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  1. Simply put, this statement is false. You should read up on it in a book.
  2. I have never heard or read that "Bradley outperformed Abrams" before in GW1 and that Bradley killed more tanks than the M1. That's all, so I am curious where you obtained that info from?
  3. Well, I am ordering a set of puttees for my dirty sock collection.
  4. According to Suvarov the Soviet were still wearing leg wrappings in this time period, but this has nothing to do with binocular distribution, I know.
  5. Yeah, and that snap Dragon shot from that guy who just dashed into a building out of area fire. I didn't realize the Dragon has no set up time?
  6. I have seen photos of stateside Bradley's and M1's in MERDC from the time period............I think. It means I have to dig through books and I hate that. More summer MERDC later. Pete
  7. It's like grounghog day! Collapse the launchers for the LAW, RPG-18 and Bradley TOW launchers!
  8. USMC version is likely what you saw on Google. Those were in DS1.
  9. These are pretty awesome times for us guys whove played Cm since the beginning and from day one dreamed about this exact topic, this exact time and this exact place!
  10. Is there a thread for Get out of Dodge? Never mind I found it.



  11. Quick check with one source says that they were equipping the 41st Inf, 2nd Armored in Ft. Hood in 1982.
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