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  1. Thanks for your reply, The text is fine. The black boxes just contain those .... and ,,,,,, . The boxes self, are two in the middle of the 3D, and two to the right upper corner. I can play around them, but those are annoying. Well the 4200 is a DirectX 10.1 part, the 5750 is DirectX 11.
  2. Hi, I upgraded my fine working ATI 4200 on board graphic, to a kinda working ATI 5750 graphic. Now I have four black boxes with lotsa ..... and ,,,,,,,,,,, . Have tried with and without the radeon fix, but no go. Should I try the Vista patch/fix ?
  3. Dear Schrullenhaft, the "Radeon Text Fix" worked wonderful with my CMAK and CMBB installations. Many thanks for your help.
  4. Dear all knowing forum, I´ve bought an AMD 785 G based motherboard, which has onboardgraphic, an ATI 4200 , running under Winows 7 64 bit professional. CMAK runs fine, but there is a glitch with the in game text ( labels, etc. ). It´s opaque and mostly not readable. I´ve installed the lates ATI drivers ( 22.10.09 ) . Is there a way to fix this ? Do I need the Vista-Cmak-fix ?
  5. It´s kinda 4X RTS/TBS with a truly great AI, and its groundbreaking in mixing strategy RTS rules up. For a start, there is only coop multiplayer against the AI ... I hate normal RTS with a passion, to much of a clickfest for me. I like to think and not to click faster than my opponent. If you have any interest in challenging strategy games, do yourself a favour and google AI Wars Fleetcommander and read the reviews. Dear BFC, I hope this is ok to post here ?
  6. I think it will really piss off the right wing nutters in the US of A ....
  7. Guys, if I buy a new motherboard/cpu/videocard/ram combo, where should the money go ? What will CM:Normandy tax more ? I have a fixed budget, is ist better to buy a fast, multicore cpu or a faster videocard ?
  8. Yeah, that peering and shooting through windows does happen now and then . I see it as a feature.
  9. Scheer

    Any news?

    Arrgghhh . The suspension is killing me .... Pretty please .....
  10. I heard that there is some exosceleton research for armed forces. Maybe this leads to bigger designs, which leads to mechs. Just a thought ...
  11. Scheer

    Any news?

    AI vs AI would be cool from a mod/map testing kinda view .... But I´m ok with seeing it later as a patch or sumthing ....
  12. Scheer

    Any news?

    Will buy if released .
  13. Sahara is gorgeous because of the M3Grant in all his moving, gory details. And the stereotype nationalitys displayed . And Bogey ...
  14. I try to create a map for a pbem, with some troops to import . Those are reinforcements and they are the ones, which are eligible for exit. The players should buy troops for roundabot 500 points. So exit zones only work in scenarios , not in QB´s ? I play CM for years, buth this must have escaped me .
  15. Check. Check. Nope, still no exit to see. Not in the editor, not in a QB ....
  16. I have checked this, and no the exit zone doesnt show up. Arrrghhh, this is driving me nuts .... Maybe I can send my map to someone of you, and you can tell me of my glaring mistake ? Any takers ?
  17. Please elaborate. The map is mostly flat. And what has the height got to do with the exit zone ?
  18. Good idea, but nooooo .... Damn, I havent got the slightest clue whats going wrong here ?
  19. Whats the trick to get an exit zone on a map ? The units are eligible for exitpoints, the eastern edge ist marked as exitzone. But it doesnt show that exitzone thingy on the map. Anything more I have todo ?
  20. They were trying to defend that bridge. I smoked them for good and send forward lots of M4 Shermans, trying to flank them. Which they did just splendidly ... And yeah, those Hetzers are a pet peeve of my archenemy. So I ususally see lots of them. Attacking them head on is a waste of time.
  21. All shots were from the maingun. The funny thing was shot - kill, shot - kill, shot - kill, shot - kill .No bounces, no misses, no second shot needed. It was a veteran M4, though ...
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