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  1. In the video - Did the halftrack flamethrower take out the Russian tank? Or was it hit by a shell at the same time (as I had thought that flamethrowers were useless against tanks)
  2. I was reading BluesNews today and found that BattleFront is being attributed as the authors of Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 https://www.bluesnews.com I don't think this is right but thought I would check. Jason
  3. That is one module I would like to see. I am thinking of writing my thesis on the Russo-Finnish War 1939-40 and it would make a great addition to CM. It has so many things in it that would make CM exciting (BTs, T-26s, ski troops, molotovs).
  4. My understanding is that small arms fire does not cause friendly casualties. HE, arty, etc. will - so anything that explodes but not projectiles from friendly fire. I could be wrong though but I thought I read that a few years ago.
  5. So I deleted again and downloaded the full installer (v2.0) and ran that. All text is good. Ran the v2.1 patch and checked and text is still good. Data file now looks like this. I notice that the v101.brz now exists in the main folder (while before it was in a subfolder). Weird. It must be that the Engine 4 upgrade for BS must be doing something odd like adding the BRZs into a subfolder. Well, will actually try a game tomorrow and see if the game itself runs properly and can then start to add my favourite mods.
  6. I uninstalled and reinstalled each patch. 1.0 -> 1.03 -> 2.0 -> 2.1 The game has differing values in 1.0 but they were fixed in 1.03. They went wonky again in 2.0 and stayed wonky in 2.1. I checked the quick battle screens after each install and only 1.03 worked as expected. I have not installed any Mods. Here is my CM:Black Sea directory I had deleted all files associated with Black Sea (incl those in the documents folder). I am now going to delete everything again and download the full Black Sea install and see what happens (rather than try the 1.0 ->
  7. There seems to be a little problem with labels for CM:Black Sea. I just installed (all the way up to v2.1) and the labels are crazy. In the quickbattle screen as well as the in game labels. Combat force choices are JPz IVs, MG4s or Armoured Knights. My Bradleys are carrying 2 x King Tigers each (who knew they were so roomy) which my troops can aquire (turning out to be Javelins). Has anyone ever seem this behavior before? Jason
  8. I had to post this. I have never seen 1 tank take out 4 targets with 1 shell. SU-85 vs 3 x Puma and 1 x 250/9
  9. My CC was also compromised 3-5 days after I bought CMSF2 but in this day and age, it is to be expected at some time in your financial life. I think it probably is connected but I do not blame Battlefront, I blame the scumbags who think it is a thrill to steal. As there are so may possible points of contact on the internet, I use a VPN so I do not think it is the Battlefront to my computer connection but rather after the purchase. I specifically have a separate CC with only a $500 limit so they will not get rich off of me. I do my Netflix, Britbox, CraveTV and all my Amazon on it so it does not
  10. Thanks Bill, These are great as I tried them out and love the Red side. I may even try my hand at creating some icons for the Blue side just for the heck of it (the current NATO ones confuse me a little probably because I am used to the allied icons for CMFI, CMBN and CMRT) and may mix and match. I am just starting to play around with Greenfish Icon editor which seems to do the job, though it is fairly basic. At the very least, it will keep me out of trouble.
  11. Kieme, Is this just a hobby or do you do this for a living? I can only imagine the amount of time it would take me to get proficient enough to even attempt this. These are great and thanks for the effort.
  12. I should figure it how to take a screen shot. I had a IS-2 shoot at a running panzerschreck. The turn stopped at the end of the minute and you could see the shell just passing between his running legs. The luckiest man alive. (But would that have not at least melted his uniform on his legs?)
  13. Is it possible to have the water under the water lilies a little bluer? It looks very grey and when beside a river, it does not blend in as well. It does look fantastic though and I am using it but perhaps a bluer edition may look even better.
  14. I am wondering if the command structure will be reflected in 1. less HQ units and perhaps no leaders inherent in the squad itself. Reliant then upon the higher level HQ to maintain C&C. A loss (or out of contact) of a leader would then have a huge impact upon squad morale. 2. Longer wait times for arty to simulate the pre-planned attacks. I am not too knowledgeable about Soviet artillery doctrine but after reading the posts it appears that they did not have much low level access to artillery. Though like everything this got better as the war progressed.
  15. Steve, After what I have read, I would agree with your statements. The question though is, are there factors within CMRT that make a player want to follow Soviet doctrine to be successful - like the Italians with some sort of differences that really detrimentally effect your style of play if you try to play them as you would the others - or are the Soviets modeled like the Germans or the Yanks without national characteristics and so it is up to the player to try to simulate Soviet doctrine? The Italians are a good example of this. They do make for a different style of play, not very
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