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  1. Thanks, BFC!!! FR is lock and loaded!
  2. Hard to believe so much time has passed even here. Back during the CMBO/CMBB years there was an newly-open Russia with all its archives and people like David Glantz to make sense of it to give a better picture on the Eastern Front. I had a site that provided pdf's on Soviet military journals from the 1980s primarily and a group of people who were very much into ways to use CM as a tool for disseminating what had been learned. The traditional wargaming community was also very active in this way and we had so many discussions on the subject. We pushed each other to continue to find ever more material to form more accurate understandings about the war. That feels like a long time ago now, but it's good to see some things are still here--and even some people
  3. Barbarossa would be a large pile of work, I realize that now. It's OB and vehicles are almost an entire other game. It would be very cool to have that as part of RT though. I could wait for it. I would have to demand, however, anti-tank mine dogs too
  4. No, of course not. I am a wargamer after all Any wargamer worth their mettle knows where the war was won...! <inch by inch pandora's box creaks open to the detriment of all>
  5. And for what it's worth, if there was any other theater I would have picked aside from Russian front, it would be Italian front. That's almost never done and it did sound extremely interesting when word first came out. Normandy is great, but the idea of moving to Italy/Sicily was even more interesting than North Africa. My personal opinion.
  6. Actually reading the process from your end puts this into perspective. It makes sense too. Thank you and looking forward to F&R!
  7. And then I see BfN has 2 mods and 2 packs, and FI has 2 mods. Maybe you drew the line when RT was pushed out? To be honest, I see where you guys are coming from. It's okay with me. I also appreciate you guys trying to be real with us. That is big. Thank you. Half the process of compromise isn't so much the solution but the understandings that comes across the table, so to speak. I admit I'm a Russian Front First kinda dude, so it was great to see RT come out. And I'm more Soviet player than German, so to see it set in 1944 rather than Barbarossa was amazing. It'll be cool to get a mod for this game. I know you guys got to make a living like the rest of us and this is your livelihood. But, yeah, it would be nice to see a mod drop for RT. F&B will be perfect. Can you say 'Vistula-Oder Strategic Operation'?
  8. Appreciate all the explanations about R&F's development. I dropped out in 2014 then coming back at a few months ago, and for me it's just a wait of a few more months. I have to say though that upon coming back it was a bit of a shock that in 6 or 7 years no other content was officially added on to Red Thunder, other projects or no. I realize that BFC has been anything but a 'regular' game developer studio(which is a good thing in my book) but coming back to see a game has sat dormant for 6+ years left me wondering. Glad to see it was not forgotten(no pun intended, Olga Berrgolts).
  9. Ahh! Now you force my hand! I will try and find the info from my books posthaste!
  10. There's a 1944(?) Konigsberg scenario I'd be interested in creating. Showcases the use of Soviet asset deployment on the fly to address an urban strongpoint. Very tactical situation, but the assets deployed are impressive.
  11. Not sure how these refinements to Soviet operational art will pan out in a strictly small unit tactical game, but It should be fun making scenarios in mind that focus on OMGs. Just don't forget Soviet development of operational art was at its apex in the 1980s, something the Red Army had been working on for 60 years at that point. Back during WWII the Red Army could only dream of vertical envelopment, but by the 1980s it was a reality.
  12. So, David Bowie was born January 8. When was this expansion supposed to come out?
  13. Konovalov. Yeah, the real deal. There's a plaque for him in Kazan. He ended the war in Germany as a tank battalion commander.
  14. If you ever find your self out in the Northwest--Seattle to be exact--IM me and we'll see what the local breweries have on tap. COVID permitting, of course. Stay healthy, amigo.
  15. Oh and, Vacilllator, to off-topicalify this thread further I want you to know my wife and I visited your neck of the woods two summers ago. A walking tour to be exact, roughly around Taunton to Lynton. It was probably one of the best trips I've taken ever. First trip to England even. What I'd do for a real pasty now. Enjoy your little piece of paradise, sir.
  16. I took that from an actual WWII photo on the Russian front. Must have been Summer '41 even. Sad when you actually see it. The tank in the picture is wrecked and abandoned. That's not a person at the top but a hatch left open.
  17. I understand the frustration. It was rather surprising to have left the community in 2014 and come back 6 years later and see CMRT has had no expansion other than from the player community. Still, there are a lot of games out there. I'm playing Order of Battle among other things. There is Armored Brigade on Steam which is a great, true wargame for the NATO vs WP setting. There's also Hell Let Loose and Post Scriptum for the FPS view of WWII. And for the Russian Front(or Vietnam) there's Rising Storm 2. Anyway, it probably doesn't help much pointing this out unless you pull back a bit to a higher level of observation.
  18. The Vistula-Oder strategic operation of January '45 is a textbook example of operational art. Even more so than Bagration. A perfect setting for Fire and Rubble.
  19. Very sorry to hear of Wild Bill's passing. Those were good times back then and it was one hell of a tight knit community back then.
  20. BFC, I remember back when work was being done to make an operational overlay from which to create and link individual CM battles into campaigns, based on a persistent OOB. It was called Combat Mission: Campaign. It never made it due to a number of reasons, and it was focused on the x1 engine. I'm curious as to whether the newest engine(4?) has the functionality to have something like this designed and developed?
  21. Like the old saying goes, "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто." No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.
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