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  1. I would be happy with player vs player for the first version, I would just move both sides in single player. The key would be if it could do all the book keeping in between the battles, that's the part the bogs down meta campaigns. If you did get support and added ai and also a way to import random ai plans into cm based on the operational situation of your game. That would be a version I would pay a hundred bucks for.
  2. Great news, been waiting forever for a project like this to succeed.
  3. This is a great idea, I commend you for taking this on.
  4. I'm at the night mission myself, might skip mission 10 if you loose. What mission did it take you to after night mission?
  5. I am recently playing through this campaign, I dig PT's idea of switching to the 3hr time limit if the player is having trouble. I actually have more fun using the 3 hours and playing through once with a victory rather than having to reload and replay senarios. I hate the time limits in the game in general, but PT's idea of a branching extended time campaign is cleaver and innovative.
  6. We definitely need ai triggers at this point if we are going to see large extended map battles. What's the point at having the capabilities if no one uses them due to size overload and ai that can't respond. It would be nice to have support for these large maps, like coop play, or a friendly ai system that you could give directives to and delegate objectives. On the operational game issue, some have stated that there are already great op games out there, keep CM focused on tactical. That is a good point, all a we need is an import - export function and a quick ai plan builder along with
  7. It took a day or two for me to get approved as well, maybe send another reminder by email. That's what I did and he responded promptly.
  8. I joined the COO google groups forum to support the project. The vibe I'm getting from steve is that the COO is the only project that has any chance of ever having a direct link to cm supported bf. I do appreciate the "why reinvent the wheel sentiment" and use the already developed systems in place, there is just no future with those to ever have any type of link to cm. Something indie needs to be developed from the ground up. While I'm waiting on this project, I will test out noobs system for solitare play. I will have to play both sides of the PzC turn objectively. For the tactic
  9. @kohlenklau I would be just as excited if PzC was the chosen template for the project, but your talking about software owned buy another company. Not sure how we could ever get hps to agree to collaborate with bf to link the 2 games. I'm thinking that bf wants to test the water with this indie development, then decide on if they should support it based on it's success / potential. They want to minimize risk, and continue with the scheduled money making module output. I do like the idea that sburke and 76mm brought up about an import / export function with save game editing and persist
  10. Don't buy it then. I like noobs system too, but there is no support for single player and that's what I play. COO is a blessing for me, I have been dreaming for something like this for a decade. The mobile app avenue is genius, I can have my iPad right next to my pc as I play out the generated cm battles. I will definately support this with crowd funding and from the many posts of others in this thread it seems many will as well. And the possibility of BF creating a link directly to cm if the game takes off is just priceless. My prediction is it will be successful, and BF wil
  11. LLF I don't disagre with you here, you are totally right, but I doubt survivors of batan or thier families would care about being PC.
  12. great work on the mod, that pic above brings up a question I've had about the shape or look of the US helmets, they just seem kinda off to me, especially from a head on view. look at a headon view of arma US soldier then cmsf and tell me there I'm not right. I wish some modders could fix these helmets.
  13. can we atleast play / test cmc in the state its in. I downloaded the source but can't find an way to run cmc.
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