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  1. On the other side of the room general McAuliffe made a mental note.
  2. CMC looks promising and if there is still room I'd like to participate. Fredrik
  3. Plaeeeeeeese. Served aboard a WWII Battleship that was recommissioned 4 times and finally went down for the count in 1991. Now she's a great museum </font>
  4. I think I'm one of the few guys in here who actually used WWII equipment (sort of) in the early 90's. I served with the Swedish AAA in 92-93. I was in charge of a radar with two 40 mm Bofors AA-guns attached to it. Well, there had been a few modifications and upgrades on the ammo but the basics were the same. It felt really nice when I first saw it in CMBO. (if you guys at Battlefront are going to work it back into the later releases of CMX2 I can probably dig up some old video tape of us practicing so you can get the sound right this time ) Short anecdote. In a live ammo exercise one of the guns suddenly decided to point its barrel from towards the sky down to the ground. I managed to fire a couple of rounds into the ground just a few meters in front of the gun. By doing that I was named the only guy who wouldn't be able to hit the inside of a barn with a 40 mm AA-gun... Ahh! The memories...
  5. Just had one of the usual scenarios against the AI. Lots of action, killing etc. Took the flags with some losses but there were still some enemy troops left close by. What did you do in real life when the fights died out? Did you wait for darkness so you could sneak back to your lines? Try to hold on to your position (when low on ammo and friends)? Negotiate a cease fire with the enemy and then sneak back?
  6. When I performed with the massed Pipes and Drums at the Nova Scotia Tattoo in 1989, the Malmö girls were one of the other musical acts; they wore tight blue costumes and danced around with rubber spheres and ribbons and stuff. We were all quite taken with them. I do not suppose, however, you are one of them. :mad: </font>
  7. I think that Oddball_E8 is from somewhere round these parts but I'm not quite sure if he still around CM...
  8. I am from Malmö, but I guess we have already met. I am just waiting for my ADSL to come back to life after moving it to our new apartment. Fredrik
  9. Luxury! Mine didn't have computers. They had to imagine the water they threw, all while eating a handful of cold poison!
  10. OK! So which events should we include? 100 m artillery bombardment? See how far you can drive a tank trough a mine field? 400 m hurdles through the 100 m artillery bombardment? BTW. What happened to the close games Sweden always had against the Czechs. It was always a safe bet if you put your money on 3-3 or something like that.
  11. A while a go some Finnish and Swedish players talked about playing each other in what is called "Finnkampen" in Sweden. What happened? Did someone play? Did Klüft beat the Finns single handed?
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