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  1. haha +1 dude. If our rep button hadn't been taken away, I'd give you some for that. Unfortunately, BFC designs for the lowest common denominator so those running 12 year old computers can play. That's why they're too afraid to add new sounds. Oh noes! We might break it for Mr. SingleCore 512RAM! Seriously, if adding sounds is going to break the game, they have much bigger problems. For whatever reason, this is the only genre in gaming where its players expect to be able to run the latest game on their P4s.
  2. Thanks guys, hope y'all enjoy it! @Ithikial_AU - Haha, yea that would be awesome ;). @The Steppenwulf - You're welcome! Don't know if you're using a tracer mod, but the default tracers do a pretty good job at what you're talking about. They're already bright normally and brighter in NV mode. Here's a screen to illustrate (it looks better in-game imo, so check it out):
  3. Here's a modification of the movie mode shader that gives it a night vision effect for those night scenarios. It's designed to be used in conjunction with the artificial brightness mode (Alt+B), so to use it all you have to do is hit Alt+B and Alt+M. Here's a link to download it right now, and I'll also upload it to the repository. DOWNLOAD A couple screenshots: Thanks to SLIM for the idea and BarbaricCo for making it known it was possible to mod the shader.
  4. Thanks guys! Haha, I'm to the point I'm happy with it now, so I'll upload it tomorrow. I edited values in the blur_shader.frag file which controls the movie mode parameters. Here's the thread where BarbaricCo and RockinHarry showed us the light on how to do that: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/120795-fxshine-shader/?page=1
  5. I can confirm Notepad++ opens up the .frag files with no problems.
  6. What a cool idea! I liked it so much I had to give it a try. After about 30 minutes of tweaking: Still needs some more tweaking, though. Thanks to Barbaric for opening this can of worms up!
  7. Nope, no can do, unfortunately. There may possibly be a way with hex editing voodoo, but good luck with that.
  8. Here you go http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4522/details
  9. Not for roofs, apparently. Why BFC thought it was a good idea to allow it for facades and not roofs is anybody's guess. Dumb design decision imo. RockinHarry's screens shows why this should be implemented.
  10. Thanks Mikey. That's really silly if you ask me. We can cycle different textures for the facades but not the roofs? That makes no sense whatsoever, and it makes it impossible to do unique buildings like aircraft hangars without it messing up other buildings, like below.
  11. Dumb question. Is there any way to select a texture for the modular building roofs in the same manner that you can for the facades, like a key/click combo?
  12. CMx2 is getting pretty long in the tooth imo. It's getting harder and harder to be excited about new releases. It's pretty much to the point of oh wow, another title with the same recycled assets we've been seeing/hearing for nearly a decade, and the same engine/gameplay quirks we have to deal with. However, I don't think we'll see a CMx3 any time soon. I think we'll actually get to see DCS EDGE/Nevada released before we see a CMx3.
  13. Thanks man, and I don't mind you editing the ones you did. I like the first one.
  14. Thanks y'all, glad you liked them! Definitely recommend this scenario for H2H play if you're looking for an intense game. The horizons are from Aris's horizon mod: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4811/detailsThere are two horizon options in the download, and I believe the one I'm using is the first option. Which uniforms?
  15. A HQ unit moves into Vimoutiers Rd after most of the heavy fighting is over. They are driving past another victim of that pesky Panther: A Sherman III consolidates onto Vimoutiers Rd, passing the burning wreckage of another Sherman: A Polish soldiers moves past the burning wreckage of a Panzer IV at Vimoutiers Rd: In the North of the map, a Sherman III stands watch in an orchard. It was able to ambush several German squads moving to assist their friends at the North Slope: In the same area, a Polish squad catches a German squad in the open and neutralizes them:
  16. While the Panther was occupied taking out armor at Vimoutiers Rd, some enterprising Polish troops take the initiative to close assault the beast and destroy it, killing all but one of the crew when they bailed (The TC was taken out earlier. Luke found out the Poles have a penchant for picking off unbuttoned TCs) Victoria Crosses for these dudes: ^Spot the grenade! With the Panther down, the task of clearing the Germans from Vimoutiers Rd becomes much easier. Here Polish troops are suppressing a cluster of buildings housing some Germans...: ...while an assaulting squad ro
  17. Much of this scenario consisted of intense forest fighting, as seen here at the North Slope: ^Creepiest screenshot ever? The following series shows the Poles retaking the objective labeled The Knoll. There was a German forward observer team there that gave me much grief. They were dispatched with no remorse: German dead litter Vimoutiers Rd: To try help out the doomed Panzer IVs at Vimoutiers Rd, the Germans send their lone working Panther. Unfortunately it caused great damage to the Polish armor there. Here is one of it's burning victims:
  18. Polish infantry move up the North Slope to try surround the Germans there: The last moments of a Panther. It was knocked out by the remaining Firefly shortly after this shot: German troops flee an incoming Polish mortar barrage at Vimoutiers Rd: A German MGer firing into Polish lines at Vimoutiers Rd: The last Panzer IV at Vimoutiers Rd is destroyed by a Sherman III: Panzer IV graveyard at Vimoutiers Rd: A Panther knocked out by a 50mm AT gun at the North Slope: A Sherman III burns near the North Slope after being destroyed by a Panther: Polish s
  19. Three Sherman IIIs take advantage of a thick German smokescreen to get into position at Vimoutiers Rd: The smoke clears to reveal a couple of Panzer IVs. The Sherman IIIs spot one of them and knock it out: A force from Boisjos Manor, consisting of a couple tanks and platoons, ready to blitz into the German's rear and cut them off: The only resistance encountered are a bunch of halftracks which were easily dispatched: This was a twofer. The round knocked out one halftrack, passed through it, and took out another one (offscreen). The two remaining halftracks with th
  20. So, I was going through my screenshot folder and thought I would post a bunch from a recently completed PBEM with LukeFF where we fought on Hill 262 (CW The Mace). I fought as the Poles, and Luke fought at as the Germans. We also did DARs for this match, but only Luke completed his. Yeah, I was a slacker. Here are the links to the DARs if you wish to read them: Luke's DAR Rambler's DAR Panthers on the move: Panzer IVs in an orchard near Vimoutiers Rd: A Polish mortar team lobs mortars at German positions near Vimoutiers Rd: A StuG commander surveys the terrain ahead
  21. So, after we were sold on the idea that all of the titles would be upgraded, for a fee, whenever a new version came out, we're just now finding out that it's a possibility that this will not be the case anymore, and that we will see titles not upgraded? http://community.battlefront.com/topic/103753-upgrades-qa/
  22. Yeah, one of those BTRs with the 30mm cannon got the drop on me . The sound is from waclaw's HQS sound mod: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5471/details
  23. He took most of them down, but some are still on CMMODS. You have to PM him if you want them.
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