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  1. Steve- thanks for the quick reply. Fortunately, one mission won't be that bad to replay (especially as I have a much better idea of the Syrian defensive deployment :>). I can't say enough how much I appreciate the continued work you and the team put it into the CM series. You'll have a Day 1 buyer here for any module coming up. Looking forward to CM British Forces and CM Normandy. Chris
  2. Really looking forward to downloading 1.11 tonight and getting back into CMSF after several week's absence. That patch list is simply amazing! I'm particularly gratified that one of the features I (and many others :>) were arguing for was included - the ability to turn off floating icons completely. I'd held off playing "Guarding the Far Flank" in the hopes that feature would come along, and reading another poster's experiencing playing without floating icons and having it "like a movie" is exactly what I'm anticipating. OK, here's my question: I'd completed the first mission
  3. If you want a simple keycommand to switch off everything, why not also have the cinematic view. All cinematic view involves is the program automatically toggling that CTRL-U (or whatever it is) before and after each playback. Heck, even I could write a script of that complexity! Chris
  4. Thanks Smaragdadler. I'm not on a crusade here, but nice to know I'm not completely crazy. :>
  5. Remember too that there will be differences in Condition, Experience, Leadership skill etc. As with CMBB, veteran German troops may be Weakened Veterans with superb +2 NCOs, while Americans are Fit Green troops with +0 NCOs. That will make a real difference.
  6. Wow, no one else thinks this would be good idea? Seriously? It seems like a relatively simple enhancement as an option. C'mon, someone else out there must enjoy a "clean playback" as much as I do! :> Chris
  7. Amen to C3K's post. Now that the game is truly drawing folks in with 1.10, I hope and expect the # of scenarios will start climbing. Better interface would be a big plus.
  8. Having spent significant time with 1.10 over the past week, want to again compliment the Battlefront folks. 1.10 continues to be a terrific experience, with my best moments comparing with the best from CMx1. So here's my request to make the experience even better: I love playing WEGO for the cinematic experience (and tension) of watching playback and being able to rewind and watch key moments. While the floating icons, colored bases and other visual aids are good for planning, I'd love to have a "Cinematic View" option, where they would all disappear during playback. I usually end up
  9. Just starting the battle "Guarding the Flanks", and I'm impressed at the darkness of the night. The visual effects of tracers and blasts are terrific. However, it's also very hard to see anything during the planning phase! Is there a mod or a planned future feature that would enable us to see the landscape through NVG or some other assist? After all, that's what the US commanders would be seeing as they positioned their forces :> It should be a toggleable option so we can still view the great night effects during the playback. Thoughts? Chris
  10. Completely agree! Please keep the severely wounded/dead on the list.
  11. I posted a few days ago about the T-90 vs M1A1 FEP (look for the post on page 2 or 3). I was actually asking because I had the opposite experience - I was surprised at how effective the T-90s were in a head-to-head engagement during "USMC Bad Moon Rising". My initial try, I attempted to duplicate the tactics used in Operation Desert Storm by keeping my tanks moving steadily forwards at a steady pace (Move, not Hunt) in line abreast, thinking that I'd have superior fire on the move and superior sensors to pick up the T-90s first. That was a bad idea. Despite having all my Abrams poi
  12. Totally agree with Steiner's point, I was thinking the same thing myself. That part of the challenge (and drama!) in WEGO is placing your bets each turn and then biting your lip in the hopes that the plan comes together during that 60 seconds. Much more drama (for me) than RT, but as Steve said, "to each their own", and no reason to force one or the other. For RT, I'm particularly intrigued by the suggestion of adding command delays for RT troops. That's a great idea. If I could have RT with TiVo style replay and command delays, that would really offer the best of both worlds. Yeah
  13. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers for you Gryphon, but I am going to add a question to your list... You make a good point about WWII troops not moving with SWAT-style animations of modern infantry. That got me thinking about how impressed I am with the infantry AI in 1.10. They really move and react like highly trained professionals. I was particularly impressed last night to watch a Marine team assaulting up in bounding overwatch, time their grenade toss perfectly into a trench, leap down and pause to finish off a few cowering defenders, then charge through keeping appropriate spa
  14. Steve - Appreciate the honesty of you just coming out and say, "no, we don't do that right now." I run a medical software company and we try to take the same approach of blunt honesty with customers, but I understand the temptation to avoid saying "no" and upsetting folks. :> So if I'm understanding correctly, AI plans can be set for either offensive or defensive scenarios. It just requires that the scenario designer anticipate where the player will be attacking (as in the T-62 platoon in your example above). That's a relief, as I was concerned that all attacking missions woul
  15. Mark - Thanks for the detailed reply. Great to hear from the scenario designer himself! :> Props to you for an excellent scenario. Along with "Al Hawl", it's the best I've played among the dozen or more I've tried so far. *** SPOILERS **** I ultimately attacked across the fields to the L, overran the trench on that side and broke into the main compound from there. Now that the scenario's over and I can see all the technicals and RPG waiting for me I had come up the main road... nice defensive plan! So you intended the scenario to be a die in place mission, ala
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