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  1. Steve, are you worried that requiring users to purchase Upgrade 3.0 so that they can purchase Upgrade 4.0 so that they can purchase the new CMFI module might hurt sales?
  2. Tried out Hitting the Flank and Into Lithuania this week, both were very fun to play through. Combined arms at around company strength seems to be where this game shines, and so far your missions have been fantastic at hitting that sweet spot.
  3. I know right? It's crazy that the United States might not want to drive itself further into debt while all of these NATO countries openly flaunt the agreed upon membership requirements. Europeans shouldn't actually have to feel responsible for the defense of Europe, that would just be racist or something.
  4. Played the mission in question today too, seems to be an issue on PC as well. Buttoned stug crew will man the outer MG regardless of buttoning orders. It's not such a big deal when enemies are to the front and far away since the gun shield is so large, but if an allied rifleman gets behind the vehicle it can turn into a dead crew member very quickly. I guess its a design flaw with the vehicle that in order to use the machine gun a crew member needs to leave the protection an AFV should afford him. Maybe the AI could be tweaked so that the machine gunner was more conservative with exposing
  5. Great videos! Hope you keep making AARs, watching them is a lot of fun.
  6. This appears to be not the case, at lest in the latest release version of CMFI. Fallschirm HMG teams at conscript, regular and elite all took an identical 20 seconds to deploy (as opposed to the 10 seconds stated on the UI). Ditto for the medium mortars, 46 seconds on the dot, and recoilless at 1.5 minutes. Was this meant to be a feature by Battlefront? I would love to see it implemented in the next patch.
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