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Found 2 results

  1. Hi This tweak mod was originaly for CMRT but members reporting that it's work perfectly with CMBT (latest update) so please give it a try! - this is modified Battlefront “War Movie” shader - this will replace the opt-M (alt-M) mode - put the unzipped folder in "z" folder - works also with CMRT, CMBI and CMBS (latest updates) - little or no performance hit - OS X and Windows - experimental stuff - please don't edit shader if You don't know what You are doing! Combat Mission FXShine mod download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49hc7e5cn0lve4d/AADjTuXSsx6l35wtx_4g3mnda?dl=0 Please check original Thread at Red Thunder section for more: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/120795-fxshine-shader/ As I don't have CMBN Screenshots are from CMRT unedited but post Your Best Normandy screenshoots so we can replace them!
  2. Hi After messing little bit with shaders (http://bit.ly/1j00Yds) thought it would be cool to add normal maps to roads and backgrounds. As far as I read it, Battlefront tried it few years ago and put it on hold for obvious performance reasons. But regarding Moore’s Law maybe its time to do it. All of this normal mapping will give us nice soft shadows and details. Compare shadows of the soldiers on vehicle and shadows of the vehicle on the roads. Problem is I just can’t get normal maps working - in “z” folder - if file is “window 1.bmp” than normal map is named “window 1_normal map.bmp” - normal maps generated with CrazyBump Mac beta and NormalMappr OS X (booth exporting png-s that I later saved as bmp - could this be the problem?) For roads maybe it’s problem because that they are not enabled for using normal maps, but can’t even get it working for objects already with normal maps. Can someone with experience answer or give some good advice Thanks Recreated effects in Unity with CM textures no normal maps with normal maps (would be great to see jagdpanther on this road) default (this building already have normal maps in CM) just little bit stronger (but not loading in CM)
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