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  1. I spent a great deal of time designing and publicly distributing scenarios both independently and through Boots and Tracks. Many of them were well-received. I've been studying the AI capabilities over the last few days and have actually read the manual. It looks as though there is tremendous potential here, even for designing scenarios where the AI may actually WIN. I have a sense that there will be no bad scenarios going forward: only bad designers. Question: is there some sort of AI guide out there, other than the manual, that can give us more insight? Or, is it fair to say that the man
  2. Not the old "spr" debate again. Jeez.
  3. As the designer of the scenario, I can safely say that the title says it all. The quote was taken from Captain Winters -- E Company got worked that day (this battle was also all featured in the Band of Brothers HBO series, but that came after I designed it). Its possible to win, however. Here's a hint: Textbook Fire and Maneuver drill (and use point men). Frank
  4. Sorry to be such a total lameass, but I just noticed that about ten of my scenarios are included in the retail version! I don't now how this happened, but I sure am honored! Thanks BFC! Frank
  5. Are some of my scenarios on the retail version?? Am I reading this right? F [ June 05, 2003, 01:36 AM: Message edited by: Franko ]
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