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  1. It seems that British Columbia will be the LAST region in the WORLD to get thier copies :mad: :mad: Ahh, the price to pay for living in paradise
  2. Oh my, must leave work...feeling sick...maybe a certain game will be at home to make me feel better
  3. For a frencman, she is great, for a French Canadian woman... not so much Celeine Dion walks into a bar, the bartender says "hey, why the long face" :eek:
  4. I encouraged a friend to download the demo to play by email.... 25 turns into the game, he is on the website buying a copy so that he can play MORE!!!! It's like Crack, the first one is free, then you start paying and paying
  5. Hey, not a fair trade, I would have to send you Celine as well... please, take her...pleeease. Besides, Canada custom would still strip search the package on it's way into Canada. Net gain, nothing except getting rid of a couple of quesionable talents...hmmm, ok, your on.
  6. Well, on the bright side, I now am aware of some of the Vancouver players.... Hi to y'all
  7. It was mentioned before that Canada Customs is very slow. While hoping not to offend anyone reading this from Customs Canada, what the h e double hockey sticks is taking you ? It's a piece of software from a reputable company!!!! Are you playing my game??? For crying out loud, buy your own!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: We now return you to your regularly scheduled gloating of nations with progressive customs laws
  9. Frankly, I can't wait to get out of Russia, it's very uncivilized out here... looking forward to the civilities of desert combat. The Russians just won't stop for a cup of tea. I need my tea, dammmit. I will not give up on the Ostfront completely, but, I am a huge fan of everything that CMAK offers, so I will be there almost all of the time. Real men fight in the desert!!!!
  10. You have nooooo idea how good it felt to refresh my monkey! That being said, I will discuss it no more Thank you
  11. Vancouver,BC, Canada Not to be confused with Vancouver, Wash, US
  12. I am currently reading "Fighting in Hell, the German Ordeal on the East Front" An excellant book, very informative. It got me wondering though, where are the masses of Soviet troops that are constantly refered to in the book. I am playing a couple of QB's and it gives a differential of troop numbers based on the role (eg: defender/attacker, Assault/probe/ME), but it seems nowhere as numorous for the Reds as the book seems to indicate, or any book I have read on the issue for that matter. Is this in order to maintain a playbalance? Is it a performance related issue? (too many troops on the board would slow things down). Are the scenarios balanced to reflect real OB's or to promote a fair game? Just curious
  13. Hey, Thanks for the indirect help. The mention of the IMDB led me to the title of the film Tempo di uccidere or Time to Kill 1990 cooool :cool:
  14. HI , speaking of desert war movies, I saw Nicholas Cage in a war movie. He was an Italian soldier out with an officer. (I am not thinking Cpt Correlli's Pile o' Poo), this one must have been late 80'sish THe scene I remember is when the officer stopped to take a "break" and was commenting on how regular he was, in fact if you looked at your watch and it was 2PM, you knew where to find him For some reason, I never finished the movie or cought the name, if anyone knows what the heck I am talking about, that would be great.
  15. Hey, hey, hey there Aussie boy! That is slanderous talk. Don't make me have to start a new thread, I wouldn't want to lose my reputation as "Happy" chashm. BTW: What's the difference between yogurt & South Australia? A: Yogurt has an active culture
  16. Hmm, nice mods, though I got the feeling that I should of been hearing loud techno music. I liked the little twirl at the end of the runway the last guy does.
  17. I think the battle for Moscow would have been different. Mussolini's ill fated venture into the Balkans threw Barbarossa off schedule. No Musso, No Balkans, No Balkans, Barbarossa starts on time which gets them to Moscow before the snows. They could have done it. Now this doesn't mean Stalin surrenders, it just means that Moscow may have fallen. It certainly would have put a crimp in the Russian resistance though. Also, if Italy had of stayed nuetral, well, we would have one less set of crappy tanks to laugh at. And that , gentlemen, is why I am glad they entered the war
  18. Hey, enough with the negative vibes man
  19. D'oh... fooled again. Well, you know what they say about me He's not easy He's not cheap But he can be tricked...a lot
  20. I am 6'5" 280 LBS, no matter how you measure it, it's a whole lot of ass. Let us not speak of it again
  21. Alas no, he is a Brooklyn boy, but I will take the name, it is apt
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