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  1. yes, I agree and another fine game from Battlefront. I'm not a huge Grog like so many here and don't know every detail of WW2 (and I am sure some here will find a few things wrong with the details), but so far, and I have only messed around with 2 scenarios plus the Tutorial Campaign, I am having loads of fun playing the game. Thanks to all who helped make another fine and fun game with all their hard work!
  2. Make sure you check any filtered e-mails. Also, there is a place on the e-mail that the help desk sends you on your ticket receipt that you can check the status of your ticket. Good Luck! Hope you're playing soon!
  3. No, it is not a new license key. Your key can be activated for use on 2 different machines (or 2 different times) and that's it. If you change any hardware ( add ram, video card, etc....) or if you uninstall for some reason and don't un-license your game before you do that, then you have lost the ability to play your game on that computer.....the license key will not work anymore because you still show the 2 activations. You then must have Battlefront reset they key which in my case they finally did yesterday so I am all set for now.
  4. I put in a help desk ticket 3 days ago to ask for a reset for the Marine module for Shock Force. Today still no reset. What's the hangup? I realize I am at the mercy of who ever is in charge of handing out the resets but I would really appreciate it getting done....I was a little sarcastic on the help desk ticket I guess only because of the frustration of this system for the honest customers of whom I am one....I am sure you guys have heard all this before but I have spent lot's of hard earned money on LOT'S of your games . You can look it up. Just can't see the value of the way this works for
  5. Well I thought I was going to play but then I installed the Marine module and of course that key now needs to be reset also. So another help desk ticket and another wait to play....Sigh, my fault I guess....I had the urge to play this game last night as I hadn't played it in a while but my desire to play now is kind of waning. Hopefully I can get a reset today sometime
  6. I just got an e-mail that reset my key code. Apparently I had forgotten to unlicense Shock Force the last time I changed some hardware in my computer (new video card). I appreciate this reset but I still wish they would come up with something new.....there has to be a better way than this
  7. First of all, I don't mean to disparage any one or any games at Battlefront as I have almost all of their games and I really do enjoy playing them. I know everyone here has probably heard this before....'why can't I just play a game that I paid for'. Once again, I really like all of the Battlefront Games I can't figure out why every time I try to re-install one of their games I have to go thru this. I tried last night to install Shock Force and after I had installed and typed in the key code I got the error 11 pop up box. So, I fill out a help desk ticket and of course today I still can't play
  8. A Battle I had fun with was 'Facade Troop'....crossing one of the bridges and hearing the German bullets pinging off the girders was very cool! Like I said, there are a few bugs but overall and excellent effort and it looks like lot's of hours of enjoyment....very much worth every penny it costs....at least to me anyway
  9. I have been playing MG all weekend and although there are a few problems , which I am sure will be patched up soon, I have to say that this is a really great effort by the Battlefront team.....I haven't had this much fun (and challenging scenarios) in quite some time. So thanks to all who put their time and effort into an already great game! Well done!
  10. Thank you Bil! Another good AAR for you both! Much appreciated
  11. Thank you Bill, very enjoyable and adds lots to the battle and to the game.....as others have said, I look forward to your next one!
  12. Thank you!! Last piece to great war games
  13. Bill....mostly long time lurker really enjoying your 'aar'....your descriptions along with the Pics are well done and add a lot. Look forward to see how things turn out! Thanks again!
  14. Cpl.Upham....yes, I am a vet but was in the Air Force and saw no combat during Viet Nam....I started with Tactics 2 back in 1960 and went on from there. Of course had CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK and have enjoyed CM games since 2001....Best war games there are in my humble opinion
  15. Gonna bump it way up....66. Still feel 25 and don't look a day over 80!
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