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  1. I'd like something of that scale but with a few tanks in it.
  2. James points out the other key problem with the QB selector - poor unit balance for random computer opponents. If for example you have tanks and he has no or next to no anti-armour capability the game is ruined...
  3. Has anyone attempted to do a chart which spells out based on doctrine at the time what some typical mixes were when attacking or defending on each side? Eg "a Soviet Guards infantry battalion would typically be supported by a heavy tank company and an artillery company when on the attack, with a recon company for support"?
  4. Just started Angriff myself - I really feel sorry for recon units in this war. They didn't really have a chance - I didn't even get the chance to move them! I suppose if I had left them behind the treeline to start - but then they wouldn't be recon units then would they?
  5. I think I remember from early CM games (but I may be mistaken) that one used to be able to "order" companies or battalions and then have them "take casualties" before deployment to reduce their unit costs. As far as I can see here in CMRT either you have fully-formed formations or you have to customise by buying individual units one at a time. Also, is there any way to start with a "typical" combined arms combo and edit it from there? I can make one myself of course but I wouldn't know whether my balance of inf, armour, arty and support weapons was properly balanced for the time. Of course I c
  6. I haven't noticed any significant loading problem with saved game files but I am using a modern MacBook Pro with SSD memory instead of a hard disk. What you describe – buffering a minute either side and just being able to switch from side to side in the replay and turn off fog of war is all I'd really want.
  7. Looking back there are actually two different things people are looking for – one is something more or less cinematic which would be difficult to do and one (my primary objective) which is more interactive and maybe easier to accomplish. I want to be able to look back through the battle primarily so I can find out what went on – dipping in and out of the battle looking at it from both sides - not so that I could make an attractive AAR (although that would be nice too, I guess). I am guessing that one could do something like that by opening saved game files – has anybody produced an add-on
  8. One frustration with CM for me has always been that thanks to fog of war I have often found it difficult to know what happened even after the whole game is over. Might I request an option to watch the whole battle end to end from the POV of any unit and/or with total unit visibility? Probably a FAQ I know...
  9. It was the RT demo I had trouble with - as I recall it said "will only run at 1024x768" or something. I take it if I buy the full product and it doesn't work I can request a refund anyway.
  10. Ah great! Thanks. Gives me a good excuse to help fund one of my favourite devs... Am I right in thinking that the full game may work better than the demo? I will be running it on my (fairly new) Macbook Pro - I had problems getting it to run on my selected resolution but I assume that's the demo not including all potential resolutions of artwork?
  11. I was sure I'd read somewhere that CMRT was going to be upgraded to CMx3 and that it was going to be a paid upgrade so I held off my purchase. Is that still on the roadmap? Or was I mistaken and should I just go ahead and purchase the existing product? -- Reviewed (and loved) the original Combat Mission in 2000 http://www.mindjack.com/games/combat.html. Played mainly CMBB, lapsed and am looking to get back into CM (WWII)
  12. As I understand it, as with iOS there is no longer a separate Android OS for tablets and for smartphones. Moreover since my Nexus has a 1280×720 screen it has as many pixels as an iPad 2 (albeit squeezed).
  13. I have a Galaxy Nexus phone and would definitely be interested in the app. It has the resolution but I guess it doesn't have a Tegra chipset. Does that mean I chose an evolutionary dead end by accident?
  14. I believe it is possible to check LOS by ordering a move, then clicking on the order waypoint and doing a "target" command pointing at the place you want to target but since I believe also it is not possible to drag around a waypoint any more as one used to be able to do in "old" CM, one is still forced to do a lot of 'click and test, click and test' to check LOS. A "move in this direction until you can see this spot" might be a useful way around this problem.
  15. There does not seem to be a “master" suggestions thread that has been "stickied" –some kind of “official" place to put feature suggestions (maybe even a wiki?) Would seem useful. I would like to second several of the previous suggestions: Armored covered arc. Recovering support weapons. I recall all the arguments about players potentially using this in a “gamey" fashion but as long as crewed weapons cannot be voluntarily abandoned it would seem logical for weapons whose crews have fled or died could be re-crewed by appropriately qualified people. One recent problem I encountered was t
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