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  1. MOS:96B2P - thanks. Removing 'Display Pointer Tails' brought my cursor back. Strange that it worked the first time I had this checked yes and then it didn't with the same settings. This did the trick though - appreciated.
  2. My mouse cursor just disappears as well when I fire up F&R. It worked fine yesterday but had to restart computer and now the scroll wheel works and the keyboard buttons work but not the mouse cursor. The cursor exists, you just cannot see it as if I move it around a bit, it will highlight battle QB etc. Can get into scenarios but the problem is that I cannot use the keyboard when get the highlighted scenario to start as even highlighted, you cannot 'enter' to start the scenario. I was trying to see if it came back when you get to the game screens. It works in all other apps I have ope
  3. Pre-ordered. looks like they are closing in on the 1000 mark for pre-orders.
  4. Having written my thesis on Soviet-Afghan War 79-89, I would love to see an update to this module, having watched 'Valley of Tears', I think I am a convert to Arab-Israeli Wars and now just having finished The Iran-Iraq War by Pierre Razoux, I am really torn - and then there is the entire Korean War that has been much ignored. The good thing about this entire Cold War Base Game is this is exactly what we have been asking for, but writ-small. There has been chatter about having one main engine for all CM games for years but this is sort of that concept but for the time frame of 49-89 (hopefully
  5. In the video - Did the halftrack flamethrower take out the Russian tank? Or was it hit by a shell at the same time (as I had thought that flamethrowers were useless against tanks)
  6. I was reading BluesNews today and found that BattleFront is being attributed as the authors of Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 https://www.bluesnews.com I don't think this is right but thought I would check. Jason
  7. That is one module I would like to see. I am thinking of writing my thesis on the Russo-Finnish War 1939-40 and it would make a great addition to CM. It has so many things in it that would make CM exciting (BTs, T-26s, ski troops, molotovs).
  8. My understanding is that small arms fire does not cause friendly casualties. HE, arty, etc. will - so anything that explodes but not projectiles from friendly fire. I could be wrong though but I thought I read that a few years ago.
  9. So I deleted again and downloaded the full installer (v2.0) and ran that. All text is good. Ran the v2.1 patch and checked and text is still good. Data file now looks like this. I notice that the v101.brz now exists in the main folder (while before it was in a subfolder). Weird. It must be that the Engine 4 upgrade for BS must be doing something odd like adding the BRZs into a subfolder. Well, will actually try a game tomorrow and see if the game itself runs properly and can then start to add my favourite mods.
  10. I uninstalled and reinstalled each patch. 1.0 -> 1.03 -> 2.0 -> 2.1 The game has differing values in 1.0 but they were fixed in 1.03. They went wonky again in 2.0 and stayed wonky in 2.1. I checked the quick battle screens after each install and only 1.03 worked as expected. I have not installed any Mods. Here is my CM:Black Sea directory I had deleted all files associated with Black Sea (incl those in the documents folder). I am now going to delete everything again and download the full Black Sea install and see what happens (rather than try the 1.0 ->
  11. There seems to be a little problem with labels for CM:Black Sea. I just installed (all the way up to v2.1) and the labels are crazy. In the quickbattle screen as well as the in game labels. Combat force choices are JPz IVs, MG4s or Armoured Knights. My Bradleys are carrying 2 x King Tigers each (who knew they were so roomy) which my troops can aquire (turning out to be Javelins). Has anyone ever seem this behavior before? Jason
  12. I had to post this. I have never seen 1 tank take out 4 targets with 1 shell. SU-85 vs 3 x Puma and 1 x 250/9
  13. My CC was also compromised 3-5 days after I bought CMSF2 but in this day and age, it is to be expected at some time in your financial life. I think it probably is connected but I do not blame Battlefront, I blame the scumbags who think it is a thrill to steal. As there are so may possible points of contact on the internet, I use a VPN so I do not think it is the Battlefront to my computer connection but rather after the purchase. I specifically have a separate CC with only a $500 limit so they will not get rich off of me. I do my Netflix, Britbox, CraveTV and all my Amazon on it so it does not
  14. I have to 2nd Macisle's list with one addition. Korea 1950-1953 Battle of France 1940 Barbarossa/Eastern Front 41-43 North African Campaign 40-43
  15. Steve, Just for clarification - You mentioned in the first post here that it is - CMFB 1.02 - then Engine 4.0 - then a late war module for CMFB? I read in a previous post that it was going to be either a late war module for either CMFI or CMRT that would be the next major project. Did you just get your CMs mixed up?
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