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  1. I agree with you, but it worked so mission completed.
  2. It did the job of multiple bombs in one go, even for an overpriced weapon I think it was a justifiable use that time.
  3. T-90 survived no penetration according to Syrian report and the aftermath image, just the gooks inside bailed because I think hatch was open. They got shooked lol! I would too.
  4. I'm assuming the tank crew was the battalion HQ usually the laser warning systems on the Abrams end up with my T-72B3s murdered. Good kills
  5. @Haiduk do you think the war will ever escalate or will it continue to be like this?
  6. Not sure, Russian procurement at this stage is very weird in what they are deciding. Upgrading BMPs to BMP-2Ms in some numbers, buying BMP-3 version when BMP-3M is out. But I'm pretty sure T-14s will be brought into production as declared, just I highly doubt it's going to reach the number goals anymore. Well propaganda of tanks are done by all sides. I'd hype my tank up too if I made the M1A3 abrams. But in this context the T-14 is not only just a propaganda tool, the Russian military does actually want to field these tanks and replace alot of tanks with them. These are all f
  7. https://sputniknews.com/military/201703291052066946-russia-armed-forces-manpower/ Manpower increase in the Russian armed forces. 1.9 million servicemen
  8. T-14s will be fielded but it wont replace the fleet for a while. I don't think the T-90 upgrades will happen, as the T-14 is way better. I think the T-90As are enough for current NATO tanks speaking comparison wise for the most part, but we lack the numbers the US tank fleet has (as in we lack advanced tanks) you guys have like 1.5-2K M1A2s upgraded to latest standards, not counting the M1A1s. Meanwhile our fleet is relatively older, and less advanced (speaking about the many T-72Bs we have... which lack any thermal and the cannon is mediocre) But considering Russia's wars for the most part wi
  9. Biggest problem with the unbalance is that all US vehicles like Bradleys and Abrams have laser warning systems. If there was an option to for example to make them how they are in standard service it would be great. The American military has superior sensor equipments without the doubt, and they are very organized in what they do, however sometimes the spotting really goes too far. I recall having a T-90 diagonally across a field, behind a tree line in another tree line. And a Javelin team just spots it in a short amount of time as if he was expecting there to be a tank there. US forces a
  10. Off topic heavily, but I can't help it. I don't want to hear any "whataboutism" from anyone on here relating Syria to Ukraine. The U.S. and some of America's allies (Turkey, Saudi Arabia) have been training and arming groups fighting the Syrian government, and making the situation even worse in the country. If you deny that US and allies' weaponry havent fell into Islamic terrorist hands then you are full of it. The U.S. is legally not allowed in Syria no matter what. Whatabout to Ukraine all you want, use the same standards for yourselves as well. US was in Syria before Russia was in ea
  11. Usually the Spetsnaz specialize in clinic targeting. And thanks for the welcome.
  12. Yes it is standard training for Russian servicemen of all branches to target apartments and hospitals.
  13. Hi Vlad, what's Up ? Just telling you I was involved in a major argument in the " new vehicule family" thread and there was a lot of Russia bashing. They are hopeless to be polite. A post talking about the T-90M went very bad. They dont take the russian Military seriously and I believe IT shows in the game. Bunch if proto-facist if you want my opinion. I'm leaving the forums since anything balanced is not respected here. So God speed to you and may Russia emerge victorious. The world needs it to be freed from the "exceptional nation". Let's hope we avoid nuclear war, Trump wont last long.

  14. 2nd company might get caught on the open field, you need to make sure he doesn't destroy your defensive line across the bride. Those Shturms will cause some damage.
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