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  1. Update 7: still hard at work with making the mission. Next 3 things up to bat are finishing the wire defenses, adjusting trenches, and adding in the rest of the US forces. I'll release the test models of the landing craft and logs soon.
  2. Landing Craft flavor object. Still can't get the textures it comes with to work so if anyone wants a crack at it let me know while I go back to mission making for a bit.
  3. Update 6: The General forum might be a better place for this thread or the scenario and mod tips? Anyway thanks Sgt Squarehead for the link and with the help of Aquila I was able to get a beach log obstacle going. Still can't get the textures it came with to work so more testing is needed...one things for sure is that it's a pain in the butt. I'm hoping to get a landing craft in and redo some tellermine poles that I've made before. The other above image is testing the 1st 20 min of the scenario I'm working on. Getting closer and so far pretty fun.
  4. Update 4: slowly working on the omaha west map. So far just need to add the US side and reinforcement times for a beta kind of version. I might have to make an acquisition of some flavor assets like the wooden pulls and some landing craft if I could ever figure out blender. Above you can also see some terrain modding for shock force 2.
  5. Update 3: Well not very sure about the realistic colors anymore...loaded up some old textures from a while ago and it looks better. Might play with it some more later. I did manage to make an easy reshade that's pretty basic and working on the Omaha West mission. To produce it faster I'm mostly doing a direct conversion of the board game map and set-up. Not completely historical or topographical but the main ideas are there and I should have a beta mission in about a week.
  6. Update 2: Just noticed that I posted in the main CMBN forum instead of modding, oh well maybe someone will move it. The above images are examples of modded clear daylight colors and modded overcast colors. Still a lot more to do and adjust but I should clarify that by real life I mean images based off of google street view. When I have time I can make a read me tutorial. What I've found that has been working well is using a cropped image from google (either from direct sunlight or overcast days) to apply as a layer with a hard light overlay on top of the de-saturated graphic that is being re-c
  7. Update 1: Now that the patch is out for the combat mission games I'm interested in trying to finish my mod Rally the Regiments again. What I had imagined was to have realistic colors, some advanced squad leader scenarios booted over, a re-shade preset, and small 1200x1800m maps for competitive play. My first goal is to get the realistic colors nailed down and the ASL/critical hit scenarios for Omaha Beach made. I've ordered the board games Omaha west and East so I can begin work once it arrives. The above image you can see the comparison of real world colors compared to stock colors. In my nex
  8. Wow so far I'm really impressed. Thanks BFC. Loaded up my Omaha project I was working on a long time ago and hey no more fleeing Germans from a random tank round.
  9. Update: not working a 60+ hour job anymore so yay back to combat mission. Currently setting forth to finish the Omaha map so it's more functional while working on a map for La Fiere Causeway and a sidi bouzid battle test for CMFI. The best part is that the newer version of re-shade doesn't interfere with the game like it was before on me so I'm integrating that back in along with more terrain graphics across all families.
  10. yup in my post for rally the regiments mod is the latest update and does need the market garden dlc. The two maps I'm currently trying to wrap up for that mod is the omaha mission and one for la fiere causeway however to spell.
  11. Figured this might be helpful for anyone messing around with the test scenario. SITUATION Commander, there's little choice but to make a frontal assault across the beach flat. The capture of Les Moulins and the D-3 draw is vital for getting motorized traffic and supplies off the beach. Move as quickly as you can to find a weak point and crack the German defenses. You can leave pockets of enemy resistance for follow on troops to mop up later. Air support will be unavailable while in an interdiction role to prevent or delay enemy reinforcement. MISSION
  12. Negative on that one Erwin. The textures are meant as an optional graphics replacement for any scenario. Someday I'll include scenario specific textures via mod tag. Honestly don't know how to mod tag yet but guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there .
  13. This is a release for a work in progress mod I'm calling Rally the Regiments or R&R for short. So far multiple terrains and foliage have been redone, new tracers, unit bases, and a test scenario for an Omaha Beach map. The goal of the mod is to make 1200x1800 maps and missions inspired by a WW2 miniatures game that are balanced for single and multiplayer competitive play. The link can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/iiyb8gr2b8ypo5b/CMBN_R%26R_Mod.rar The Omaha Scenario is a semi-historical condensed version showing the 1st infantry and 29th division storming the beac
  14. Thanks for the reply herrtom. Yea I wasn't sure if you were playing the game that way or just going back to watch. When I get a chance I'm curious if an open gl shader like the one made by BarbaricCo could get close to the color tones and such as your presets. Howler, been a while since I've been playing CM so I'm out of the loop on presets these days. I'll just be trying different stuff out like the one your describing. sounds like a cool set-up to play with. I'd like to try JohnO's as well that screen shot is really vivid is a good way.
  15. It's cool to see this forum open about reshade. I had a question if anyone might have some answers on using reshade. I'm having an issue with movement and target orders being off by 15m+ so I was curious if there was a way for reshade to not do that?
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