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  1. I win now because I finally found a player who is worse than me. I play him all the time. (So what if he is 2 1/2)
  2. I will add you this to my churches prayer list
  3. If I could get one additional thing, it would be the ability to preview a map before purchasing troops for a QB
  4. Man, this thread takes me back to when I built models. I hated making models, but I always seemed to be in the middle of making one...must have been the fumes
  5. I would be interested in a CMBO PBEM game, email address is in my profile
  6. http://www.wargamer.com/articles/totenkopf_cmbb_aar/
  7. Gee, I guess noone is interested in buying my ASL collection from me
  8. I love the desert....very civil out here, not like that nasty Eastern Front. Somebody could get hurt out there.
  9. "i know its so incredibly hard to believe that once or twice in the entire war sweaty, shellshocked, terrified john doe tossed a grenade randomly into the air and it landed in a foxhole with 3 guys manning an MG and they were all sent up into the air. " I think that we have been watching too many bad war movies. A grenades damage doesn't really come from the boom, but from the multitude of tiny, nasty, sharp pieces of metal that get scattered about.
  10. It may not be news to some, but it is to others (Like me) Thanks
  11. Ok, I will bite, what is the best way to look this mod up on the CM Mod database?
  12. Well, all I can say is, every game I play, I am a huge underdog!!
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