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  1. Hi Long Left Flank. I am getting my new rig next week and will report back how it handles it. i7 8700k, MSI 1070 Ti Gaming, Asrock Extreme 4 motherboard, 8gb of 3.000 MHz RAM, Samsung evo SSD. If you can wait until then with your purchase...
  2. Congratulations to both and especially to IanL, a new rising star in the Combat Mission Hall of Fame!
  3. Yeah, why is the antialiasing off, looks worse that way.
  4. There are some typos in the text that I spotted when I was reading about the game and its modules on my phone but skimming over it now that I am on my comp I can't spot them, eh. Will the whole game bundle with all the modules still be discounted after the pre-order time is over? Also will the game launch with fixed unit behaviour that is plaguing current games?
  5. Steve, Gustav Line still has the following on its store page: Currently v4.00 (Game Engine 4) You supposedly fixed it before but it ain't showing. Am nitpicking so that a potential customer doesn't get confused.
  6. Oh well, I will make myslef useful and shut up then. Before I do that there is a typo in how Gustav Line product is described as "Currently v4.00 (Game Engine 4)". Shouldn't it be "Currently v2.00 (Game Engine 4), right? Anyone else reported that? or the fact that Screenshot gallery2 for gustav line is empty?
  7. Got the new site on my PC too now. The problem as a ultrawide 1080p user is the following (title screenpics should be in the centerand not right-alligned):
  8. Funny, on my phone the new site is available but no on my PC.
  9. When I go on battlefront.com the old site opens. No new site in sight.
  10. Aha! So good to know, thank you! This conflicts with CptMillers statement though but I want to believe you. i5 8400 is off then because I finally want to be able to play the CM games in a decent manner and also hav some headroom for the future. i7 8700K overclocked to 4,7MHz here I come!
  11. Yes, I am aware of the hardware incompatibilities, thank you.
  12. Sweet, very sweet. Thank you. Intel rig here I come.
  13. Anyone has such a rig? Care to share how the game runs on it? If i7 8700k is considerably better then I'll go for that although going down that route is a 200€ more expensive variant...
  14. Wooohooo, CPU hardware is finally catching up with CM! 😊
  15. Is your daughter eligible for marriage? 😉 Kidding aside, you have one awesome daughter. 😊
  16. Your wife found remains of a German soldier in the garden?
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