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  1. Standard combat loadout for the T34 mod 43 was 19 rounds of BR-350A AP, 53 F-354 or OF-350 HE and 5 SH-350 ( cannister ) round. Source - Tim Bean and Will Fowler " Russian Tanks of WW2 " . ISBN 0-7110-2898-2 I think the devs had to take a middle of the road approach to this. The high number of HE is strange, though .
  2. Well, if I´ve got one platoon of russian inf against a german battalion , I´m obviously gonna loose. But I think the point is, what Im gonna get out of it.If I´m able to inflict sumwhat greater losses on the germans than my platoon is worth pointwise, it´s still a good deal for me.
  3. Well, I beg to differ ... I have used 105 mm FO´s with good effect against bunched up tanks in CMAK and CMBB. That is, if you acknowledge that the effect is not a kill of the tank, but immobilization, gun damage, TC kills, etc ... much easier to deal with those crippled tanks.
  4. British Tommy is absolutely right ! Just ask someone here on the board. When I started CMBO four ( ? ) years ago, I started to play a guy in the USA. You know what, I still play with him on an almost daily basis, via PBEM. Even visited him this year, when the wifey and me showed up in the states. It´s an absolute blast playing humans ... and taunt them ... 8)
  5. Alles südlich der Elbe ist Italien ... 8)
  6. Hi all, great news ! Will buy it fer sure ... Does TOW support those newfangled multicore processors ? Should I get one ? And what about the videocard ? Will a Geforce 6600 GT be enough ?
  7. Seems like a good idea. Attacking against the AI, with the AI getting some bonus and maybe with some randomnes on the human setup. Will have to check this out with two friends.
  8. This is fantastic news ! Would you be so kind to post an AAR for a typical CMC turn ( if possible ) ?
  9. I think it was more in the way, that the minister was shot, to cover some higher up´s. That german investigator seems to do a thorough job ....
  10. I will buy it. And play both, CM1 and CM:SF ...
  11. Nice picture ! Is that a Pe 2 Petlyakov in the background ? Inquiring mind wants to know ?
  12. Hi all, I´ve just uploaded my third map pack for CMAK to the beloved http://www.cmmods.com . Fifteen maps for PBEM and TCP/IP mayhem, all playtested with my buddies ( many thanks to Ralf, Strider,Rhudat, Big Mik, Harold, Andrew and Don ) . All in the 1000 to 3000 point range .
  13. Very nice maps ! Thanks for the link ...
  14. Archers are wonderful things. They´re not easy to handle, and die if you just look at them in the wrong way, but boy, they really could make those ubercats lovers day a nightmare. Think of them as mobile 17 pounders, cause thats what they are. And no, buying a 17 pounder and a truck or HT is not the same, cause you get those horrible four minutes setup times for the gun.
  15. There are lots more at www.wochenschau-archiv.de . Only problem is : you have to register ... and you have to use IE, Firefox doesnt work. Aside from that, its a great site with dozens of old newsreels ...
  16. For an english speaker a close approximation would be " looks " ...
  17. ... with that fleet ,they transport their even bigger fleet of black helicopters ... [ December 23, 2004, 10:18 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  18. No. Please stay in WW2. BFC told many times that their expertise is on WW2 . If they want to change the timeframe, they had to do extensive research of that era. So its more economical to reuse the " old " WW2 data ( polished up of course ).
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