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  1. 1) All other software is fine 2) No, I have no other games to try 3) system is cool as a cucumber 4) I am doing a variety of things, sometimes it's a keystroke others it is mouse scroll 5) New computer(1 Month) new build (2weeks)
  2. I have loaded win98, direct x 9.0, I am using NVIDIA gefORCE mx440 CARD 128mb. latest drivers (Version: 45.23). I can play for a while, then it freezes and a bell dings. when I hit escape, the game closes... HELP!!!!
  3. Problem resolved... updated directx drivers... worked like a charm Thanks
  4. well, I ran the test and the hardware portion of the 3d test failed. hmmmm.
  5. I tryed that, it gave me the same result 640X480 My desktop is set at 1024X768. If I don't accept the default, it gives me a program error
  6. I just reloaded CMBB on my computer, It set itself to 800X600(or something like that) I want higher resolution. How do I achieve this? Thanks
  7. I am having problems with my 88 MM AT guns. I had them hitched to a half track, moved them, disemabarked them and now can't seem to get them loaded up again. Can anyone give me the Quick & Dirty on how to do this?
  8. My personal favorite is the Pz III J. This is from my early days playing Tobruk (AH). As the Brit, I feared it's presence, as the German, I based my plans around it. This is a sentimental choice
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