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  1. submitted.. do I login to the helpdesk sight with the same login here or BF.com?
  2. So..it seems i've gone and ordered a mac version when what I wanted was the PC version. I"ve downloaded it but not used the activation. Any chance I can switch. I have two PC versions but meant to get a third (yes, i'm doing christmas early for my friends). Can I just use the Mac code to unlock A PC download?
  3. interesting. well be fun to track what the community settles on.
  4. I'm curious. Not played the series since CMAK and back in my day we didn't have any fancy FOW settings (or did we and I forget?). Anyway, i'm curious what the "standard" for most multiplayer games is set at. I intend to play some with friends but ultimately I’d like to be able to play with some of you all and I'd like to be ready for whatever the standard is.
  5. it does beg the question, how will we know? One has to assume a forum post?
  6. That's got to be more than halfway to what we all hope for folks.... my happy thought for the day.
  7. a belated tx to WineCape. Read all the AAR's last night, while sipping some wine from the cape in your honor *Grin*
  8. we so need some old AAR's for entertainment while we await the new CM
  9. DOH, was on page not in forums..damn...sorry. and thanks.
  10. I know I’ve seen a link but I'm not having any luck with the search tool (I'm actually surprised it's not sticky) Anyone more adept than I able to pull it up. I'm curious which version of the Jagpanzer is in the game, I have this sense (and my history is poor) that the one I liked from CBBO isn't in the first version of the game.
  11. as much as I love a fine fruit of the vine, i'm more a cocktail man myself.
  12. there does seem to be a large number of us *Grin*
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