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    Moon reacted to Rinaldi in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
    A video from my next narrated PBEM game:


    Playing H2H "Muddy Waters"; I thought I tracked the enemy Stug as it tried to make an escape - I was wrong! Luckily the crew was so panicked, they backed up, and tried to escape again. A lucky break I unfortunately paid for with interest later on....grrr - there was quite a bit of panicked screaming from both myself and my opponent, I imagine.
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    Moon reacted to The Teacher in Peanut Gallery for the AAR, No Bill or Pnzrldr   
    If Bil doesn't get into cover and some sneaky positions to get some ambush shots off Scott will have the advantage.
    When setting up the scenario it was to show off the new toys and to have some fun getting them into action, the action speaks for its self.
    It will also depend on the surviving units in the town and power station, eyes in either location can really hurt Bil.
    In regards to drones, we can assume Scott will have them and the units to take advantage of them.
    If it turns out that a static defence is on Bils planning list I think he will be in a world of hurt, a mobile game of cat and mouse shows more promise.
    Bil has good tactics in his war chest while Scott got his own methods, it should be getting hotter in the pan in the near future.
    The scenario was put together to take the players out of a comfort zone and get them thinking fast.
    I think both AARs are exceptional, the two styles really work for me and I'm enjoying both of them.
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    Moon reacted to Tashtego in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
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    Moon reacted to kendar in CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2   
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    Moon reacted to Rison in More (Official) Small Scenarios   
    Topic pretty much says it all. Since the original release of CM:BN I have noticed that there are fewer and fewer 'small' scenarios in the CM releases.
    By 'small' I don't mean literally the label that BFC uses in CM for scenario sizes - I mean a scenario that is both small enough in OOB and map size, and short enough in length, that I can sit down and, start to finish, be done in about 30 minutes. It seems there has been a gradual shift in average scenario size to get bigger, and bigger and bigger with each release of the CMx2 games. CM:RT is a prefect example: out of about 20 scenarios, only 3 of them were "small" or "tiny" (one was listed as small, but was a Bn sized engagement  ) ChrisND saying in one of his streams that the Morning Coffee was one of the 'small' scenarios in CM:BS only added to this impression: it was a big map, though to be fair, I didn't see the OOB.
    I know there are tons of folks here who *love* Bn sized engagements that cover a 5km square map and last 2 hours of gametime, let alone how long it takes to actually play it. But, I would like to raise the voice of those of us who don't have that much time to invest into our games. Yes, I am well aware of the scenario editor and QB's, but until we get (if ever) the return of the CMx1 'Combined Arms' selection for QB's, I cant find much enjoyment in playing the AI because of its purchases.
    I have never played a CMx2 campaign for this very reason. Though I hope to have time to play Paper Tigers campaigns some day!
    So all in all, BFC and those who are officially designing scenarios, please include a nice helping of scenarios that are on the smaller size, both in OOB, map size and actual game time.
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    Moon reacted to c3k in Win a FREE copy of CMBS!!!   
    The WINDOW has Closed.
    The horse has fled the barn.
    Elvis has left the building.
    Many warnings had been posted...now there are some here.
    The early bird has been wormed.
    Many try, one will succeed.
    NOW WE WAIT. NO MORE ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED. The deadline has passed.
    (Mod: pin this…thanks.)
    Would you like a free copy of CMBS? If not, then leave. Otherwise, read on…
    I’m doing this on my own, so it’s my rules. If you don’t like it, don’t gripe at BFC. They have nothing to do with this.
    If your guess for the release date is the closest to the actual date, I’ll send you a freshly purchased activation code.  It’ll be up to you to download the game.
    Here’s how it will work:
    1. Enter your guess in the format DDMMYYYY.  In BOLD. Like thus, for July 4th, 1776: 04071776. Make it stick out on its own. If I can’t find it, you lose. Yeah, my rules.
    Remember, day, month, year: DDMMYYYY. Don’t screw it up. No second entries, no edits. See below.
    2. You can only make ONE entry in this thread. A second entry eliminates you from consideration.
    EDITED: Rule 2 is hereby amended. Since ChrisND has officially announced a change to the expected release date, all initial entries made PRIOR to 0800 on 19122014 can be changed by making ANOTHER entry. See http://community.battlefront.com/topic/117124-win-a-free-copy-of-cmbs/?p=1563829
    (Nothing in rule two prevents additional POSTINGS. Only additional entries are prohibited...as amended above.)
    3. Any EDITS to your post eliminates you. Because.
    4. In case of a tie on the date, I’ll pick the winner. If you put the time, in 24 hour format, I’ll use that as a tie breaker. Closest wins. (6:17 p.m. would be 1817.) If you’re closest, but not in 24 hour military format, you lose! I’ll go to the next guy. Attention to detail matters. If you don’t put in any time, but someone else puts it in, he’ll win, no matter how far from the actual time his guess was.
    5. What will I use for the release date and time? Whatever I want. But, I’ll probably use the date and time of the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on the forum. It’ll be in my time zone, US Eastern. Use New York, NY, if you need to look it up.
    If I see 6:17 p.m., July 4th, 1776, then I don’t care what time it was in YOUR country. It will be 6:17 p.m. USA baby, USA.
    Don’t go claiming your 2117 time was in Lisbon, so you really meant 1617 my time.
    Remember, the official date and time will be whatever I say it is.
    6. You must include a bit more than just a date and a time. You must tell me why YOU deserve it MORE  than the bloke who posted just ahead of you. The only exception is the first poster: he must merely extol his own virtues. If you ignore this requirement, I will laugh as I eliminate you.
    7. If you include a long, sad story of why you deserve a free game, no matter how inaccurate your guess, the corner of my mouth will twitch upwards, and I’ll eliminate you. Whiners can’t be winners. Learn it, live it.
    8. Finally, the twist: having been given the activation code, you will be ON THE HOOK. I will contact you and you will HAVE TO engage in a public battle with me. It will be a public AAR. It will be a fast, bloody, GLORIOUS battle. I will pick all the parameters. If the thought of a public AAR frightens you, don’t enter. We’ll do it a couple of weeks later. So you can practice. Practice…losing!
    9. I can change any of the rules at any time. It’s my money.
    10. If you get the closest date and time and I don’t give it to you, it’s because sometimes life isn’t fair. Embrace the suck.
    11. I’ll use the PM function on this forum to communicate with the winner. If I don’t get a reply in whatever time span I determine is sufficient, the winner will become a loser, and the top loser will become a winner. And so it will go, down the line.
    As in all things, there is fine print. See point 9.
    Ken out.
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    Moon reacted to dan/california in Peanut Gallery for the AAR, No Bill or Pnzrldr   
    I thought I would start a thread to discuss the AAR without messing up either sides plans or revealing something we shouldn't. This requires Bill and Panzrldr not to peek.

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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    Yes, it is unfortunately a function of having a H2H match built to order for a committee, not the players involved. It was billed as a US/UKR attack, and I think the design team presumed Bil would happily squeeze Krichek and fight a security zone battle with limited elements in defensive forward outposts against the UKR company and scouts. Unfortunately, he decided (correctly) that Hill 347 represents truly key terrain, and that taking it would best be accomplished with two mutually supporting MRCs - which my current forces on map have/had no hope of stopping. I did think the infantry would have done a bit better up on the hill, but forgot to factor in the APS/ERA on the BMP3s that makes INF AT weapons an even tougher proposition against them. I also underestimated their close range anti-personnel lethality - stupid, since I've inflicted them on Bil in this role before. One thing we are seeing now is that they spot INF in woods much easier than say AFVs in WWII, and this is a factor of the thermal sight modeling you see in CMBS. Modern tanks don't use thermals only at night - they make INF in woods stand out like neon signs, unless they are truly behind strong cover/concealment. Camo is a non-factor, and movement stands out especially strongly. This aspect of modern warfare is something players will have to learn as they play this title. Some will feel it imbalances the game, but truly, modern AFVs are ridiculously lethal if they operate with no real consideration for civilian/collateral damage. The imbalance is actually pretty realistic and something commanders must account for.
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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    On the other side of the hill, Antonyuk was oblivious to 3d Platoon’s plight, but was keenly aware that 2d Platoon was in dire circumstances. He sent his command track to try and reinforce them, but the position was poor, hemmed in at the base of the hill by the butt end of a ravine which restricted their access to the western slopes where they could contend with the Company of Russians which had popped up to the south. Antonyuk realized this Russian company’s existence when its first cannon round detonated over a 2nd Platoon squad working its way up the slope. The Ukrainians were now literally caught in a crossfire from three directions – nearly a perfect kill sack - as they faced the two BMPs they had unsuccessfully engaged to the east along the treeline, the company of tracks to the south and the elements of the Russian company on hill 347 itself which closed in, curling around the peak to the south and firing down on them from the north east.

    It was the lead BMP of this element that faced SGT Cox and his team. The Sergeant was still cursing himself for failing to bring an AT-4, as he silently slithered backwards away from the BMP while its turret quested left and right seeking targets. He backed away, and then turned, low crawling trying to be a part of the ground. He thought they had succeeded, that their camouflage had shielded them from the Russian's thermal sights and they would make it to a defilade, when unimaginable sound engulfed him. It was like enormous sledghammers were pounding anvils on all sides of him. His legs felt like they were on fire and he looked back dazed to see if they were even still there. As he turned to look at his bleeding shrapnel-torn legs, he saw behind him his two teammates, literally blown into pieces, struck by a full burst of the heavy 30mm high explosive fire at point blank range. Shattered ribs and a half an arm jutted from shredded multicam of what had instants before been his closest friend. He also saw the a smoking muzzle of the Russian cannon pointing directly at him. He jumped up and ran, sobbing, his mind shrieking in terror. He sprinted just a short way and dove behind a tree, gasping, staring crazily around in panic, but then steadying, his breath slowing… “Never shall I leave a fallen comrade!” he muttered from the Ranger creed, closing his eyes and biting his lip. He told himself he would probably die. Then he clenched his jaw, took a breath, and began crawling back the way he had come.

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    Moon reacted to sburke in Very shiny!   
    oh wonderful, I've already got a neutral reputation point.  ROTFLMAO oh this is going to be just sooo charming.  Hey everybody LIKE me quick..... gawd no wonder I hate social media.
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    Moon reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    The Tenth Minute

    First off, turn 10 and no sign of any reinforcements yet. I am on high alert for them at this point.

    1st MRC - the enemy BMP that I knew was in this area finally got spotted and eliminated this turn. I don't think I'll be moving this formation any further into enemy territory.

    2nd MRC

    On the left flank of the center hill my T90 hunted forward looking for the mystery BMP 2 spotted last turn.. he did indeed spot and kill him.

    On the right flank I have a two vehicle section of BMP 3s and a two tank section of T90s moving on the flank of the US Recon Platoon's position. This area was also saturated with T90, BMP, and Tunguska fire to keep their heads down.

    On the way one of the T90s (the one that got beat up by the Tunguska earlier in the battle) took what looks like an AT4 in the side. Just a little additional track damage.

    Pocket - in the pocket my T90s were moving fast to get a bead on his Tunguska.. only they ran in to a little trouble. A few RPG rounds hit (no damage) and one of them runs in to a minefield crossing the road... it is now immobilized.

    There is an enemy team in the buildings next to them. I really got a head of myself in this movement and failed to coordinate my tank sections properly. Damn.

    Note Tunguska 2's location. I had a couple scout teams trying to get close enough to fire RPGs, instead they were both spotted and decimated by the Tunguska. I have a healthy respect for these vehicles. I only wish I had some dismounted ATGM teams.. something with a longer range.

    Okay,I think its time for me to stop pushing my luck and start to position my units for the inevitable US reinforcements. I will pull 1st MRC's vehicles back, and 2nd MRC will take up defensive positions on center hill. I would love to take up reverse slope positions but his Tunguska has me spooked... but I am working on that.

    I am also going to pick up the pace on attacking the Power Plant objective.. I have a feeling it is mined as there are only two openings into the objective and I don't have any breach kits in the 3rd MRC.

    Blood Board - Turn 10

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    Moon reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    The Ninth Minute

    A lot going on in the 2nd MRC sector. Refer to this image for the location of the following events...

    As seen in the teaser video, my BMP 3 takes an RPG round (1,2)... 4 dead across the crew and the two teams onboard. The vehicle is still functional, but I won't know the damage until I can recrew it. The enemy soldier, the last survivor from his team falls to my Tunguska fire:

    This is a weird one... a BMP 2 (3) was spotted just sitting there. It dd not move or fire, nor did my units fire on it, even though it was spotted. It looks like it might be abandoned, but if it is I would expect the hatches to be open. I will investigate.

    A lone US Scout team (4) watched as the Ukrainian soldiers in the background attempted to escape my advancing units... then he too falls to BMP fire. Brutal.

    The final right flank Ukrainian MR platoon BMP-2 (5) falls to BMP-3 fire from two directions.

    Scott does indeed have at least one team with a Javelin (7). It shows itself this turn and fires one missile, which, luckily, was intercepted by Arena (8). I will saturate that area with fire next turn.

    The first of the US Recon HMMWVs (6) falls to BMP fire.. it tried to escape, but ran out of space. 

    In the pocket one of my T90 sections spots and eliminates this SA13 SPAA vehicle. Not far from the Tunguska actually.. and from its placement and orientation (it was faced away from my tanks) it seems Scott may not have known my T90s were on the prowl in this area. If not, he does now.

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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    I don't care if you don't care who wins. I do, and I intend to win. All that aside, not doing so great with the Ukrainians, but am confidant once the US forces arrive in strength.

    The air defense tank with the highly original name of TG21fired yet another burst. The TC was literally pounding the gunner between the shoulder blades, urging him to bring his fire down. With a satisfied sigh, he watched as the third long burst – like a water hose of bright lights – smashed into the back of the exposed Russian tank.
    “Again, again like that!” he yelled, pounding the hapless gunner even more. Two more bursts struck home, the rounds visibly exploding around and on the vehicle. The commander kept his eyes on the Russian tank and directed the gunner to spray the hillside where he knew other Russian vehicles lurked. Nearly 200 rounds of 30mm High Explosive spattered across the east side of Hill 347. Individually, no round was particularly deadly unless it struck within a few meters of an exposed Soldier. But the swathes of shells slashed grooves up the hill, peppered with vicious, buzzing shrapnel. Even without actually hitting anyone, they were bound to make people think twice the TC thought, then he gasped as the tank’s 125mm airburst round detonated three meters in front of his vehicle – he had been watching for the turret to turn, but…
    “Quick, driver, back up! Kick it!”
    The vehicle lurched backwards, and in less than a second had rolled safely behind the cover of several meters of hillside. An instant later, another 125mm HE round shattered the air in front of their former firing position.
    “Okay, wait until they think we have run away, then we pull up and do it to them again. Be looking for the BMPs.” the commander told his gunner. “Sorry about your back.”

    In Krichek, PdPK Tymo flinched again, as yet another near miss from the Russian artillery hammered into the street outside his make shift command post in the town hall building. KPT Kovtun stuck his head in again.
    “Sir, the Skif team is pulling back. They killed a vehicle on the far side of the river, but were under fire and have only three missiles left.”
    “Yes, very good.” Said the air defense officer. “What about the team at the north bank of the river?”
    “We haven’t heard from them, Sir. Perhaps their radio is out, or perhaps… the artillery?” The Kapeytan shrugged. An instant later he was lying on the dusty floor cursing and spitting out dust as yet another ear-shattering explosion rocked the south end of the town.
    “Are you okay?”
    He didn’t respond except to nod, still trying to clear his mouth. The constant explosions lifted every particle of dust on the floor into the air, and made breathing a chore. The dust tasted… different than what is usually kicked up by vehicles or the wind blowing. It had a sweet, acrid taste.
    “Call the American Major and see if his people have seen anything.” The PkPK said.

    Outside of Starov, another Ukrainian Pidpulkovnyk watched in agony as the BMP-3 he had seen five minutes prior, but was impotent to get a missile on, suddenly burst into life and began shelling the Soldiers creeping along the southern edge of hill 347. Borys had sincerely hoped that KPT Antonyuk would have managed to destroy or suppress this Russian track before he moved his men forward, but the Americans had moved forward anyway, and Borys supposed the Ukrainian men had followed not to be outdone by their foreign allies. Now both would pay the price. The BMP was firing 100mm High Explosive Air Burst munitions, set by the laser range finder in the vehicle’s fire control system to detonate at a specified range – in this case, the exact distance to the target, only a couple of meters above the ground. The result was a deadly shower of fragments, laying waste to nearly anything inside a radius of almost 25 meters. Borys watched in mounting frustration as shell followed shell, each coming closer to the hapless American forward observer team. Borys pounded his fist against the soft earth as he saw one of the US Soldiers drop suddenly still while trying to crawl clear. His attention shifted behind him as he heard engine sounds from a 1st PLT BMP-2 pulling up in Starov. “Good,” he thought, “now maybe we get something back.”
    “Tchangk!!!” The BMP’s 30mm autocannon was shockingly loud when it fired right past and over you. Borys waited for more rounds, but there were none. He looked out just in time to see the single shot knock sparks into the sky as it slammed through the BMP by the tree farm’s armor. But no more deadly 30mm rounds followed. “Is he jammed?” Borys thought. Then he noticed the AT-5 missile launcher on the vehicle’s roof shifting and an instant later the missile sped from its canister in a rush of fire, smoke and sound. But it only flew a few dozen meters before slamming into the earth and detonating, doing more to unnerve the Ukrainian infantry nearby than it did to the Russians. Borys watched in even greater frustration as the crew – probably new to their vehicle, and unsure of their drills, fired their smoke launchers and backed away from the fight they were winning. The Ukrainian officer paled, as he heard more engine noises on hill 347, as the Russian motorized company continued to bound forward on the hillside towards the Ukrainian and American positions.

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    Moon reacted to Hawthorne in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    Really enjoying this AAR because it takes one of the reasons why I like CM, namely the personal nature of playing it and cheering on my pixeltrüppen, and moves it to the next level.

    Well done.
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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    PdPK Tymoshenko spoke rapidly into his cell phone – sometimes old school command and control just worked better, and as the long-time commander of the air defense forces in this sector, he knew his assets closely. Moments later, the Tunguska air defense vehicle of his nearby gun/missile section pulled up onto the crest of the river bank, the eastern slopes of hill 347 bare in front of it. Russian infantry were still slogging unconcerned, but quickly across the wheat field towards the hill. A quick series of orders from the track commander brought the twin 30mm cannons down and into ground mode, and a moment later a two long ropes of blazing tracer rounds erupted from the machine, carving a swathe of dust and fragmentation through the wheat. Then through the trees the commander spotted a tank, rear on to his gun. Eagerly he shifted the gunner, but in their excitement the rounds flew long. They knew they had only seconds before one of the many vehicles managed to swing its turret around, but certainly this had to give them pause, as exposed as they were. The commander told the gunner to reengage the tank, even as he directed the driver to prepare to back down to avoid the inevitable return fire.

    LT Upham huffed, as he dropped into the turret of his Bradley after climbing up the front and eschewing the rear crew door. He had unsnapped his combat vest and clipped it behind the turret hatch – accessible, but off of his body armor, which was now ‘slick’ to allow him rapid egress from the Bradley in the event of an emergency. He clipped in his headset – as a scout he wore an integrated headset rather than Combat Vehicle Crewmen (CVC) helmet – and told his driver to back up and then roll forward, and down the hill. “Sir,” his gunner said, “Gotta tell you something. We still got the Javelin in back.”
    “What? Oh crap. How the hell... never mind.” Keying his mike:
    “Outlaw Two-Tree, Outlaw One-Six, over.”
    “See anything?”
    “This is 23, we know where one is, but haven’t got it pinned down yet. Placing icon now.”
    “Roger, I see it. Hey, I still have your Jav. Pull back and down a bit, and I’ll move to your fix with it. If he pops up I want you to nail him.”
    “Roger, it’ll take us a sec to back down.”
    This conversation occurred over the radio while Upham was simultaneously scanning as his driver pulled the track forward along the edge of the hill.
    “Okay, driver stop here a sec. Gunner, he has the icon in that copse right... there. Scan it and see what you can make out.”

    “CONTACT, BMP!!!” LT Upham was suddenly jarred by the strident voice in his headsest. It took a second to recognize that it wasn’t his own crew, but his heart was pounding nonetheless – one of his scouts was in contact.
    “This is Outlaw, One-Six, roger, who and where?”
    “This is Hellcat Tree-Tree-Golf, my direct front 800 meters. Engaging, out.”
    Hellcat 33 was the Battalion Bradley Master Gunner’s truck. A long-time Cav Scout, SFC Bagby had volunteered to fill out the understrength scout section for this mission, and MAJ Abrams (his boss) had agreed. Now he was apparently on the ground, and his gunner had spotted an enemy vehicle and was engaging with his Mk19 automatic grenade launcher. The Mk19 is an extraordinarily versatile weapon. At first blush, it seems like a souped up M-203 or M-320, the over/under grenade launchers fitted to the M-4 carbine. However, the Mk19’s 40mm grenades fly further, faster, and carry much more punch. For this mission, and most in the Ukraine theater, the Mk19 was loaded with HEDP rounds, which contain both a shaped-charge armor piercing HEAT warhead capable penetrating up to 51mm of armor, with a fragmentation sleeve wrapped around it to kill or wound personnel. The Mk19 can spit these rounds out at nearly 325 rounds per minute, slower than a regular machinegun, but still several rounds per second. However, it is a relatively low-recoil weapon, making it suitable for mounting on standard machinegun pintles rather than in a dedicated turret with recoil absorbing mass or hydraulics. The low recoil is due to the relatively low velocity of the weapon – the rounds leave the muzzle at about 240meters per second – meaning that it is truly a grenade launcher and not a cannon. One can easily watch the rounds in flight on their way to their targets, and time of flight to its max range of 2000m is nearly 17 seconds. It takes training, experience, and a unique eye to be able to fire the Mk19 effectively at ranges outside about 500m where the loft of the rounds really begins to be significant. Fortunately, PFC Purtle had the eye. His first burst plunged down like a series of long fly balls to right field, bracketing the BMP-3 with explosions and rattling the vehicle with shrapnel. The second burst of fire struck home – Purtle saw at least three hits, and one looked really solid. The vehicle backed up and the PFC saw its smoke grenade launchers pop as his third burst was in the air. He also noted with fearful satisfaction that the turret never swung towards his truck, so perhaps they never spotted him. He fired another longer burst to hopefully keep the lethal beast from pulling back up, then told his driver to back up to mask them in case it did.
    “Good shooting!” came SFC Bagby came over their internal radio net. “Next time though, announce it before you open up. I nearly ruined a good set of trousers!”

    Note: SFC Bagby is visible at right front, in wheat field.

    Leytenant Yuri Lysenko carefully raised his head again and peered over the parapet. He saw a puff of smoke from the treeline to his front, followed a second later by the report of a cannon shot, and he tracked the flight of the Russian BMP's shell, praying as it winged towards the base of hill 347. He exhaled loudly, as he saw the round splash just in front of the treeline, and caught a hint of movement as the Ukrainian BMP-2 backed down. After another moment, he paused, and then scanned off to the right, across hill 347 and the rolling fields beyond. Then he dropped back down and made another notation on his laminated mapsheet. He squeezed the handmike, stretched on its cord from the pack on the back of his radioman, and spoke again.
    “No, I don’t know what happened to Two-Four in the town. I haven’t heard him either, your radio is good, over.”
    A pause, as the other party responded.
    “Yes, the Rosiys’ka company is up on the hill, but I don’t see anyone dismounted. But there is a truck at grid November-Kilo 017233. Suspected ATGM position. Fire mission, over.”
    Another pause, and the LT nodded in satisfaction.
    “Roger, standing by to spot.”

    SGT Cox from Memphis, Tennessee could not believe what he was seeing. Not 60m away, just up the hill from the clump of brush that sheltered his three-man sniper team loomed a Russian BMP-3. The SGT had been just a young Private in the 1st Ranger Battalion during the last days of the US involvement in Afghanistan in 2015, and had seen scant combat. He had genuinely looked forward to this fight, and an opportunity to test his skills. Now he knew that if the enemy armored vehicle just lowered its sights a few degrees, his war was over. He was smart and a quick study, and it had seen him promoted to Sergeant after his time in the Rangers was up, and seen him through sniper school at Bragg. He knew the Russian track had a French thermal sight that literally could not miss spotting him and his team members if it was pointed in their direction. He sincerely hoped that someone would at least get out of the thing so he could get off a shot before he was blown to kingdom come. However, once it crested the rise it just sat there, as frozen as he and his two team members. SGT Cox slowly began lowering himself down to the prone, one slow inch at a time, and prayed for the opportunity to get to test his low crawl skills again.

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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    “Well, what do you think Tom?” LTC Shawn Falkner asked his S-3 Operations Officer, MAJ Thomas “Tank” Abrams. The stocky officer was well known for his last name, despite having no immediate family connection with the Abrams family for whom the tank was named.

    “Not sure Sir. Upham is in visual contact time now, but doesn’t seem to have too much of a read yet. He did confirm the front edge of the Russian security zone from that Reaper pass earlier, but without some more eyes forward at this point, is hard to tell.”

    Falkner’s Battalion, the 3-69 Armor “Speed and Power,” was on the move, heading northeast of Kiev and preparing to make contact with lead echelon Russian forces for the first time. They had struggled mightily with the deployment – desperate haste and agonizing hold ups, with every little last minute additional piece of gear or information precious, but hard bought in time to acquire it. Kissing wives and sons and daughter, sobbing at the airport, texting and video chatting from the staging base in Germany. Then the desperate work to draw, load, check, swap, arm, and recheck all of the gear and vehicles from the prep site – days without sleep, with seemingly a million vital problems all happening at once. Finally the armor on trains and headed for Poland, and the long bus rides to follow. Downloading and road marching the vehicles up to the Polish border and then, like a different world – arriving in Ukraine. People cheered them as they crossed the border, and lined the streets for them in L’viv. They laagered nearby a small town outside L’viv for nearly a week, as add-on armor and APS systems were flown in to them by C-130. Townspeople brought them bread, and stuffed dumplings, and harsh samohon liquor. Then they had rolled out, and almost immediately the dismaying news that A Company was detached to bolster the flagging combat power of 2d Cavalry Regiment – the Stryker Regiment had been fighting for weeks already and was rumored to be down to under 50% strength. So much news, and everyone pulling it from seemingly everywhere – nearly all the Soldiers were staying tied into the internet somehow – but no time to sort out reality from drama. And now they were into it. Called forward from their widely dispersed assembly areas the previous evening, they had roadmarched forward in darkness for 12 hours, covering nearly 130 km to the northern outskirts of Kiev. All of that to arrive here, facing a Tier 1 Russian mechanized force, face to face.

    The 3rd Infantry Division had already made contact with the 27th Guards Armored Brigade and the 15th Motor Rifle Brigade. The meetings had not gone well for the Russians, but neither had the Dogface Soldiers (3rd ID’s Nickname) loved the initial encounters. The Russian equipment was startlingly modern, especially the T-90 main battle tanks. The Russian APS was not as good as the hastily equipped US one, but it did quite a good job at stopping the Bradley’s TOW2B ATGMs. Thankfully, it seemed less successful at dealing with Javelins, and the vehicle remained vulnerable to the Abrams Sabot rounds at nearly any range or angle. But it was fast, accurate, and its cannon could smash anything it hit. Several Abrams crews had already discovered that they were not nearly as invulnerable to it as they had believed. Further, the US Bradleys were very nearly overmatched by the Russian BMP-3s. The 15th seemed to have the very latest model with good ERA and an APS as well. Its 100mm cannon fired a wicked HEDP shell that could airburst as well as point detonating, and it had a ‘down the spout’ gun-launched ATGM it could fire as well. As if that wasn’t enough, it further sported a 30mm automatic cannon as a coax, which was capable of penetrating the Bradley at medium range, and that could also fire HE rounds to get more suppression or destruction on light targets. In initial fights it was evident that US training was still vastly superior to the Russian’s, but not by as much as everyone had hoped. As far as courage, tenacity and dirty tricks went, the Russians were at least the American’s equals.

    Falkner and Abrams were crouching together in the back of the Major’s Bradley, looking together at the BFT II screen on a large MFD.

    “SGT Lerner reports that his UKR partners are just about into a gunfight with this Russian company here, just forward of the Tree Farm. He reports that a full Motorized Rifle Company (MRC) with 3 tanks has moved forward onto the forward slope of 347. They are going to put their infantry at them from woods on the hill, but if that MRC brought all its dismounts, it will be a tough fight. The rest of the UKR company is going to spread the field right and left, with a PLT swinging to the north slope of the hill and another to the south of Starov village. Lerner says the terrain in there sucks, with a nasty system of dried up creeks running north-south that limit lateral movement.”
    Falkner nodded as his S-3 continued.

    “Lerner did find out thought that the UKR have an element still holding out at Ukepor Power Station – we are supposed to secure that in one piece if we can – and apparently this guy can see most of the Russian deployment. Confirmed the Reaper read on another MRC down here west of Provinska Dvor. They are behind the intervisibility line (IV line) so are out of LOS of the Ukrainian Company, but for certain they will pop up on this southern flank at an opportune time. Reaper had them pretty clustered up though, so if 1-41 can get their guns set we can probably plan on hitting them.”

    “That’s a tempting target, but I’m not sure I want to commit our arty to it at the outset.” Falkner said.

    “We still have no comms with Blackknight?” referring to B Company.

    “No sir, not sure if its EW or what, but we still have no voice comms and are getting a good 7-9 minute lag over BFT II to them. I sent the update to stop shy of 00 Easting, but no idea if they got it.”

    “Well, thank God for Upham’s TACSAT link. As he finds their security elements in the north we’ll need to target those first, as Blackknight may just blunder into them. Once we have these three forward positions taken down or suppressed, we can focus Blackknight on flanking the MRC on 347 from the north. Might need to commit the mortars to a smoke shot to set that up, but more likely we’ll need them to suppress some other target somewhere. Put a smoke mission along the north edge of 347 in their queue though. To the south, Steel (C Co) should be a bit better, with all this rough terrain as they reach the 00. Their position will depend upon how the UKR boys do against the stuff to their front. If they do well, we may be able to put some Jav teams up onto the south slope of 347 to keep this southern MRC’s head down while the rest of Steel hunts them up through this rough ground south of the highway. If they don’t do so well... well, Steel will have to face off the guys at the tree farm, the MRC on 347 AND the MRC to the south. No real long shots in here, so the Abrams will need to be careful. We’ll need to either put the CAS, the helos, or the arty on that southern MRC I think. Probably no way we can dump anything on 347 – we’ve already got guys in close contact there. Nice that Brigade found all these toys for us though. I think it looks as though we are fighting a mostly forward defense. I suspect that once we crack these two companies, and the different security and ATGM outposts, the penetration to Krichek should be pretty straightforward. These woods along the stream with infantry in them may be troublesome though, as they are reverse slope until you are right on em, so make sure we save some arty or mortar ammo. Our priority is to get to MAJ Harris. We’ll plan to penetrate through to him first, and then roll south to link up with the UKR boys at the grain storage and power plant. Steel should be able to control some of that with direct fire by the time they are done with the MRC in the south anyway. If need be we’ll pass Darkknight Company through Steel, but hopefully they will manage before they come up. In any case, Darkknight priority of commitment is to achieve the linkup in Krichek.”

    “All right sir, sounds good. I have your intent, and I’ll be on the net. Any idea where you plan to be?” Abrams asked.

    “Not yet – I’ll figure it out as we approach. I’ll follow you in my panzer until we get a bit closer, then I’ll break off.”

    “Roger sir – Speed and Power!”

    Power 6 hopped out the rear door of the Bradley and jogged the few meters to his M1. The heavy ARAT2 tiles looked like Roman Legion shields, but they made good handholds for pulling himself up on board. He heard the turbine winding up as he jumped up, his driver seeing him coming.

    ‘Well, this is it.’ He thought. ‘Lets see if we are really as good as we think we are.’

    So, this hopefully gives you a better idea of 'the plan' as far as it goes. Really wish that the US scout force was backed up by its own artillery and mortars, as would usually be the case. Then I could be attriting the Russian security zone forces in the north with precision fires right now. Strangely, I suspect that the key to this mission will be getting good infantry positions to enable Javelin shots, rather than slamming tank duels. I just don't see the range and sight lines cooperating, but perhaps I'll be wrong. I am very concerned about what is going to happen over the next 10 turns on the slopes of 347. If my Russian adversary fully controls hill 347 by the time I show up - a not impossible outcome - I will have a tough time getting my forces onto the map alive. This map isn't set up with the arrival zones being generally out of LOS. For this title, that is a serious consideration for scenario designers, as ATGMs and Thermals can spot and hit across the map in one turn. I skipped a turn with some of my foreshadowing earlier, and have another turn to get done. Hopefully you can all hang on until tomorrow for the next post when we see a bit more high intensity.
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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    PdPK Borys Levchenko watched as the mechanized infantrymen scrambled to execute KPT Antonyuk’s orders. As the 3rd PLT BMPs moved out to swing north, 2nd PLT began pulling up on line with Borys’ observation position. He nodded as he recognized the opening steps of the dance against the Russian vehicles and troops they had spied in the treeline ahead and by the tree farm. The Battalion Commander tsk’ed to himself as he realized that he and his security detachment were in the likely line of the Russian return fire. But, he didn’t want to his men to see him backing down or sending them to face what he was unwilling. He signaled Molodshiy Serzhant Mischenko, his BMP gunner: “Mischa, fire the smoke to cover his move!” he shouted. The attentive Sergeant’s head popped back down inside the track, and a second later the vehicle pivoted a few degrees to the left, and with a ‘Pop-pop-pop-pop!” a volley of smoke grenades arced into the field, belching black smoke. It was scant cover, but better than nothing Borys figured. He watched as the 2nd PLT lead vehicle moved up, its rear doors swinging open, infantrymen hurriedly offloading before the vehicle crested the fields edge and exposed itself to enemy fire as it began scanning for targets. He turned back and scanned the far treeline with his binoculars, praying to himself that his men would spot the enemy vehicles first. As he watched, behind the treeline, the first rounds of a new sheaf of artillery rained down on the Ukepor Power Station.

    In Krichek, artillery also continued to pound the town. MAJ Harris ground his teeth as yet another shell detonated with a bone-jarring “Tchunnng!”
    “That sounds like Vulcan’s own hammer!” Beach shouted.
    “What, you reading Percy Jackson again? Aren’t you a little old for that?” Harris shouted back. His Netwarrior vibrated, and he quickly scanned the new message. SFC Doty reported that all of his troops were accounted for thus far, and none injured – surprisingly good news, considering the volume of fire. Harris looked up as he heard the another distinct sound over the artillery’s intermittent crash – a mechanical chuckle, as the AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher gunner at the south end of town opened up. Harris knew the weapon was positioned to cover the village on the far side of the river crossing and wondered what was drawing the gunner’s fire. They had mined approach to the bridge on both sides, but not thoroughly enough to stop a determined push, and it was vital to keep the bridge itself open. Despite the fact that the Russians were on the other side, friendly lines lay beyond them, and Harris for one had no interest in seeing the inside of a Russian POW camp. As an advisor team leader, he had gotten the classified SERE brief during his hasty train up before deployment. It was unknown exactly what the Russian policy on western EPWs would be, so the instructors had used examples of captured Afghan Mujahedeen and Islamic Chechen rebels. Needless to say, that was more than enough to convince the advisor leaders that death might indeed be preferable to capture. Harris’ tablet vibrated once again, and he cursed this time as he read it. One of the Home Guard ATGM teams had taken casualties. SFC Doty tied the report to an enemy icon on the far side of the river, so Harris presumed they were under direct fire from the far bank rather than taking artillery fire. Still, they had only a few precious ATGM teams in the town, including the single Javelin section from Harris’ own security team. Losing one would be a serious loss. Harris tapped back a quick ‘keep me updated,’ and then began tapping out a SITREP to his higher command.

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    Moon reacted to Wodin in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    I really think people should let Pnzrldr write the DAR how ever he feels like.
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    Moon reacted to pnzrldr in CM Black Sea - Beta Battle Report - US/UKR Side   
    This scenario is designed to highlight many of the new features in Combat Mission: Black Sea. Set in late July of 2017, the conflict itself springs from continued antagonism between Russia and Ukraine, and a Ukrainian bid to join the west, NATO and the EU. Continued low-intensity conflict in Luhansk and Eastern Ukraine erupts when Russia moves in to support the separatists openly. A NATO expeditionary force deploys and is soon embroiled in full scale fighting, leading to continued escalation and deployment against a backdrop of Russian full scale invasion and a tremendous campaign for control of the skies. In the North, all focus is on Kiev, with Russian forces pushing hard to completely encircle the city, while a BCT from 3d US Infantry Division, finally completes its deployment and slams into the Russian forces.

    0400 hrs, 28 July 2017, Northern Front, North East of Kiev.
    The front line has been adjusted on the situation maps more times than any operations officer cares to remember. The 3rd Infantry Division is finally moving to establish a line north east to shield Kiev from the Russian 15th Motorized Brigade which is advancing toward the vital town of Krichek. Ukrainian Home Guard troops are holding the Russians to the north and east with the help of a US Cavalry Squadron.

    At 06.00hrs this morning a garbled message came from a Ukrainian home defense unit to the north of Kricheck and then American Cavalry scouts reported intense pressure on the front lines to the north and north east by strong Russian Armored units. Forced to fall back or be overrun, the Cavalry elements tried to keep the Russians from splitting the defenses. All was going well until a strong thrust by the 15th Motor Rifle Brigade and the 27th Guards Armored Brigade struck a seam between disorganized Cavalry Troops, and rushed toward Krichek. A Russian breakthough was achieved.

    Flash Message

    Ukrainian Home Guard company and Security Force Assistance Team have been encircled in and around the town of Krichek.
    Friendly forces still hold the power station, Ukrainian Government Grain Storage Facility, Textile Mill, The Town and require relief ASAP.
    Enemy Forces
    Russian forces appear to be from the 27th Guards Armored Brigade and the 15th Motor Rifle Brigade. These two units have been rotating troops into and out of the area along the 3rd Infanrty Divisions front line to the east and north east. These units appear to have been rebuilt after earlier operations in early July.
    In the area of operations the Russians have deployed at least 2 motor rifle companies and 2 platoons of Armor from the 15th motor Brigade in positions around the town of Krichek.
    Support elements from the 15th motor rifle brigade along with a company of Armor from the 27th Guards Armored Brigade are also nearing the eastern edge of the area in question.
    Attack Helicopters and some strike aircraft have been detected heading toward the Krichek area and with this support the Russians may be about to take the town and industries.

    Friendly Forces
    Ukrainian 4th Home Guard company - in and around Krichek and its vital Industries.
    US SFAT assigned to 4th HG CO.
    1st ABCT, 3rd Infantry Division BCT - west of Kricheck, preparing to counter attack and relieve Krichek and its defenders.
    A Co 21st UKR Mech (OPCON)
    Stetson 32 2 x AH-64D Longbow
    Cougar 44 2 x F-15E Strike Eagles.

    NLT 0815, TF 3-69AR “Speed and Power” attacks in zone to seize Krichek and relieve UKR Home Guards Company and US SFAT to deny Russian control of river crossing and eliminate Russian Mech/Armor forces in zone.

    Execution: UKR 21st Mech BN(-) establishes support by fire position focused on CPs E and G to secure TF approach march and focus RUS forces on penetration from center sector. O/o, B and C Teams envelop RUS mech elements, seizing key terrain and focusing fires to control primary crossing point on river. D Co (the main effort) follows C Co in the South, assaults through CP G to seize crossing and execute link up with encircled forces. Key to this operation is effective ID and neutralization of RUS AT systems in zone, effective use of screening smoke, and tactical patience to allow CAS/RWATK to attrit RUS forces.

    Pidpolkovnyk (PdPK/LTC) Borys Levchenko looked out and across the tall field of oilseed rape as he contemplated the terrain. Kapitan Vasyl Antonyuk his first company commander peered through his binoculars a few meters away. SGT Michael Lerner, US Army crouched behind a tree, with his ever-present interpreter surreptitiously smoking a cigarette. The field rose up to the east in front of them, and was bordered on the far side by the edges of tree farm. In to the right they could catch glimpses of the highway to and could see the tops of the stacks from the Ukepor Power Station standing out above the trees to the southeast. To the northeast, he could just see the rooftops of the town of Krichek. The Pidpolkovnyk contemplated the mission before him. His friend, and former neighbor, Pidpolkovnyk Tymoshenko was the “Home Guard” commander in Krichek. Activated from his reserve status in Kiev, and sent to Krichek, Tymo had phoned Borys yesterday morning to tell him that Krichek had been encircled by Russian forces. Though authorized to leave, Tymo had been unable to muster sufficient transport for his men. He had gotten about a hundred out in his last trucks, but had kept his meager armor and intended to make the Russians pay in blood to stabilize this part of their front line. Amazingly, their Amerykans’ky vzvod of Advisors had remained with them in the town, despite ample time to withdraw. Borys glanced over at Lerner – a mere Sergeant, assigned to him, a Lieutenant Colonel of Mechanized Infantry, with combat experience stretching back to the first fight for Donetsk in 2014! The Sergeant’s boss was a Major – Borys had met him once a week ago at Brigade HQ and not seen him since. In fairness, SGT Lerner from the American 3rd Infantry Division, had made an effort to be deferential and sincere. He had twice made significant contributions, once by supplying Borys with American Satellite photos and maps of the area around Kiev, and once by showing him video feed from an Amerykans’kyy bezpilotnyk drone, which had neatly identified a Russian ambush on the highway ahead, and a saved one of LTC Levchenko’s companies a tough fight. Borys was grateful for the help, and even more grateful for the might of the US military, amazingly committed to freeing his country from the tyranny of the Russian oppressors. Levchenko had followed US actions in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly his whole professional life, and had marveled at the diplomatic naiveté and blunt arrogance of America. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined they would commit to shedding blood – likely in no small quantities – for the sake of his homeland’s unity and freedom. He contemplated Lerner a moment more, and then returned to the task at hand.

    Levchenko’s mechanized battalion was still recovering from a rocket strike that smashed into his assembly area a week prior. The total casualty count was 112 men, 23 of them dead. The battalion was now awaiting reconstitution from Kiev. Only the 3rd Company remained combat effective – in fact untouched from the strike. They were now behind him, neatly and efficiently herring boned along a low dry creekbed, awaiting his order to attack. Before them, somewhere between their position in the woods and the distant Krichek rooftops, were the Russians, awaiting them. Borys knew – because SGT Lerner had told him – that the better part of a Russian mech battalion lay between him and his friend. He had seen the American’s intel feed on the Sergeant’s tactical tablet, and thought that the Americans certainly did have incredible toys. He just hoped that they could fight as well. Thus far he had not fought directly alongside the US forces, although the stories from his friend in 2d Brigade sounded quite promising – supposedly their Abrams tanks were all but invincible! Well, they were not here yet, and Borys’ commander had relayed that preparing the battlefield before Krichek for them was Borys’ and his men’s job.

    Levchenko considered the ground. He was positioned at right side of a commanding wooded slope that he sincerely hoped held no Russians scouts. Borys intended to occupy this hill as swiftly as possible. Though likely to draw artillery, it commanded most of the ground all the way to Krichek, and with the sporadic trees on its slopes would make an ideal spot for a couple of observer teams. To his rear lay the little ville of Starov, currently occupied by his mortar Battery and Antonyuk’s 1st Platoon. Borys relayed to KPT Antonyuk that this platoon should assume tactical overwatch positions in and forward of the village and neutralize any Russians in the treeline to their front. For the rest of his lone company Borys intended to maneuver forward onto the right slopes of the hillside. In this way they need only engage the Russians on the right, with their left secured from observation against the slope. Once they held fire superiority to their right, they could slip forward and secure the tree farm. Though it offered scant cover, it was ideally positioned as a jump off point to move on either Krichek itself or the power plant. The little farm track that led along the right side of the hill seemed to offer some good low ground to screen much of this move, so Borys was fairly confidant in reaching the tree farm. Once there, SGT Lerner had told him that US forces were not far behind. In fact, though he had not seen them, Borys knew that a US recon force was maneuvering on the left side of the same hill he was moving to occupy. Lerner’s tablet also revealed a Russian mech PLT just east of the hill, reinforced with at least one tank. Borys was wary of this, but all in all he preferred a close in fight with the Russians. They had similar equipment, and the short range knife fight that ensued would likely go to the one who seized the initiative.
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    Moon reacted to Bil Hardenberger in CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side   
    This battle will be fought against probably the most experienced and knowledgeable opponent I have ever faced. Pnzrldr is a serving US Army LTC (Armor) and this makes him a formidable opponent. We have played several times and I think are well matched. We have both had games where one of us has totally routed the other, but most games have been very tightly fought affairs. I hope this game turns out to be one of those.

    The scenario which was put together specially for Scott and I by TheTeacher is going to be quite a challenge. My request was to be on the defense and to play redforce. What he presented us with is truly an interesting and challenging situation. Basically I have been presented with an enemy bypassed company sized force that I am expected to deal with prior to setting up a defense against the enemy force coming to relieve them.

    The enemy force in my rear is sitting on an area that stretches across three objectives: Textile Mill, Town Hall, and the Power Station. I am expected to reduce this concentration prior to reorienting to engage the relief force. Interesting no?

    Stay tuned… this is going to be fun. I will be doing an abbreviated analysis where I will analyze the mission, the enemy, my troops, and the terrain, all coming up in future installments.

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