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  1. I still play BO,BB, and AK. I'm not as involved as I used to be, no more scenario design or testing and I'm more of a shadow on the forum now than I was when BO was released
  2. The Germans had alot of new types of stuff that never saw action...
  3. *hugs newly purchased PC* *glares at old Mac*
  4. Well, this image, certianly is showing a damaged track.
  5. Just ran this test... 1 Full company of Russian Infantry in Tall pines being suppressed by MG fire as the rounds fell. 1x 105mm Spotter with 60 rounds managed to do this.... *Edit - OK the image is of low quality... but incase you can't see it the results where 171 casualties
  6. Strange I just checked the Manual that came with the pre-order of my mac version from battlefront and there is no such mention on Page 129, infact pre-planned bombardments is on page 132. I checked the manual from my PC CDV Special edition and on page 125 there is no mention either....
  7. Does anyone have stats on how much working German equipment the Russians were able to capture and use from Stalingrad? I'm guessing there were huge stocks of weapons with no ammo and vehicles with no fuel.
  8. If you send me the Beta I'll be glad to expand the sneak peak to Toronto area
  9. How far apart were the russains? How much cover did they have? Were they Regular or better?
  10. If you send them to Shadow@jagdtiger.de I can have them hosted for you by tomorrow.
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