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  1. I had a similar issue: I was loading the key from the SF2 Big Bundle Upgrade, then the key from SF1 "big bundle" (USMC, UK, NATO). The game would launch, but stick on the splash screen. Once I entered the original SF1 base game key, all was well. Poked around in a few scenarios and campaigns, and everything is running smoothly. I start 2 weeks vacation on the 14th, looking forward to sinking my teeth into this game. Also - to the development team, thanks for your hard work, and thanks to Battlefront for the discount!
  2. Hear! Hear! I'm really looking forward to this & hope it is successful enough to warrant further BPs in the other titles. Wallet open, credit card warmed up.
  3. In full agreement. I'm playing thru the scenarios in ascending order of size, and this one is my favorite so far by a large margin (and there are several excellent scenarios, and no duds yet). I rate this one up there with 3:10 to Yuma, one of my favorite scenarios in the CM series. Great work!
  4. My download took <30 min. My first impression is . . . damnation, I forgot you can't linger AT ALL in the modern battlefield or you'll be wiped out. I got too used to those long waits for arty (that isn't pre-planned) playing the WWII versions. My quiet August Morning wasn't so quiet. I've just scratched the surface, but so far very pleased. I'm glad we had planned a quiet weekend at home.
  5. Thanks for the update! Bummed it won't be out when I'm home & on vacation for 2 weeks, but like everybody else, I'd rather have it right than fast.
  6. I hadn't played it in quite some time either until a PBEM match brought me back recently (I'm the Italians in Beyond the Belice (I may win that one, we'll see). Just kicked off the Foiling Fustian campaign. Good stuff. I just upgraded CMBN to 3.11, will probably upgrade CMFI soon as well.
  7. Christmas is coming . . . hmmm, maybe if I'm good I'll get these & Black Sea (wink wink). I'll have to wait to finish a few 2.12 PBEM games before I take the leap.
  8. I can't wait! I just bought CM:Red Storm and I'm loving it! Hopefully Black Sea will be out by mid-June, as I'm having surgery and will be home for two weeks . . . hint hint!
  9. In case you didn't see this over on the CMBN forum.
  10. Well said. I've gotten my 11 year old son into CMSF. The WWII games don't appeal to him, but the modern titles do. Like you say, he tried to bull his way through like it was an XBox strategy game, but is learning. There is hope. It's also nice for my ego to beat him soundly after being dominated for countless hours playing Halo w/him & his friends.
  11. For what it's worth, I've had it happen in Shock Force as well.
  12. Of course I'm looking forward to the Gustav Line addition, and the reported Shock Force 2. What I'd love to see, and I'm probably in the minority, is a Blitzkrieg 1940 type add-on.
  13. I'd also add the ability to attach units to different HQ's: either in the scenario design, or during the set-up phase.
  14. Another vote for irregular/"milita" type forces. While I like a good MTB slugfest as much as the next guy, my favorite scenarios are small-unit, infantry focused. I think the "3:10 to Yuma" scenario is a great example. Directly modeling Special Forces OB's would be nice too.
  15. Looking forward to it! I've just finished up Op Glacier 2. Squeaked a tactical victory (tac air saved my bacon). Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated!!
  16. Great news!! I'm looking forward to it whenever it comes out.
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