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  1. if the screenshots are any indication I predict a lot of argument over what the correct colour should be for khaki uniforms - my guess would have been closer to the helmet colour looking forward to this a lot though!
  2. sorry but I think the consensus view that CAS couldnt hit anything worth while (talking armour not softskins ) is overstated tanks dont have to be completely or even physically incapacitated - take the case of platoon leader, first company, schwere panzer abteilung 503. By the logic so far anyone in a kingtiger in normandy would be pretty safe, but since tank commanders would really need to be unbuttoned on road marches Hans Fendensack is surely not the only tank commander mortally wounded by jabbos
  3. after playing closing the pocket about 10 times now I am beginning to think the evidence trends the other way - about 50% of the time panthers getting a non penetrating hit sit like lemons or in one case with los to a sherman firing at it instead choose to coax mg at some infantry running away - could just have been a very dense crew but they didnt have to suffer for long ; (
  4. think this might solve one big problem with CMBN for a game where so much time needs to be spent assessing the terrain and location of units the camera controls are still at theatre of war levels (bought 3 games hardly ever play any of them - moving the camera around is just too masochistic) Im sure Battlefront has a lot to be proud of with their Shockforce generation of games - my one question would be have they seen what else is out there? have they seen the sort of modern war experience that flightsims like DCS Black Shark and A10 can give?
  5. only trouble is after replaying the scenario so many times you have a good idea where those us atg and everything else is going to be set up not stonking the locations until they get spotted is a tough road
  6. "I find panning the camera with the mouse to be reasonably smooth, but you can't pan and move forward at the same time" at 1280 res Id say its just about bearable - with hopefully higher resolutions in the full game my guess would be too much mouse scrolling mapping something like zoom or pans to a variable input like a joystick hat or throttle could give a much more user friendly experience
  7. I tend to push all infantry and sdfz 234/1 s down right flank - but hate the low hedge - (there should be a least one gap) your infantry do get panned by all the brownings unless they are suppressed well leaving only mortars mgs and spotters on crest marders its a case of sidle up behind a tree near the crest slowly panthers I ve tried racing into the commune a bust - and crest hunting boy do I miss the cmbb search for hull down command - otherwise you have to realtime micromanage exactly where your afvs go and hope they dont decide to do a pathfinding 180 degree turn showing their
  8. closing the pocket scenario max detail afvs and 1280 res original - though resized smaller by youtube using alternate hotkeys do find the zoom and pan camera commands are not very smooth - is there any setting that will let us moderate them
  9. similar ending to the scenario - what tends to happen is both sides run out of infantry towards the end - shermans were camped on the objective markers and saw german mg teams (mg s not deployed) sent forward into the grinder and oblivion. Not having more panzerfausts as equipment on german infantry teams is a real problem in this scenario - if more than the one squad had them it would be a closer run thing also from the german point of view the right flank of the map shows up the low hedgerows as a pain - tried to bulldoze a route through with 2 sdkfz 234/1 and then 2 panthers as an a
  10. good job this game wasnt around 10 years ago - lots of 1 /300 th wargame companies would have gone bust bocage has a big impact on tactics so far - for a game representing pattons blood and guts charging around the battlefield the learning experience so far seems instead to suggest lots of creeping around hedgerows with gamey pauses so infantry moving to a new hedgerow dont stick their heads up for too long variable reinforcement isnt possible is it? ie how fast you cross demarkation lines would affect how much reinforcement your enemy gets
  11. after some serious slowdowns on this game every time more than 5 tanks were on screen - its one of the reasons I have ordered a new system - can someone post a reply here on what procedure should be if you are migrating systems I remember seeing once something about needing to unregister the game if doing something like this but cant find the information again
  12. Ive only just got the game - and must admit my current pc spec is only just coping when it gets busy on a mission - the pause key certainly gets essential and los judgement with the cameras ideosyncracies is a chore rather than fun there are some bits Im finding a shame though - with the textures and models being good quality the camera angle and view when you centre on a unit (enter key)to my mind seems wrong. Rather than being so close all the texture detail gets blown too large and the similar perspective issues between camera and model - does anyone else think the view ought to be above
  13. I guess the topic seems to have split into 2 items now "bagging a retreating enemy " in all the examples quoted so far it seems to me that the psychology of the encircled troops is going to be the main factor in its success or failure eg german troops in the ruhr - given their situation how many are going to fight hard to breakout and retreat eastwards? eg france 1940 - most of the troops encircled by german forces could have broken out if their mindset allowed - it was more a lack of political will and understanding of new warfare methods "montgomery" there have been
  14. ok I hope this topic doesnt get locked down but anyone into a real afv/wargame graphical revolution should look at http://community.codemasters.com/forum and search for the development updates and look at the screenshots.God knows what pc it will need to run it or if its ai will be up to the standard of the graphics but you would almost pay the price just for an animated wallpaper that good crowbar
  15. IIRC, the movement rates were something like this: Matilda: 2 hexes/turn PZKW IIIh: 3 hexes/turn Stuart: 4 hexes/turn James Dunnigan once wrote that a good wargame always provides players with the illusion of movement; this one doesn't. No Movement? dont you remember the illustration on the back inside cover showing the size of a tank in a hex? to be honest that matilda would have to shift some to do the 2 hexes yes it was very close to miniatures rules - thats what I went on to for the next few years while waiting for a tobruk plus or something to come out in the shops
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