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  1. I don't know anything about the download problems, but the HotFix worked on my Steam version. Yay!
  2. Yay! We ran it and the Challenger tank is now my favorite! Thank you guys SO much for the hotfix!
  3. LOL... Anyway, I assume this bug happens in all versions of the Caen?
  4. I dunno much about tanks. It costs "450 points" and is labeled as a "Challenger Mk. I". It's got a 76mm 17pdr gun and a MG.
  5. Sounds like someone else has the same problem on the Battlefront version. Give it a try and see if it happens on your machine too. All you have to do is add a Challenger Tank on a 2 vs 2 multiplayer game at Cheux.
  6. Hello there! Any time I "buy" Challenger Tanks in the 2v2 player map at Cheux, they start the game without any crew! I move infantry in to man the tanks, but they are unable to drive it. Has anyone else seen this?
  7. Cool! As far as we can tell, it has solved the problem. Now if only we can create all-armor scenarios...
  8. We've been having a lot of trouble getting tanks to stay put. Even after giving STOP and RETREAT orders, they immediately advance on their own initiative, unsupported and into enemy fire. Has anyone else had trouble keeping tanks from being too aggressive?
  9. Yeah... what HE said... it took me a full paragraph to say the same thing... (embarrassed)
  10. One game that's both cheap and a heck of a lot of fun is Red Orchestra. You can download it on Steam. Of course, it's not realistic enough to be called a simulator, but it definitely gets the feel of tank combat across and numerous and skillful tankers out on the net more than makes up for any deficiency in realism. The only real failing I see is in the infantry behavior (hard for them to modify because of the shooter engine it uses) so you may have to avoid servers with a lot of that.
  11. Howdy Howdy! Thanks so much for being so open about what's going on! We absolutely LOVE this game, but we can't play it because the majority of our MP attempts always hang... but it works JUST enough to make us DROOL!!!
  12. When we play CMBB, our tanks have little trouble backing down the crest of a hill without losing a lock on an enemy on the other side. This is because it seems that CMBB tanks have little trouble depressing their guns substantially below the horizon. These tactics met a rude shock when we tried to play "Red Orchestra". When we backed up behind the hill, even a gentle slope was generally too steep and our gun couldn't depress low enough to shoot a target on the other side. This seems to us to be a realistic and reasonable limitation on this strategy. Does CMBB adequately limit how much gun
  13. Oh, of course I understand that. I just wanted to convince someone in da know that this feature has serious market value if advertised correctly. GR had it, but it turns out that VERY few players are aware you can play this way. Everytime I play a squad game, people are like, "wow... where did you get this mod?"
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