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  1. Ummm, I preorderd CMBN two times, but got only one key. Is that ok ? Does the key work for both ?
  2. Smoke a joint. Startup CMBN Get lost ... 8)
  3. The 1.04 patch killed the ugly, black splotches, that my AMD Radeon 5750 was producing in CMBB with all drivers up to 11.1 . Recommended.
  4. Piece of cake - british miniseries about an early war Spitfire I squad. Very good, very british and very honest.
  5. Are there any pictures / writeups about the scenarioeditor ? I guess that its sumwhat more complex than the CMx1 generation. If you compare the time for editing a map, how much more time do you need with the CM:BN editor ?
  6. Erwin, you´re right. The old 1.03 produces ugly, black splotches under win7 64. And the 1.04 just fixes that . No other improvements besides the DirectX fixes , AFAIK .
  7. After some fiddling with Threatfire, the 1.04 patch works beautifully with CMBB and CMAK. No more black splotches in my graphics ! I guess it´s kinda secret, but maybe not. Can anyone tell me how many people did download the 1.04 patch ? Is it in the hundreds or in the thousands ? Cause, if you think of it, this game is like ten years old and STILL people are willing to pay for enhancements. Just to clarify, I have NO problem with that. Seriously the best gaming investment I ever did. You guys rule.
  8. I plan to buy two copies of CM:BN as soon as its aviable, one for me and one for my buddy. So, do these two copies share one license, cause they are bought by one person, or are there two licenses then ? I dont want to go through downloading the game two times. and then cant playing it against my oldest friend, cause the elicense bites me is the a** ... If I download the game one time, can I burn it on dvd, go to my friend and install it with the second license ( no need for downloading a second time then ) ?
  9. Methinks that we still have to wait a few months ... april or may are more likely ... I have no problem with that. Its been such a long wait, two more month are ok. Christ, the CMx1 series is the only thing, I ever played continously for ten years nonstop. Clearly, I´m a fanboy ...
  10. Are you Elvis wifey ? Cause you seem to have problems of coherent speach and all of that ....
  11. Yeah, spoken like a true Limey .... can anyone can make sense of this gibberish ?
  12. I heard that here is the center of gravity for ole grogs and their fanboys ... Fine by me. How many accredited, regular Pengs are in this abnomination of grammatical slaughter ?
  13. Well, if I WOULD be dim, I would still be well above the usual cesspooler .
  14. To the inhabitants of this thread : Just out of curiosity : how do you challenge each other if there is no CM:BN out ? Do you use CMSF/AK/BB/BO ? Or do I have to ridicule you lot to get an answer ?
  15. Thanks for coming through with the file sizes, much appreciated ...
  16. Jon, could you please elaborate on the size of the turnfiles, please ?
  17. I dont think that " BF will release CM:BN on a historical date " - theory holds water. That tiny, miniscule portion of the market that this forum represents, may know what those dates mean. But the mass of potential customers buying this, has no clue about historical dates. So BF will ship when its ready ...
  18. Great DAR, I rather enjoy reading it. How big are the turnfiles you both are sending out ?
  19. Using Catalyst 9.11 with a 5750 and the blocks are still there. I guess that this error is not exactly high priority for AMD/ATI to fix ....
  20. One small update : The position of the black boxes is dependant on the screen resolution. The boxes in 1600x1200 are in another place then the 1280x1024 boxes.
  21. >> Do these "black spots" remain in the EXACT same position, regardless of where you move the camera or >>do they seem to stick to an 'area' of the 3D screen ? If I move the camera, the spots move with the camera. It may very well be a driver issue, cause the 5750 is new and the driver hasnt got time to mature.
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