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  1. I have been gone from this site for many a year now. Some would say that's a good thing. They (Shaw) would be wrong, as usual. I have come back for one simple reason. To pay tribute to a person I never met, yet who made my life better. A toast to you, Berlichingen.
  2. Signed back in just to wish the old dog a fast recovery. Strange to see so many unfamiliar names, but comforting to see many of the old ones still around.
  3. I'm back. Just to piss off those of you that had hoped I died. Mace on all of you, from a not so great height.
  4. Someone named Will sent me a zip file. Many thanks, sir.
  5. I guess I need to elaborate more. The mod I'm trying to find is for 1939 Fall Weiss. It the one where there's an expanded map. I believe it was Thrawn who originally created the map, but someone else may have expanded upon his work. In this mod, Europe is a little larger, and the low countries are broken up into 2 distinct countries. Ireland has 2 cities instead of one, as does Poland. Poland has some fortifications east of Warsaw, England has some west of London. I believe there are more cities overall, and more resources. When you declare war, there are more units defending than the original FallWeiss. For example, Denmark has 2 corps and a HQ, instead of the single corps. All the other countries have more units to start as well. There are quite a few changes to unit placement/types as well, but I can't remember them well enough to list any. I believe there are also tweaks to diplomacy, research, etc. I have tried to DL the "Honch Expanded Fall Weiss", but it gives me an error when trying to open it in the editor, and does not show up in the in-game start screen. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. After playing the expanded map, going back to the old one is just not as enjoyable.
  6. I've been out of the loop for a while. I know cmmods is gone, but whatever happened to the stuff there? I used to play Thrawn's mod almost exclusively, and I can't locate it. Anyone got a zipped version they can send to me?
  7. Ha! Game purchased in 2005, and they still had the license key. Now that's customer support. Gonna load up SC2 and waste time. Of all the games I've had over the years, I still have all the CM ones. Not even loaded on the computer, and no real desire to play, but I can't bring myself to part with them. They represent too many fond memories.
  8. Game was purchased in 2005, and yet the help desk was able to send me the licence key. Fantastic customer support! Thanks, Battlefront!
  9. Got the itch for a wargame. Almost like the fleas from Yeknod and company. My lord, has it really been 11 years since I signed on to this loony bin? Been through several computers, and the activation codes are all long gone. Lets see how good BFC has been at record keeping for all this time.
  10. Thanks. I had already opened a ticket, and they have just responded. I sent them the info, and they appear to be working on it.
  11. Okay, got W&W expansion key (ordered in 2007!), but SC2 was before that, and apparently is not in my account. Won't play without activating SC2 first. How do I get a license key for an email account that is no longer active (switched ISP over 8 years ago), and for a game that I've had for over 5 years?
  12. I bought SC2 Blitzkrieg and the expansion Weapons & Warfare when they came out. That computer MB crashed, corrupting the harddrive along with it. So, comoplete reformat of the HD means no saved emails. Where do I locate the license keys? I tried logging into the webstore, but can't seem to locate them there, either. Support for the helpdesk is offline. I just want to play the durned game!
  13. I'm back! Haven't been around in ages. I know you all have missed me. Nice to see all of you wasting bandwidth as usual.
  14. Seanachai has a facebook account. We figured it would keep him from posting here. Win-win situation.
  15. Starcastle was more akin to Yes or Gentle Giant. Camel is much more mellow, and more about melodies. Starcastle deals a lot with varying the rythms, syncopation and the like. Very tight, they are a lot like the early Rush. I got into Camel many years ago, purely by chance. We were digging through the budget bin, and found an album. It caught my friends eye due to a pic of the band on the back, who were obviously all high as kites. We laughed about it, and another guy looked closer. He stated that "any rock band that uses an oboe and a bassoon can't be all bad", because he played the bassoon. He bought the album, but didn't care for it, being more into heavy metal. I bought it from him that afternoon. I believe the album was Raindances.
  16. Another band along the same lines is Starcastle.
  17. I've been a fan for years. I have all of the regularly released albums, but none of the live stuff. Recently I was surfing for something else, and came across a couple of live BBC videos I'd never seen.
  18. "Name This Image" I call it William. It just looks lke a William.
  19. I just read over 20 pages of crap. You guys are still at it, yet no one says anything new. Obviously not any humor left, either. I think I'd rather pass another kidney stone than to have to go through all that tired old drivel again.
  20. I've been looking into electrics for some time now. Everything from buying one to converting an existing vehicle. There's one problem that trumps all the rest, and until they figure out a way to fix it, it's all moot. That problem is cost. $20k for a 25 MPH "city" vehicle (can you say speedbump?), and $40k or more for a highway capable version. $12K and up to convert an existing vehicle, and that's doing all the labor myself. Ten thousand or more dollars buys a used car and plenty of gas for it for a couple of years at least, and doesn't involve me rebuilding the damn thing. They claim 100kph, but that's top speed with nothing left. Have you ever driven in rush hour traffic? You're gonna be a rolling roadblock in that thing, assuming that you don't get blown out of your lane by an 18 wheeler. Give me a reasonabley sized mid/compact car, and give it the same top speed as any other car on the road, and make it similarly priced. Oh, and stop making every electric look so damned ugly. Then we'll talk.
  21. That was great. Having fired all three and owned 2 of them, I can say it's fairly accurate as well.
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