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  1. I used to do 1:35 scale panzers etc. I had three shelves full of DAK vehicles and artilery. Mostly kits from Tamiya and Italeri. Rommel stood directly between a horch truck, and a 75mm Pak. I havent built a tank since 1985
  2. I'm re-reading Beevor's Stalingrad. I'm realy frustrated by the shortage of good maps. Not only should this book have at least a dozen of the city itself, showing the lines at various stages of the battle there... But there should be more maps to illustrate the invasion, and the encirclement. I want to be able to see clearly who was where. The few maps in the book are adequate to give a rough overview, but no more. Why do I keep feeling that at one time, books like this were packed with detailed maps? Am I imagining a past golden age that never was?
  3. mr_laurier_iiooii@yahoo.com Random settings
  4. 1000 pts. All else is random. mr_laurier_iiooii@yahoo.com
  5. Jason gets very pissy about a particular bug in the game, I dont blame him. It IS a bug. In reality the gun should either, have height, or be blocked from shooting. In game we get neither. It is a bug. It gets exploited regularly. At first I thought he was just spewing sour grapes... But then I tested it myself. Turns out he was right. The solution is to place your gun such that it is on the flat of the hill, just barely ahead of the slope.... and have it either, dug in, or in a trench. alternately, you can give the other guy more mortars to play with. E-mail me a turn, CMBB Random everything. mr_laurier_iiooii@yahoo.com I'll play allied
  6. I am perfectly capable of being wrong. And am quite OK with that.
  7. A fairly large chunk of 20th century Germany was aquired from Denmark in the 19th century. Also the languages are very closely related.
  8. I'll load it and see. I've never had much luck playing Finns on offence....
  9. Fine as can be. I agree, most random maps are vile things.
  10. Make the map look like home. Or like my home (rocks and trees)
  11. My eyesight is rather less than it was 20 years ago, and the subtitles are blury and hard to read. (they also distract from the flow of the movie) The small stories are tied together within an overall plot which is subtle yet noticable. We are arguing irrelevencys now.... The next step is oblique genital bragging, adolescent posturing, and "your momma's so fat" jokes. Or we can settle this with a QB Send a turn to... mr_laurier_iiooii@yahoo.com Since you are Finnish, you might want to let me be soviets Is 1000 points good?
  12. "Tali-Ihantala" looks like a better movie. Seems to have a plot as opposed to just scenes. I wish I could understand Finnish.
  13. Nice teaser. Appearantly they aren't big on tidying up the horrors of war. Looks like its gonna be a blatant and bloody film, with lots of graphic human suffering. Hopefully there will be at least SOME acting, character developement, plot, and continuity of story to tie it all together. Will it make theatres in Canada? who knows.
  14. Ok JasonC, I've posted the map at The Proving Grounds. Its called Speed bump '41. There are no briefings as yet, Just a map with units and reserves. Taka a look and tell me where I buggered up.
  15. Would it be fair to say that in the first 2 weeks of barbarosa, the average quality of Soviet troops in the border zone was generaly green or conscript? Would it be plausable that a reduced company of rifle infantry might be told to man a roadblock? (1 Coy CO, 2x platoon of 3 squads of 1941 infantry. Plus 2 attatched platoon COs?) Would they have 4x 50 mm mortars and 4x maxim guns... and a single 37mm AT gun? What sort of German forces would they be expected to try to stop?
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