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  1. I agree with you, but it worked so mission completed.
  2. It did the job of multiple bombs in one go, even for an overpriced weapon I think it was a justifiable use that time.
  3. T-90 survived no penetration according to Syrian report and the aftermath image, just the gooks inside bailed because I think hatch was open. They got shooked lol! I would too.
  4. I'm assuming the tank crew was the battalion HQ usually the laser warning systems on the Abrams end up with my T-72B3s murdered. Good kills
  5. @Haiduk do you think the war will ever escalate or will it continue to be like this?
  6. Hi Vlad, what's Up ? Just telling you I was involved in a major argument in the " new vehicule family" thread and there was a lot of Russia bashing. They are hopeless to be polite. A post talking about the T-90M went very bad. They dont take the russian Military seriously and I believe IT shows in the game. Bunch if proto-facist if you want my opinion. I'm leaving the forums since anything balanced is not respected here. So God speed to you and may Russia emerge victorious. The world needs it to be freed from the "exceptional nation". Let's hope we avoid nuclear war, Trump wont last long.

  7. While we're at it can we please get some standard Abrams without the LWS and tricked out era kit? would be fun to play as and to play against.
  8. Bro in there it says "Berezhok" has been installed, so basically it's the same as the ones in the game. Panoramic sight for commander included.
  9. http://function.mil.ru/news_page/country/more.htm?id=12107642@egNews BMP-2Ms confirmed on some upgraded Russian BMPs in service. So finally I can use BMP-2Ms!
  10. No of course no problem Without arguing into detail; has it gotten better or worse corruption wise? Most Ukrainian buddies of mine will say it's gotten worse... Government officials are more corrupt than ever now. The people are suffering more than they use too. Anyways; you argue that the rebellion and Crimeans voting to be a part of Russia is unconstitutional where as they same could be said for the coupe... So I don't know if this is just double standard or just coloring to make Russia look like the only bad guy there. It's really getting tiring being called Kremlin bot or Russian h
  11. OT but I have too. Russia performed badly in the first Chechen war, the second Chechen war was way more successful. Airforce had embarrassingly lost 7 planes 2 of them to friendly fire. The ground forces performed really good against Georgian troops, even without the 3:1 Ratio in battles, and arguably Georgian troops had better equipment. Well... When the Russian army did perform in Ukraine (counter-offensives) they had good performance, but again they weren't able to operate in their full function for obvious reasons. Offensive from Ukraine has stopped, now it's just
  12. Well documented from DPR footage, the airport battle was majority fought by DPR units and not Russian troops. Of course there probably were lads that were in the advisory role, but from when I was keeping up with it, nothing "polite" about the forces there. It was a symbolic victory at the airport, as that was a part of the territories. Well of course, on paper the Ukrainian military is better than DPR and LPR. They have more numbers in equipment and in all other aspects. But still, DPR could put up a fight victorious or not, they have been improving and there are some battles where th
  13. Well in the beginning that was true, I remember check points with bats. But that's why Locals without any support got destroyed by Ukrainian forces. An army is definitely way better equipped than make shift local units, or volunteers from say Russia without any military standards. This battle in Svetlodarsk arc doesn't really show much, the DPR hasn't been allowed to do much even with the Ukrainians storming their checkpoints, and advancing into the town Novoluhans'ke. The Ukrainians have successfully made the outer defense in that perimeter retreat tactically, but the casualties on both
  14. So 75 brigades/regiments/detachment present according to inform napalm? Did I miss the push for Kiev or? Yes Russian military was and is in Donbas, but those numbers are complete BS by any regard. The evidence presented by the video needs to be re analyzed... From those units maybe individuals have been present in form of at most battalion/company/platoon/squad... And we need to verify every single unit infonapalm has put forth in that video to verify those units exist and aren't some BS units. And my battalion remark was for the airport battle, where Ukrainians believe they were fight
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