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  1. If that's the one I'm thinking of, it's a beautiful B24 and I think the only truly original one still flying. I got to see it inside & out when they flew it over from India in the late 80's or early 90's. I wonder if they ever found the belly turret for it? When they got it from the Indian Air Force it had a radar dome (original WW2 pathfinder radar I think) in the place of the belly turret. I was amazed how how thin the WW2 airmen must have been to fit in the nose and tail turrets, not to mention the bombardier/navigator tunnel under the pilots' station. I was still pretty slim from my N
  2. Speaking of loud planes and loud multi engine planes, I have a vivid boyhood memory of seeing B-36's flying over the Midwest US, landing and taking off from their base, as we were driving through the country on one of my father's Army transfers. The noise was truly incredible. I hear the Bear turboprop bombers can give the B-36 a run for their money, but the B-36 had 6 prop and 4 jet engines going for it. Those were the days, when the old "aluminum overcast" ruled the skies.
  3. The OP that started the thread stated he lived near O'Hare and saw what he thought was a six-engine aircraft flying from it. The subsequent posts were about other sightings. I simply rolled the sightings up into one for point of argument. If the Russians have a new plane that is so hush-hush, they are not going to jeopardize security flying over Finland with it. Chechnya, maybe, Georgia, probably, but Finland? And risk being taken down by some farmer with his grandpappy's Suomi?
  4. Sorry, I can't agree with you Michael - I don't see the Russians creating some new mystery plane and flying it into O'Hare to show it off and then disappear it again. My conclusion after following this thread is that it is simply the result of observer mis-ID. Sure wouldn't be the first time that's happened.
  5. "Condom dispenser?" Oh, that explains the anal probes that "alien abductees" are always blathering about... :eek:
  6. Not to question your vision or credibility, but any chance it could have been one of these: Airbus A400M?
  7. Always showing off your flash ride, Michael, you hot roddder you. No doubt it has whitewalls and an 8-track player as well.
  8. Nice to know...around here, one can never tell...
  9. With a monicker presumably honoring Sepp Dietrich, do you expect him to?
  10. In fairness to LongLeftFlank, I think in his post he was simply saying that the performance of African Americans in the context of a segregated army was exemplary in a number of instances. I did not perceive him to be arguing that segregation was proper or correct. At the same time the following point could be argued: that the pervasiveness of racism in white American society of the time of WW2 is reflected in its conscript army and had the army been integrated by fiat at the war's beginning (as it was some years later) there is a good chance that individual performance of minority soldier
  11. Thank you Bruce K and welcome to the forum. The original poster was looking for possible scenarios for an all black unit for this game. Unfortunately, the game does not at present model AA assets so even though your Dad's unit was there it is not one that can be represented until later modules are released that do have the various AA guns. I take it that your Dad's unit, being mobile, was truck drawn quad .50's and 40mm guns? Or did it have the M15 and M16 half tracks?
  12. Sir, I refer you to post #77 in this same thread for further illumination.
  13. Of course. Its why we all love coming here.
  14. Sort of; it's more like someone saying "I fixed my halitosis, why can't you do the same?", while eating a limburger sandwich.
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