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  1. That comic look is rather cool ! Is there more ?
  2. I´m not so sure if the inclusion of the vaunted Bren Tripod aint a mock against some grogs.
  3. ah a question then on an oblique subject, what would be your understanding of the word 'Totseigen' It has a modern meaning in business but what might it have meant in WWII time frame? [/QB]
  4. Could someone please post a list of changes in the patch ? Pretty please ....
  5. What really is astonishing me ( apart from the high hit percentage ) , is that there where so many full penetrations. Those Stugs have the 80mm frontal armour, or not ?
  6. This is from one of my running PBEM´s with my old friend Harold . I´ve just watched one of my green zooks hitting, with four shots out of eight shots , above 132 meters. :eek: After my well positioned M10 misses two times above the same distance, getting killed from the first Stug, Cpl Reth took over. He hit the first Stug with a front upper hull penetration, misses with the second and third shot,then again hits with a front upper hull penetration. Then he switches target to the second Stug standing BEHIND a bridge. He shots through the bridge, hitting the Stug with
  7. Sumthing like " Captured enemy vehicles and tanks of the german Wehrmacht " In germany its from the MotorbuchVerlag ...
  8. Well, I´ve got Walter J. Spielberger´s " Beute-Kraftfahrzeuge und -Panzer der deutschen Wehrmacht " It´s in german, has 320 pages, has 160 pages alone on France weapons, 11 on the low countries. It´s quite good and it should be aviable in english ( I think ).
  9. ... that I played against some of you guys, since almost three years. Hey thats longer then some marriages hold ... CM ist astounding and really sumthing else.
  10. Splintys right. Thats the " Schmal " turret on a G hull. Improvements : thicker roof, rangefinders in bulges in turretside, 7.5 cm KwK42/1, thicker mantlet and turretfront, smaller targetsilhouette, hatches reworked, hull machine gun designed for MP44 instead MG5, steel-rimmed silent bloc wheels, changes in Radio and equipment, easier setup for the AA Mg mount. Source : Chamberlain and Doyle, Encyclopedia of german tanks in WW2 . Did I mention that its a petpeeve of mine ?
  11. Whoops, I´m sorry, my mappack is for human vs human only. AI is not supported. Again, sorry for not following this thread.
  12. I´ve just uploaded, under my CMMod handle Chrushtshov, my second mappack to the Combat Mission Mod Database. It contains fourteen maps, all playtested, all ME´s . Hope you enjoy them ...
  13. I put some weight in a bag and spinned like a hammerthrower around, then let fly. I hope this makes sense. Not very applicable, if your in front of a Panther , but maybe under cover from the side out of the wood ? Hm, maybe not .... :confused: [ September 27, 2004, 10:57 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  14. Between 15,0 and 17,20 meters, 10 kg in a bag. I´m 40.
  15. Why dont you use msconfig to disable any unwanted autostart programs ? Do a search on your windows partition, if you use XP ist in the C:\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\Binaries. If you use Win98, its in the systems folder, I think. You just start msconfig and uncheck in the autostart tab the unwanted programs.
  16. And isnt X overmodelled ?
  17. There really are TWO women actually playing CM ? Kitty and Klüft ? Cool
  18. Ummm, I´m not seeing the feature here ? Trenches placed on pavement just disappear, trenches in the open ( between paved roads ) stay, sure. Shouldnt the player be warned when placing trenches on pavement ?
  19. Hi all, in a setup for one of my games I had to defend a city with lots of paved streets and houses. I placed some trenches in the city, directly on the streets and pavements, no problem. But when I started the game, the trenches on the pavement disapperaed, leaving my troops in the open. Bug or feature ? :confused:
  20. One Tiger MAY achieve that on a wide, open map without cover for the M4´s. But if you got a nice, big city, or woods with lots of cover ? If the M4´s get on the flanks of the Tiger, the Tiger is dead.
  21. One thing about late Pz IV´s ... I always buy the H, because the J has no power traverse for the turret, only hand traverse for the J. So, in CM terms, the H has a medium fast turret, while the J has a SLOW turret.
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