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  1. Ha ha, OK. Well, I don't know him, should I run for the cover? The goal is to shrink the final price paid, 700€ is too much that is why I am asking around to see which games I should shed from the list.
  2. Yes, the CC designer passed away - this is why they decided to make a reprint of his CC games. Will be glad if Jason can chime in - always good to get the ins and outs of every game before one makes the dive - they are very expensive. My current list along with the P500 GMT preorders will cost me upwards of 700€... Undaunted is not a good solo game I read. I will mainly play my games solo so they need to be good at it. Will suppport kickstarter Zero Leader from DVG - will be up in less then 2 weeks. Was intrigued to own one Leader series game and this one will fill the spot perf
  3. Thank you for your input guys. Interesting topic indeed. I play solo mostly. Have no special desire to experience any kind of domination or humiliate myself with losing. Heh.
  4. Yeah, I was musing when reviewers were at awe about the "granularity, detail" of certain tactical level boardgames when in CM that would be regarded as utter abstraction. Thank you guys, my vision regarding boargame tactical level is clearer now. If CM would have a Pacific core game I would probably avoid buying any tactical level boardgames for it- I for sure am not interested in getting me tactical boardgames that cover any TOO that CM already covers. Operational and grand tactical that play well in solo mode is gonna be my main focus for WW2 boargames besides storytellin
  5. Great. Will center my focus on Simonitich then. Will probably just go with the Combat Commander Pacific and its extension and ditch CoH and OST for the time being. A Victory Lost was made by the guy who made The Fire in the Sky. Nice. I was already checking on Grand tactical combat series - the Mercury mission but game costs too much. Will pay a bigger attention to it from now on.
  6. Thank you a bunch Zveroboy1! I am fully on board with you regarding the board games - they do give you a whole lot of different feeling when you play them. Maybe has something to do with physicaly being able to move stuf around, the sensorical aspect of it, etc. I started with war boardgames with Risk back in the day but then PC games took over until a year or so ago when a friend introduced me to war boardgames again with Columbia Games Julius Caesar. A whole new dimension opened for me. Own 3 Columbia games (+Pacific Victory, Napoleon), GMTs Sekigahara, Empire of the Sun and some others
  7. Yeah, I did list Fields of Fire 2 on my list (see below). Thank you for the input. I believe FoF system is the most serious take on tactical level of them all and would come closest to what Combat Mission simulates, right? It is a real shame GMT released such a bad manual on each 3 releases - so not like them. Also, the box that the game comes in is way too small I hear - I don't wanna have my shiny boardgames stored in a random shoe box, blimey! Would these rewritten rules help me getting on with the game or would I still need to search around? https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/18717
  8. OK, CC Pacific is defenitely on my buying list now. Again, I have seen lots of praise for Old School Tactical Pacific - has any of you played that system on how do you find it especially against Combat Mission? People state this is their go to tactical ww2 game but this might be just 'cos it is something new. *Addendum: I will play my tactical boardgames mostly solo. Thank you for standing for boardgames. High Frontier looks awesome!
  9. Thank you domfluff - CC does come up awfully lot. Have you perhaps also played any Old School Tactical games and if yes how does it stack to CC? Will check the no Retreat! series.
  10. OK, undersood - not much sense going in tactical level games when Combat Mission exists. CM doesn't cover Pacific though so I might have an excuse to try one nevertheless. Thank you for your input guys.
  11. Ha, not many then, eh. Still, if some soul is out there do come forward and let me know if it is worth taking the plunge - boardgaming has a special feel to it that PC games don't have.
  12. As the title says - interested to learn what other players here think on this topic. Recently discovered tabletop wargaming and am in the process of aquring a bunch of games among which are also tactical level boardgames. I am wondering if CM players think playing CM games is all it is needed in the tactical level universe or are there any CM players who love to take their phisical board games for a ride? Which tactical level boardgame systems do you liek the most and why? I am into the WW2 Pacific theater and am choosing between Fields of Fire 2, Warfighter Pacific, Combat Command
  13. Thank you for your input Bud. I personally am not so sure this observed divergence of performance is really as big as some say - it might also have to do with how different people perceive things. For some playing on 15 - 20 frames per second is great while for others it is completely unplayable as I learned on this forum. I can't play this game on max settings at all. I can't play with shadows and shaders on, nor with 3D model quality set to anything above improved on a what was top tier computer hardware-wise one year ago if I want to keep my frames above 20 FPS in most scenarios. The
  14. It is what it is then. One can not have everything. Would be so good if this aspect would be adressed though.
  15. Thank you MikeyD. You don't experience any better shadow rendering and faster less stuttery camera movement?
  16. Seen a couple of posters mention that their game runs better with the latest content/patch. Was something done on this front by the devs and how better would you say your agme runs now if at all? Devs, can we expect such performance patches for other titles too?
  17. Yeah, it is like when my wife is feisty - no matter what I do it often ends as a wrong move.
  18. Yes, indeed - new vehicles/units should come out with deisgnated scenarios and one campaign tailored for them. Seems the most reasonable packaging to me.
  19. This should be cheched into by the devs I suppose. CM's screenshot was taken while another game was being disscussed: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/commercial-gaming-industry-offers-creative-solutions-to-defence-analysts
  20. Excellent, thank you and defenitely a route to follow - hotfixes have been dearly missed with Battlefront in the past.
  21. FINALLY!!! Installed them so long awaited patched without a problem. Thank you for finally deliveringthem Battlefront&Friends.
  22. The Battlefront devs are actually Greeks disguised as the US guys - the delays are the ultimate proof of their Greekness!
  23. I now installed the new 418.91 driver and the problem remains. Uh oh.
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