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  1. I have been gone from this site for many a year now. Some would say that's a good thing. They (Shaw) would be wrong, as usual. I have come back for one simple reason. To pay tribute to a person I never met, yet who made my life better. A toast to you, Berlichingen.
  2. I've got plans (in .pdf format) for a sten MkII. The thing is so cheesy, it's amazing it doesn't blow up on the first shot. Except for the barrel/receiver, it's almost entirely sheet metal, and could be made by anyone who can form and weld.
  3. Hell, I can pee at least half that distance. Trust me, you don't want to be within range, especially if I've eaten asparagus. I have a Marlin carbine, 9mm, in an aftermarket "bullpup" stock. Essentially a SMG. With open sights at 75 yards I can hit a plate sized target about 7 out of ten times, with fairly rapid semi-auto fire (not full auto). I have never been in the military, so maybe that doesn't count.
  4. Wow, hasn't been a poll like this in quite a while. Lot's of old handles missing, though. I'm from Rochester (upstate), New York. Anyone else in the general area? If so, please contact me (addy in profile)
  5. Cookies are enabled. Settings are default windows (medium security for internet). I just rechecked, and nothing has been changed.
  6. Same thing. "Cannot find server". I can't get to certain sites, like Warpheads page (the one he has in his sig), and now this one. I'm using WinME, IE5.5, latest drivers, etc. Some sites just don't let me get through. Is this something to do with my ISP?
  7. I can't seem to get to the Adobe Acrobat page, to DL the reader. Does anyone have this, and is it small enough to email? I've been to the Adobe web site (or at least tried), and all I get is "page not found". Help!
  8. Make sure the heatsink is still firmly fastened with the clip doohicky. Thermal paste is a must for Athlon processors, too. If you do remove the heatsink, in order to reseat it or whatever, make sure the little temperature probe is sticking up. It should touch the bottom of the CPU, or at least be very close. A little thermal paste on it (to more acurately reflect actual temp) doesn't hurt. If your system overheated, it might have melted out the thermal paste, so the heatsink isn't really in contact with the CPU any longer. It must be firmly in contact, not resting on the edge of the s
  9. That you were man enough to admit your mistake, and post an apology speaks volumes. Welcome to the CM community. In the future, a post in the tech forum is likely to draw the attention of a guy by the name of Schrullenhaft. He seems to be able to help fix most problems with CM. Answer his questions, and follow his suggestions and you'll be up and running in no time.
  10. Schrullenhaft the technical guru does it again. Man, you ought to get a free CD of CM:BB for all your spot-on advice. Is there any computer glitch that you haven't helped someone with on this forum?
  11. Schrullenhaft, you give better, faster and more accurate advice than some of the manufacturer's tech support. You are to be aplauded for your fine efforts.
  12. On older MB, the single DIMM must be in the first slot. Try putting the large one in there, and removing the smaller ones. If the first slot is left open, it defaults to settings which may not be compatible with the RAM. Otherwise, it uses the settings reported by the RAM itself.
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