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  1. Apologies for bringing it up again, but are You still intending to do the plain green version of the BRM-3K? As it currently is, it is the only vehicle standing out from the rest either by using old camouflage, or by being extraordinarily clean. Thank You.
  2. Is it possible to remove / make transparent the Malyutka ATGMs on these BMP-1s? They would only be mounted in combat, and certainly would not be left on 'abandoned' vehicles. P.S.: Are you planning to finish the Russian vehicles line, or are you done for now?
  3. If you will make a "side-neutral" variant (no stripes, flags and other ID symbols), then these vehicles can be used in UKR vs UKR battles to represent Kiev's forces vs militia. P.S.: Any progress on that red star?
  4. If it is not too much work, how about a version with a good old solid red star? (Всех с днем Советской Армии и Военно-Морского Флота!)
  5. Just FYI, there is only one motor rifle division and only one tank division in the Russian Ground Forces right now. All other MRDs and TDs were reorganized into brigades, which are subordinate mostly to the various Combined Arms Armies, and some - directly to the Military Districts. (Though I am sure comrade BTR knows that already.) And if the Soviet practices for tactical markings were not changed much, then each brigade will get a tactical marking in its own distinct shape, which will then be modified with alphanumerical and pictorial symbols for each of the battalions and independent comp
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