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  1. They are interchangeable now for the most part - 11-21-20 I still get lousy graphics
  2. Hi Erwin, Thanks for getting back to me, the game doesn't look as crisp as when I had the game on a 60hz tv flat screen monitor, i have a 32" LG gaming monitor running 2560x1440
  3. I have a new monitor running at 2560x1440 and the screen looks terrible in the game. Any fixes for this? Thanks
  4. Okay I had the upgrade option so I went back to the activate product and placed the original shock force license code on and it worked. Anything else I have to do? It showed version 2.02 on the bottom right.
  5. I have the game installed and activated. When I click to play the game I get a screen that pops up with a picture. No way to play the game, I extracted 2.02 and activated CMSF1 Base Game Upgrade CMSF1-UPBG what am I doing wrong?
  6. Does anyone know if a copy is laying around and they don't want it anymore? I have a board version of the game and would like to get a computer version. Thanks, hopefully someone is out there!!!
  7. Okay I got it fixed - Winrar wasn't showing the EXE file and when extracting it was giving me corrupt archive statements. 1. First - I decided to use Winzip as an extraction tool instead of Winrar 2. I read the damn instructions again and it was my fault. Clicked on desktop icon called activate license 3. I activated the new license first - correct - new serial number for CMSF2 4. Started the game and when it asks for activation again, I placed my CMSF1 serial into box and the game works. I was placing the CMSF2 serial twice. 5. However, with Winrar I wasn't getting the exe file in the download. Thanks for listening - perhaps you could place in the instructions the order of serial numbers being placed
  8. I was wondering if this game is available from anywhere? I always wanted to try it, I have the board version. Maybe a player has a version they no longer want?
  9. Hi Mike, I downloaded the windows version, I took a screenshot
  10. I downloaded the rar files and it doesn't contain an install.exe file. ????? it has a wmv file and a bunch of .brz files. I don't have the original shock force on my hard drive since I deleted it before according to battlefront saying it's not needed. the files start out as v200a.brz, v200b.brz, and so on - 6 files total. this is crazy
  11. Ultradave- Thank you very much. They need to place that direction you gave me in the directions for activating modules. If they would have said what you did I wouldn't have wasted 45 minutes. Now I have to get the shock force 2 upgrade to work. It only downloaded files with extension bz or something no installer
  12. I bought the map module and it contained no download files. How do I activate the serial number for the game? It says I have version 2.12 but the scenarios greyed out are from the map module 1 This is what it looks like CMBS Battle Pack 1 Options: Platform : Windows $10.00 (Not Taxable) 1 $10.00
  13. Hi, It still says process in the right column. I got it
  14. I ordered a few items and it says it's still processing my order for about 2 hours. What's the deal with this? No other company I know of does this with it being 2019, almost 20 and I am not buying a physical disk. It should be an instant download like Steam, Matrix, Gamers Gate, Epic, Origin, and even Amazon. Come on, you got an $85.00 sale and if I could I might cancel.
  15. Does anyone know where I could get this game? I would like to try it on the pc thanks
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