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  1. In Slovenia demining is paid by the state. Do parcel owners where ordinance is found have to pay for deminers themselves?
  2. Erm, shouldn't you like not touch it and move it around? LOL
  3. Battlefront's most common ETA is: "When it's done it's done." Other ETA's include only approximate release windows but those are often not met and stuff gets released with a delay usually (small team and quality over quantity mentality). Also, when dev Steven says "soon" expect at least a couple of months for that "soon" to materialize. My estimate based on the previous patch experience is that we will see a patch brought to our monitors in the time window of 1 to 2 months. Good news is that life gives us all sorts of interesting things that we can pursue in-between periods Battlef
  4. Yeah, being born in the places where battles took place and interested in these things..., the two together amplify each other. I was born in North-Western part of Slovenia where "Isonzo battelfield" took place in the first world war. We still have an unexploded Italian granade under our doorstep for example and the area is full of trenches and metal. I even found remains of a dead Austro-Hungarian soldier in the collapsed cavern high up in the Alps as a kid. Happy for you that the game reignited your vanning passion.
  5. CM games do not work on Macs with emulated Windows. Just a reminder in case this is what you meant to do.
  6. Avoid AMD CPU's! Especially the FX generation ones. I have it and it sucks big time. Get yourself a higher frequency core i5, 7th (i5 7600K) or current 8th generation (i5 8600K->low availability at the moment) . I don't know about AMD Ryzen cpu's (seen no feedback from any players sporting them) but I know their 1 core tasks churn out less then intel cpus so it is reasonable to assume they would perform worse then intel ones. As for GPU's, since summer the price of GPU's was rising a lot due to mining activities (much bigger demand for middle GPU performers, GTX 1060, AMD 580 but also ve
  7. I agree. From my initial fails I would churn it up to 60-70% meets the point after your arguments. Good job. Oh, I personally have no qualms with the way it is done in the game. I was just basing my observation according to what the Austrian pointed out were the main fails in war games and me merely observing what fails and what doesn't in CM according to how he set the "game rules" up. It would be ok if there wold be a plausible delay in conveying to the player what subsystems were damaged as soon as tank crew would understand what works and what doesn't but it is by no means
  8. Ha, you are right Mord, mostly. I don't fully agree with you. When the vehicle is hit the systems damaged or destroyed are shown almost immidiately while the crew is still reeling from the impact and couldn't have possibly tested all the systems. I would fix this point to "partially right" as per your argumentation. Do you agree? I don't dislike him. I know how I am when I am overloaded with work - not very disposable. 😙😉
  9. I have never created any youtube video myself. I give you the licence to kill..., erm to shoot the video containing this information Josey.
  10. Ha ha, if he is stubborn and annoyed enough due to his lack of time then it could only make it worse and block him for ever wanting to have anything to do with CM games. According to his previous reaction that is a far more plausible result then him finally realizing what a schmuck he was avoiding the game under the pretense he has no time for all this time. That said I will post my findings as a comment below the video in question, maybe a couple of people who previously were not aware of CM games would direct their radar towards them.
  11. Returning to the basic premise of what CM does right and what wrong in regard to historical plausibility here is what I came up with, point by point, as the Austrian laid it out: 1. All or nothing aspect - CM portrays wounded and missing in action. - Damaged vehicles (but not a total loss) are modeled. - No soldier and vehicle "health bars". - You don't have to always completely wipe out the enemy to win like in most other games (depends on the scenario of course) -> bloodiest historical battles where 40 to 50% casualty rates were logged can be replicated in t
  12. Doug said CM gets thing right in this regard so it is not that he is saying CM is not getting things right - even on the start line casualty source are portrayed right in CM according to him.
  13. What I meant with that is he probably has his work preplanned a year in advance. They are some meticilous and methodical those pesky Austrians. Hard to adapt. 😉😆
  14. Thank you very much MOS. Like given to you multiple times for this.
  15. He still is.That is why his answer surprised all so much. He's Austrian...
  16. Me neither. I will now limit myself to only look every second of his awesome videos. Being more serious though I do think that by now he should have picked the idea CM games would be a perfect tool for his video creation process. Seems like a very stubborn guy with a fixed idea he has no time to play it while it could enhance his video creation quality 5 fold (but I understand it is time consuming to get the grip of the game and making something useful out of it). He shouldn't have asked for game suggestions in the first place and now he is complaining about the game being suggested to him.Gu
  17. It was the "annoying fly" scenario in the end unfortunately. Mission failed. He followed with this after his thumb up: "I don't have time, please stop bugging me about combat mission, as mentioned before, I get a mail/message about this game all the time, it is just annoying." It's a loss for him and for his viewers I think but you can't push someone so if you are reading this do not send him any CM requests. The man has spoken.
  18. Ha ha, thanx. Do not hold your breath though, thumbs up might be just in order to get rid of the annoying fly - aka me... We'll see down the pipeline if this bears fruit. Again, thank you for the youtube suggestions. Josey Wales is now my favorite CM youtuber - didn't know about him for some reason beforehand. Edit: Seeing how he asks for support while he makes his content do you think any CM guys here would be willing to gift him a CM title in order to cement the deal with him?
  19. I contacted him again explaining you guys suggested that I present him a couple of videos. Thanx to your suggestions I've sent him Josey's Bear Claws AAR, Road to Wiltz by Usually Happless and Armchair General videos. He gave me the thumb up.
  20. He he. 😁 CM video suggestions welcome. What would be the best way to captivate his mind in the first two minutes?
  21. He answered me to. This time it was more ambiguous. There's still hope.
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