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  1. I believe this has something to do with the copy-protection or anti-virus software used by the distributor to master the CDs. They're unable to deal with hybrid Mac/PC format discs. It's something that BTS are looking into, IIRC. Perhaps it's a good job though. I for one would have been tempted to buy the game all over again, just for the bonus Mods CD, only to discover I have them all anyway.
  2. I have just finished reading 'Brazen Chariots' by Robert Crisp, which is an excellent day-by-day account of his involvement in Operation Crusader, North Africa, December 1941 (Crisp was the commander of a troop of Stuart tanks). I know this book is out of print, and I know that the book which preceeded it is called 'The Gods Were Neutral' and relates to his experiences in Greece earlier in 1941. In Brazen Chariots he mentions killing time later on awaiting the D-Day landings, so I assume he fought in Normandy. But I can't find any reference to any later books. Does anyone know if he
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