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  1. Good points all around about marketing, remember 10 years ago they said pc games would be dead, ran out of the market by consoles. Then steam happened and the recession and the fact that you can buy a AAA title for discount a few months after release. Now we are seeing a resurgence of pc gaming to the extent that steam is trying break into consoles and threaten their piece of the pie. With that indie wargame devs like matrix have crossed over to steam and Amazon, it would be interesting to see their sales stats from that. It would seem relevant to a fellow indie dev like BF.
  2. Like I said, I recently purchased matrixs games on Amazon so what ever moving parts of the deal matrix did with them moving to steam and Amazon, I have no idea. But as a consumer, I can say that having the option of purchasing their products using cash back rewards lead to purchases that I would have passed on other wise. I brought it up because that angle I don't think was covered in that thread you posted. This isn't a "why doesn't BF sell on steam so I can get the game for 5 bucks" request. Believe me I want BF to remain solvent just like all of you. I brought is up because I don't think people are aware that if you buy a product on Amazon you can use cash back rewards. This might be a new insentive for BF taking another look at Amazon. As far as being locked, come on that was pretty tame, I've seen way worse here. I just didn't appreciate the dismissive tone that initially seemed to be expressed.
  3. Bill I think your missing my point here. Ya if your paying hard currency then by all means directly buy through BF. Now if you want to use cash back rewards buy from Amazon whatever price that might be. I guess BF could honor cash back rewards and eliminate the middle man, but that's more far fetch than getting cm on Amazon. As Stagler pointed out the exposure of being on Amazon and steam for that matter is a huge gain over the risk of expanding there.
  4. Lol, so count down we are going flame war or locked or both...? Ok, I take it down a notch..... The intent here is just a little conversation on a purchase alternative that might work for some people. Steve can chime in, explore Amazon, or disregard this thread and let it fade away into obscurity. It was just and idea...that's all.
  5. I just gave examples of purchases of matrix products which are indie wargames like the cm series. I'm just drawing the conclusion that, hey it worked for matrix, why not Battlefront ?
  6. There's some serious curmudgeons here, it's amazing BF has still existed with this nego a fan base.
  7. ^ Yes, finally someone thinking outside the box.
  8. ^ Because it's just not me, there's several hundred potential customers that would that would use this purchase avenue. I thought I just showed you viable proof in that it could work as an alternative with out BF loosing money. Also the comment on BF adding the cost difference of buying from Amazon onto the final price is still better because again.... I'm not using hard currency to buy the game....so if BF want to sell it for 5bucks more on Amazon, I will still buy it because I'm not using hard currency so I will gladly absorbs the extended price. Another thing to think about is that the recent matrix transactions didn't charge tax or shipping, so I wonder if the logistics of operation inside Amazon and them getting their cut makes the no shipping and tax charge a wash so all three parties involved are happy without any change in price point. So as we debate this topic, I'm sure Steve is watching and looking at Amazon if he hasn't already. Personally I don't care either way I have cmrt, I can play arma3, DCS or CMNAO to simulate crisis in the Ukarine modern warfare. It's up to battlefront if they want to explore new markets or don't and just continue to live in 1999.
  9. ^ I doubt there is that significant a cut, and I bet it's negotiable with Amazon. Like I said it worked for matrix / slitherine who are indie wargame developers that were long time hold outs on discounting products so the cut must not have been that much. Come on Steve can't part with two bucks to Amazon on a sixty dollar purchase to increase the consumer buying options ? I have yet to buy Black Sea and I can live with out it, but if BF puts cmbs on Amazon with the option of using cash back rewards, well that's an offer I can refuse. Don't be surprised if there's more consumers just like me waiting for the opportunity. I would not have bought CMNAO or SOG Waterloo with out it this, so hey why shouldn't BF tap into this ?
  10. If your going to quote my post then quote the whole post like you read it properly. I wasn't suggesting BF just give the games away for five bucks.... you just tunneled into the steam part and didn't read the rest. The point is, If BF put CMBS boxed version on amazon at full price, I can buy it with AMEX cash back reward points. It's a win win scenario for consumers and BF.
  11. Has BFC considered selling their recent games as boxed versions on Amazon ? If you search now, it's all old stuff from strategy first, I'm talking all the current stuff including the upgrades. Now the obvious benefit is reaching more consumers. The benefit for me personally is that you can use cash back rewards to purchase wargames. Martix / Slitherine has done this and it directly led to me purchasing CMNAO and SOG Waterloo with AMEX reward points on Amazon. I would have passed on those games, but jumped at getting them with reward points. Did I mention I got them as boxed copies with free shipping. So Battlefront, if your not going to give us Steam style sales, how about throwing us a bone and allow us a purchasing alternative that might save us some money.
  12. + 1 as well. Also a feature that allows import and export data into the editor / oob to track casualties. This would help support operational campaigns out there using board games or operational wargames.
  13. CMFI gets some love like it goes to Tunisia ? Anything short of that might not get my interest.
  14. I would love this, not only does the ui get too small, but there's tons of unused space. It would be great to have all the buttons and pages displayed in the unused space. Why have to scroll between the fire commands and move commands when most monitors have the space to display all the commands. The best would be to have choices in the options, like one for classic ui and one for wide screen ui.
  15. 02202015 Why do I deserve it ? Because I'm the bastard with Christmas eve for a birthday, plus I will make great cannon fodder for your AAR.
  16. The problem with an air war with Russia is USA / NATO would undoubtly win, it might take a month and we might loose 50 planes but we wipe the Russian Air Force out along with its navy. This would be such a disaster for them, that they would panic and launch tactical nukes in desperation daring us to to escalate and launch the ICBMs.
  17. Haha, that's a good one. If Black Sea got moved back to a 2025 scenario, those Segway soldiers would be full on drones motoring around.
  18. You guys should go fly Dcs A-10c, that thing is so well done I feel like I almost have first hand experience with the real aircraft, ironic that it also takes place in the Black Sea. The a-10 will always have a place in the modern battlefield, the key to its success in the Black Sea is combined platform support. Meaning that a-10s aren't going to go free roaming like the Middle East, they are supported buy f-15e / f-35 doing sead missions, with f-15c/f-16/and f-22 doing air superiority missions. You would also have apaches in low to take out the shilkas and strelas. Sure we might take some hits from a man pad, but the a-10 is the best aircraft to absorb a manpad hit. They keep talking about retiring the a-10, but in the end it's cheeper to give it another upgrade and keep it in service. By 2018 in wouldn't be shocked to see it upgraded to D model with carries JSOW stand off weapons. When this aircraft is truely retired in another 20 years, it will hold the title of greatest CAS aircraft of all time, an icon.
  19. You guys aren't even thinking of the cyber war and electronic war that would go on before the airwar. Serious, the next Medal of Honor winner may very well be a pimply faced hacker nerd who crashed the other side's defense network. This would Segway into air war, and that would Segway into the ground war. NATO would not commit to ground operations with out full air dominance. So it could be another battle of britan scenario, where the war is won or lost in the air....like sea lion called off because the Brits won the Battle of Britain. To truely game this aspect, Command modern air naval operations is what you want to play. To be honest, the air war is so important, I don't even see US led NATO troops even firing a shot until the air war is won or lost. So in the the context of cm Black Sea, you could argue that NATO has won the air war and has total dominance in the air, now the ground troops go in.
  20. Dude, you are so right. Poland is enjoying one of the greatest times in their history, nice long span not being dominated by someone else. Just a hint of Putin posturing gets them fired up. I have a sense that the Poles would give a monte casino effort if they felt an iron curtain was upon them. They have tasted freedom and there is no going back for them.
  21. I'm burnt on bagration, can't see myself playing another module unless it has big time features added. I'd rather they go cm Kursk, bring the oob to 1943, now that I'd buy. As for Italy, it's over, be happy they get a 3.0 upgrade and maybe a vehicle pack. I'd rather see them go to Tunisia or Rommel in Africa, cm3.0 in Africa would be great.
  22. I would be happy with player vs player for the first version, I would just move both sides in single player. The key would be if it could do all the book keeping in between the battles, that's the part the bogs down meta campaigns. If you did get support and added ai and also a way to import random ai plans into cm based on the operational situation of your game. That would be a version I would pay a hundred bucks for.
  23. Great news, been waiting forever for a project like this to succeed.
  24. Doesn't always have to be historical to the letter, there's enough room in bagration to make scenarios through the eyes of a platoon. On ergonomics, I would love for more support for big scenarios. In steel beasts we have a nifty command for road movement where you hold down shift with a platoon selected and all the waypoints auto plot along the nearest road. Really handy. The biggest, hassle in big scenarios is all the transport management. Would be nice to alleviate the strain with more group movement functions.
  25. This is a great idea, I commend you for taking this on.
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