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  1. I think the big problem, and the most obvious one after more than ten years of these games, is that scenario designers often make maps that are TOO small in relation to the amount of units involved. The real battlefield is largely an empty battlefield. This may take care of the reinforcement problem right there.
  2. I'm with you. I tried again and it hung again. So, it downloads to about 1.33 gb (every time), then slows to a crawl and stops. It drives me crazy. I had a free saturday, but its gone now.
  3. Hilarious. It keeps going up in "time remaining". From 1 hour and 5 minutes remaining. Then 6 minutes. Then, after about five minutes, the time keeps going backwards! i'm re-uploading a download, apparently.
  4. I'm on my seventh attempt or so on a brand new mac. It starts out great, and then it hangs around 50% through it (according to the bar), and then sort of slows down to 350 k/ps or so. This is frustrating. I'm not sure what to do.
  5. I'm on a mac. I purchase the game last night (I know, I didn't preload). I'm on my 7th download attempt since then, and its still slow as a dog. it appears to hang around 4mb, but sometimes it didn't get to then. Very frustrating.
  6. same problem here, too. waiting on a fix. dont want to start doing move around | work arounds.
  7. Agreed. Plus, Stewart wasn't actually interviewing the REAL author. O'Reilly doesn't write anything. He uses his name to sell his books to loudmouth redneck idiots.
  8. THANK YOU KENSAL YOU'RE THE MAN! the online converter was key! Thanks for the help. You rock.
  9. Also, the attacker rarely gets much setup room. In reality, there is much more depth to the attacker's zone. In this video, you can see that there's a lot going on behind the rifleman's attack position. F
  10. Excellent vid, thanks. Now I'm inspired to do a battalion level engagement!
  11. Thank you. I'll give the converter a whirl. Do you put spaces between "special editor overlay"??
  12. So i have this cool new imac. CM runs like glass. So, when is 3.0 coming out for the mac? Also, are you ever going to get the "special editor overlay" feature running for the mac? I've tried a zillion different ways and it doesnt work. Thanks in advance. And before anyone douches out and tells me to "search" the forum for answers, do me a solid and shut up. i've been here like 14 years and I always try that. This time I couldnt find squat. F
  13. This sounds silly, but old period tactics manuals are helpful. The best phrase, and completely true and useful: "Find 'em, fix 'em, flank 'em, finish 'em."
  14. I'm fed up with the criticism of Battlefront's "business model". The only thing we should be concerned with is whether the price is fair on exchange for what we receive. So far, they've offered a good game at modest prices. Now stop wetting the bed and leave these guys alone. These guys have run Battlefront for at least 15 years. Most of the whiners have only run their mouths.
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