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  1. If you have more then hundred games installed on your PC and among those games many recent that haven't gotten a proper driver support yet, then you need the latest drivers. If you sport only old and older non recent games then sure, you can install an older Nvidia driver and forget all about it.
  2. No, the current driver is still the driver version that made havoc in my PC: 418.81
  3. Ah so they made a new driver yesterday, I missed it. They might have solved the problems introduced in the previous one with this one. I will try how it goes, wanna get my full monitor surface back.
  4. I never and I man never had such a global driver issue and I have been using a PC since I was 10 years old. That makes for 20 years of no problems in that department where you don't even think not to update as soon as the official driver pops up.(Yea I know, Nvidia's drivers weren't around back then but still...).
  5. The latest 418.x driver is faulty. It has messd many peoples comps including mine. If you go over to official Nvidi driver forum you will see people talk all kinds of horror stories about what happened to them after they updated their drivers. My monitor for example does not work right any more - my viewing space on the monitor has shrinked by 1 cm on each side of the monitor. I rerolled the drivers, DDU-ed them in safe mode and installed some older ones but so far the problem persists.Many users do report their problems got away as soon as they instelled the older driver so try it and se
  6. Ta-daaaa! Nice news. When it comes to packs I would love to see all the CMBN missions and campaigns content being updated to the latest engine standards.
  7. No problema with digital delivery. I am from Slovenia, a EU country and have made purchaces on their site and had nada issues...
  8. Disabling 'threaded optimization" didn't help me.
  9. Ah not with this argument again. Watching a movie does not give me a slideshow in my had that this game makes so clearly in my books movie FPS and his game's FPS can not be compared as apples to apples but rather apples to cakes.
  10. I dunno where to find Road to Minsk campaign. The stock Russian side campaign 1st mission is below 20 frames if I set everything to best and use shadows and shaders. Let me know how your rig performs there. You can enable FPC counter in Geforce experience settings. I disabled MFAA, enabled triple buffering and set maximum prerendered frames to 4. No change. I also changes Vsync to fast just for fun and I saw no change either.
  11. Dunno. First mission of the CMRT Russian campaign is crowling to a halt FPS wise when I order all the units to move at the same time so big scenarios are still a no go to me.
  12. Outside CM I have the very demanding games totally rocking (every graphical seting maxed out in them except the Kingdome Come Deliverance game) - just the CM games were left behind mostly were they were at performance vice.
  13. Well, I have bought the current top of the line PC components and the games performance has hardly improved from my 6 year old rig so keep your expectations down and you will be fine.
  14. Below are the nvidia control profile setting I use. The only thing I change when it comes to global settings for CM games is power management mode where I set it to max performance due to me suspecting CM games not utilising GPU power correctly (just a hunch). This guide here is very handy when it comes to understanding what each specific Nvidia CP setting does and how you should have it set by default: http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_5.html
  15. I have no idea what combo of hardware and drivers makes it different to indivdual users. I am yet to see a video where shadows don't flicker though so I am not fully convinced that people who say their shadows don't flicker are actually regarding flickering the way i do. My CPU is better then yours while 1070Ti is slightly weaker to your GPU. Since CM games are bottlenecked by CPU and not GPU it supposedly gets down to the single core frequency the game runs on. I currently have the CPU set at stock 3.6MHz but saw no improvement when I ran it at 4.7MHz which was a surprise top me sinc
  16. Nvidia control panel antialiasing transparency setting set on anything else then off or multisample is the one that makes your ground textures blurry. Set it to off and you won't have them blurry any more. This bug was introduced sometime last year with the new nvidia drivers and haven't been fixed yet. OpenGL really is of no interest to Nvidia at large unfurtunately. Prior to the bug being introduced you could set the antialiasing setting to 4x or 8x supersample and it made the game look incredibly crisp. I have them shadows flicker a lot and just look ugly in general when panning
  17. I is quite smooth with your frames dropping considerably when looking towards the units. But as you said in a later post, you regard 20 to 30 frames that you are getting in the gamesfrom general use just fine for you, I on the other hand have a hard time digesting these for me atleast low numbers since my eyes unfurtunately do not like the "slideshow" I am seeing at that frequency. I am not familiar with this particular scenario (thank you very much for thaking the time to record and post it!) but when I for example turn everything on and max it out in the ingame settings and then use
  18. Ah, no real surprise there. Thank you for letting us know.
  19. I'll never understand how you guys can say the game plays smooth. Looks like the meaning of smooth can vary a lot from person to person. I could call it a smooth slideshow if I would have used the smooth word describing my experience with the game and it has been like that on all the different hardware I had in these years up until the beastly rig I sport now. The only thing I haven't yet tried is using gsync monitor that purpotedly makes the gameplay "very smooth" but I am not falling for that any more, heh.
  20. So I needed more then one week, lol. I tried CMBS and CMRT on stock and OCed CPU. I can say results dissappointed me but didn't surprise me that much. I still can't have decent FPS non OCed or CPU OCed to 4,7 MHz. I can only achieve 40+ overall FPS in the most demanding scenarios if I set the 3D model quality to fast and set shadows and shaders to off. As soon as I set it to balanced frames drop too much. The biggest FPS killer for me is 3D model quality at balanced and above followed by the shadows (who flicker a lot and in general look very crappy anyway). Game is "bottlenecking
  21. I will pop a well seasoned champagne when we will have only one or two payment options that will be globally accepted without this "we do not accept this card" nonsense. I trully will.
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