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  1. MadMatt said it in his example: a campaign . I would like to start with a core unit and command that unit through the war (or whatever segment of the war is being modeled) in different randomly generated scenarios. Basically I want the kind of campaign that was done with a spreadsheet to be automated.
  2. Somebody has to intern those wayward fliers and escapees .
  3. How about this scenario: In early 1941 Germany forces a peace treaty on France for the return of Alsace and Lorraine. Germany then unilaterally declares peace, claiming that the humiliation of Versailles has been erased. Germany does not declare war on the U.S. with Japan and does not attack Russia. Now Germany has annexed Alsace and Lorraine from France, western Poland, and Czecheslovakia. Germany withdraws troops from all other areas. Would Russia initiate hostilities? Would England continue to fight? Would the U.S. enter the war?
  4. The fact that it burned easily. The Allies didn't appreciate this but the Germans sure did. Thus the nickname "Tommy cooker".
  5. I should have been a bit more specific: it's the cement bunkers with cannons that are causing me pain and suffering. In the last game I did get in tight and kill them with infantry. My problem was that they effectively eliminated my tanks as useful contributors. The problem with a tank gun firing at the slit is that the slit fires back . OK, sounds like I'll have to make sure that I bring along some small calibre cannons for future games. In the meantime I'll try to keep my tanks out of view and move in with the infantry. Onward for the Motherland!
  6. Apologies if this has been goneover before, I did do a search but came up empty handed. Anyway ... How does one take these suckers out? They are certainly vulnerable to infantry, especially engineers if you can get them close enough, but is there a reasonable way to take them out at range? I had one positive experience with a 20mm gun. Any other tips are appreciated.
  7. I have had this feature ruin several games. I say ruin because it seemed to me that my troops were in good shape and on the verge of winning. The worst case happening last night. It was turn 20 out of 45+. It was a very difficult attack, approaching over largely open ground with no armor. I used all of my artillery in a preliminary bombardment and it did a great job. I then performed what was probably my best ever coordinated attack. Using what cover was available I eliminated several Russian squads. I lost 3 depleted squads of my own (out of about 20) but morale was still high. My
  8. I think you got the decimal point wrong somewhere in the calculation. I think it works out at 12 from the data above. </font>
  9. Grisha: I am editing this post because I have lost the ability to do basic math. To see the original in all of it's glory see Doodlebugs reply - and then ignore it . [ August 10, 2003, 03:54 PM: Message edited by: PatAWilson ]
  10. For all of its flaws, I got alot of mileage off of that and, before it, Kampfgruppe. I would dearly love to see BattleFront do something on that sort of platoon scale. Ah well, just thinking out loud ...
  11. I just had to post this here. Please note that this is a joke. On the 1st of January, 1998, Bjarne Stroustrup: gave an interview to the IEEE's 'Computer' magazine. Naturally, the editors thought he would be giving a retrospective view of seven years of object-oriented design, using the language he created. By the end of the interview, the interviewer got more than he had bargained for and, subsequently, the editor decided to suppress its contents, 'for the good of the industry' but, as with many of these things, there was a leak. Here is a complete transcript
  12. Old or new doesn't matter. Choose the right tool for the right job. C and C++ compile to executable - that means that they run fast. Java compiles to interpreted byte code - it runs slow but is machine independent. Writing a server, use C or C++. Writing a web app, java is probably better. Also, C++ compilers compile ANSI C just fine. IMHO you should learn the basics of C and then go to C++. First, learning all of that OO B.S. isn't going to do squat for you if you don't know how to use a pointer. Second, ANSI C is a subset of C++ so almost everything that you learn will still apply
  13. You could shoot at a sound contact by ordering area fire in the direction of the contact. It would probably be a waste of ammo but in this regard it's probably a pretty accurate simulation of shooting at noise.
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