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  1. I don't play with shadows due to too low frame rate with them turned on but for me when I try it shadows don't fliker but dissapear from the ground and units when I get my camera close to them. What flickers a lot are trees. Here and there a tree pops out on every map that flickers like crazy. Got used to it.
  2. I wrote him a PM on his FB page. Will let you all know if he answers.
  3. Yeah, Nvidia has all their old drivers listed under the Old and beta drivers tab name just below the Nvidia driver downloads page
  4. Heya, thank you for this bit of info! You heard him folks, CM spam the Austrian!
  5. Ah so it's not only me eh. Good to know. Thank you for the report. Is there a way to install old drivers back again?
  6. I want to clarify that the more intensive tearing of the screen is perpetrated by te new drivers and not by the specialized OpenGl command. I previously said ingame Vertical synch set to on or off doesn't make any difference in frames but I now see it does, especially in the bigger scenarios.
  7. I downloaded 388.13 driver version and found the mentioned option that wasn't there before. Tested the game and am getting the same framerate, game is not any more smooth but what is noticeably different is I'm getting way more screen tearing now, so much so that I had to enable the ingame vertical sync.
  8. Finished the first mission again - this time with predictably muuuuch better results. Start of hidden spoiler text: As I said before this time I used only 2 tanks and 1 platoon of soldiers on their halftrucks with one additional scout team from another platoon, the dedicated sniper and forward observer team. Due to much slower pace and less units to accomplish tasks with I almost ran out of time. Managed to finish everything when I only had 4 minutes left. Knowing where the enemy was was of big help of course. One funny occasion was when I proceeded to the first occupy object
  9. I don't understand much of what you are saying but it sounds exciting!
  10. Isn't this what all users experience? I for sure did experience this non stop and I play the same way as you. It gets a bit better when I limit the frames to 60 as suggested in this thread a few posts above, try it and see if you get more smoother gameplay that way. What you described happening almost goes away now that I capped the frames at 50 on "reasonably sized" scenarios (with ingame 3D quality model set to fast and 3D texture quality set to whatever you want). The terrain drawing distance blurred line is now right next to my nose (depends on what 3D model quality setting yo
  11. Yes, ha ha. If you check his posts in this thread you'll find it. It surprised me because not a while ago he said human eyes cannot see frames above 30 fps. Bottom line is 60 frames is not the upper limit as you claimed if the 1000 frames claim is a miss or not.
  12. This is what Steve posted in this thread on the matter: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20749876977
  13. BTW, does Nvidia Inspector override all the specific program settings in the Nvidia Control Panel? I've set the Nvidia Inspector to globally cap the frames at 60 but does doing so nullify all the other custom settings I have set for the my games for example?
  14. OK, deal. Whoever reads this spam the heck out of the Austrian. He needs to get CM aware.
  15. Human eyes can see up to 1000 frames per second. Scientific fact. not every person but some do. But going beyond 60 frames won't be of much help if you have 60Hz monitor - you will still see them as 60 frames due to the limit of the monitor. I tried it and it does help somewhat. Thank you for the nice functioning suggestion.
  16. Ah I see. I saw him replying to one post so there's hope.
  17. Did he write that?If so can you pass me the link please?
  18. I only bumped into his channel a few days ago. Yes, many of his points he makes in the video are ticked by CM. And he also asks that if someone knows of the game that delivers many of those points he should be notified about it. This video is not recent so I'm not sure if he monitors comments from his previous videos much especially since he has so much content available and above 100k views per video... He is practically my neighbor - not sure if he lives in Austria or in Germany now but he is Austrian. He is also a school-case example of how German and Austrian mind works - it's very a
  19. That's why he will be pleasantly surprised when he will spot this game because this will widen his visual capabilities repertoire.
  20. I did under the same link I provided. I go by the name Nejc and Trusnovec is my surname. Let's cross our fingers he sees it.
  21. Yes, exactly, that is why I am perplex he hasn't come across with it yet. He could have used it as a tool to create his informative videos.
  22. CM game series comes pretty darn close to the perfect war game. I am really surprised this prolific youtuber hasn't come across Combat Mission games yet. Also do check his material - he has some great value stuff.
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