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  1. Thank you guys for the solution..I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I simply copied the hotkey file in the data area of the main game to the Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Red Thunder/User Data and every thing works perfectly now. Thanks again.
  2. 35 more minutes til download is done....This is nuts. All of the games I love are releasing or doing major updates today. CM Normandy, The Wither 2, major World of Tanks update and 10 new weapons for Battlefield Play for Free. What am I gonna do??!?!?!?!?
  3. I had that problem a couple of days ago with another new game I got called Space Pirates and Zombies. Actually in Norton, you can add the exe to a an allowable file and there is an option to restore the lost exe...it's actually not gone, just quarantined. I'm downloading CM right now...so I guess I'll see if that pops up. Should be easy to go around without downloading twice..Either way always save your file before you install it.
  4. Personally, I'm very upset about this. I feel I was totally mislead also. This game with shipping cost $65 dollars. I did not anticipate a limited edition "installation guide" based on the past games I've purchased. I have been purchasing from this company since the first combat mission came out. I was actually shocked and very disappointed when Martin responded to my email in reference to this issue. I just wasted $20 bucks. My Email: > Hi Martin thanks for the fast...yet disappointing answer. Sorry the > question popped up twice. There's no acknowledgement of it being
  5. Am I the only one sick of this asymetrical desert warfare stuff??? I'm looking for a good old green, Western/Eastern Europe, or Asian(China/North Korea) symetrical, convential slug fest ala "Combat Mission" game situation. These blagh desert environments just aren't doing it for me. Doesn't anyone miss the good old days of short range ambushes, when you could hide behind a bush or use cover to sneak up on a tank platoon and blow it to pieces?? :cool: Can't we all take a trip to Europe or Asia? Come on Battlefront, take us home.
  6. Von Rosen I don't know what your experience is with video games much less war games but most war games use a linear form of campaigns. Your defination of campaign is basically one type but not nearly the average. I could name many games but it's almost all. What you are looking for is a game with a dynamic campign generator. By the way this game has never advertised as having a dynamic campaign. Try a game like IL-2 Sturmovik,X3:Reunion or Silent Hunter 3. Basically what Matt Said.
  7. http://www.gamespot.com/pc/strategy/combatmissionshockforce/index.html I can't say I agree. Some things I agree with but for the most part I just don't think Brett Todd gets it. Comments are welcome
  8. I must say, I agree. Right clicking would streamline play.
  9. Truly Excellent...your best work yet. You should direct a war movie or something:)
  10. As far as I know. There's not a wireless version and btw it works with a mouse, not as one.
  11. This is for you guys who love to complain about controllable things. Okay guys, let me give you a little suggestion on something you might want to purchase. Don't worry, it's not from me. Check out this awesome little product called the Nostromo Speedpad N52. If you can find one, it's one of the best fully programmable USB controllers I've ever used. It works great for RTS titles as well as FPS games. I use it exclusively for everything from the Battlefield series to Combat Mission. I've been using this little thing for years. I think you can probably find one at Best Buy for
  12. I don't get it. Since when was this game advertised as being a replacement for Combat Mission or Close Combat. This game was made on the IL-2 engine and is its own game. Other than Battlefront being the distributor nothing else has changed. If you want the complexity of turn-based Combat Mission style play and the RTS style play of close combat... then go play them...they're still around. Why not try to be patient and wait for Combat Mission 2 and if you're a really patient masochist..good luck waiting on Close Combat...the next generation. Anyone who is familiar with Battlefront ga
  13. Hi, I've been looking forward to this game. Can you tell us what's going on? Is the game going to be ready tonight or what?? :confused: Thx Dred
  14. I have been waiting for this feature forever. It's been talked about, but so far I haven't seen anything. I wanna know how manny people would be interested in a full battle playback feature. If BTS is listening in, is there a time frame that a future patch might have this feature?? This feature would only add to the best game ever made. ------------------ Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way...
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