they are worse than the bmp3m. your infantry is your main asset here. strykers on the flanks will do good work especia
  15. Hi, Quick question. Is there a thing in the single player missions where the ai has access to unlimited artillery? I am playing one of the russian single player campaign thingies and the opponents(ukranians with some attached americans) seem to have constant streams of artillery everywhere i move, even when i use trees and terrain to block line of sight. This is really annoying cause i would have troops held in reserve for use later behind the front lines and suddenly arty wil start raining on them and causing vehicle losses and casualties. Now is it cause the americans might have a drone
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