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  1. Yay! We ran it and the Challenger tank is now my favorite! Thank you guys SO much for the hotfix!
  2. The FAQ indicates it might be an Anti Aliasing issue. I'll give it a try if I see it again, but I haven't seen it since I first installed.
  3. Windows XP and Afrika Korps. Last time I updated XP as about two months ago. I rarely get anything beyond the critical updates.
  4. Brand new install. Went to scenario creation, went straight to the map utility, created and previewed the map, then tried to save the "scenario" into the QB directory as a QB map. After the save, much of the text was gone, especially the drop down lists when selecting a type of map to auto-generate and the "do you wish to save" box. Restarted CM and haven't had it happen since, even though I've been doing similar operations. Oh yeah, my machine is a Dell with an ATI 9700. Video driver is about 2 or 3 months old (the only driver recommended by the IL2 folks).
  5. Yep, the disc is definitely fried. I can't even bring up the autoplay screen to begin the installation process. The disc whirrs, then it slows down, whirrs, slows down, etc. No luck on Q-Tips and Rubbing Alcohol, the scratch bit a pretty good chunk out of the data surface.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The CD has visible scratches on the data surface, and the CD drive is making some very disturbing sounds trying to read it. The CD reading process is in a hard lock at 0 percent progress for over 5 minutes and cannot be aborted (I had to reboot the machine). I don't have ordering information from my friend yet: this is where I regret getting it as a gift because the person who bought it is not the same as the person trying to install it. When I get home tonight I'll try it again but wait longer.
  7. I apologizes for the multiple postings. I got a 404 error page when I tried to post it, so I used the back button and tried again, not knowing the initial attempt succeeded. I tried to delete that other post, but it wouldn't let me.
  8. My friend bought CMAK for me as a gift. CMAK was sent in a two day mailer that the post office balled up and jammed into my tiny mailbox. Since the CD had no real protection, it's scratched and will not install. What do I do? Hwei Yin 1212 Raintree Drive #A20 Fort Collins, CO 80526
  9. My friend bought CMAK for me as a gift. CMAK was sent in a two day mailer that the post office balled up and jammed into my tiny mailbox. Since the CD had no real protection, it's scratched and will not install. What do I do? Hwei Yin 1212 Raintree Drive #A20 Fort Collins, CO 80526
  10. From what I can tell, this delay in patches is typical for games where the vast majority of gameplay is real time dependent, including first person shooters. I don't know if this means that the community for all these real time games is as angry as the IL2 community. As for the paid add-ons, they used to release additional aircraft and fixes in free patches, but instead of being thankful, the forum would virulently attack the design team for not including their favorite plane or for downgrading the performance of a favorite plane. They would attempt to rebalance this back the other way,
  11. I'm back... work has been hectic. Anyway, here are the theories to date, with comments attached: 1. The turn based nature of a PBEM Combat Mission game (an hour to decide what to do with one minute) tends to reign in vindictive emotional reactions. Seems like a reasonable theory. 2. Forum members in IL2 are younger or less educated. I'm not sold on this one at all. The older, more knowledgeable posters get into urination contests over who knows more, and they can get quite adversarial. Consider the following quote: "Was the Erla canopy a vast improvement over earlier 109 ca
  12. ooookkk... ummmm.... maybe it's time to just back away slowly and let the nice young men in clean white suits take care of this person. "Wet cleanup, aisle 5, wet cleanup, aisle 5..."
  13. This may very well be true, but why wouldn't this generosity and love of history translate in the IL2 thread? I'm quite sure those guys love their planes just as much as you guys love your tanks. I still don't know what anyone thinks of the theory that the subjectivity of a simulation causes anger. When history says a plane is "manuverable", it's hard to know whether that means turn radius, turn rate, energy bleed, etc, etc. I don't think that problem is quite so intractable in tanks. Perhaps the anger in the IL2 forum is an expression of frustration over the fact that we will never kn
  14. Reading your responses then going back to the IL2 forum, a possibility occurred to me. I was thinking that the objective data available about WWII tanks tells you more about what they could do than the objective data available about WWII aircraft. The objective data gathered about aircraft don't tell you very much about how it "feels" to fly. As an example, it's not enough to say how fast it is: you need to know how well it accelerates, how it changes at different altitudes, fuel consumption at different speeds, acceleration using emergency overboost, etc, etc, all sorts of stuff not gather
  15. Unfortunately, I don't think that explains it either, as the anger seems to be independent of age. Yes, the younger people make broader and less educated statements filled with offensive language, but the older folks tend to launch into page long diatribes. These essays may be filled with facts, but their anger is so great that they've lost control and start twisting facts out of control to feed the bitterness. Post after post, what angered them in one topic carries over to a new topic, where, at first opportunity, they launch into vicious invective to prove a point lost elsewhere.
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