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CM Black Sea – BETA Battle Report - Russian Side

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The course and outcome of war depend on the correlation of the military potentials of the combatants.

Second Law of War

This battle will be fought against probably the most experienced and knowledgeable opponent I have ever faced. Pnzrldr is a serving US Army LTC (Armor) and this makes him a formidable opponent. We have played several times and I think are well matched. We have both had games where one of us has totally routed the other, but most games have been very tightly fought affairs. I hope this game turns out to be one of those.

The scenario which was put together specially for Scott and I by TheTeacher is going to be quite a challenge. My request was to be on the defense and to play redforce. What he presented us with is truly an interesting and challenging situation. Basically I have been presented with an enemy bypassed company sized force that I am expected to deal with prior to setting up a defense against the enemy force coming to relieve them.


The enemy force in my rear is sitting on an area that stretches across three objectives: Textile Mill, Town Hall, and the Power Station. I am expected to reduce this concentration prior to reorienting to engage the relief force. Interesting no?

One should not be diverted by geographical objectives, but should concentrate on the destruction of the enemy’s military forces.

Classic Russian Military Principles

Stay tuned… this is going to be fun. I will be doing an abbreviated analysis where I will analyze the mission, the enemy, my troops, and the terrain, all coming up in future installments.


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About to witness two exceedingly skilled CM Veterans play the New Modern ... CM Black Sea. Going to be a bucket load of entertainment, education and a peek at all the new tools in the CM Black Sea kits :D

"Stay tuned… this is going to be fun."

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Thanks Miquel, yeah I could get into trouble quickly.. a pocketed company sized force is nothing to sneeze at, especially with what I will be bringing to the table.

By the way, this battle is already underway, analysis is complete, initial orders finished, and first couple of turns exchanged.

My analysis will be posted over the weekend... I also saw many pitfalls with this setup.. and my first response was: "I've been set up to fail".. but I love a challenge, and lose I may, but I hope my approach to this battle will at least surprise and entertain.

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Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.

George S. Patton

Really Ken, I think you might be a reincarnation of the old bastard. ;)

Ken S. Patton may be envious of your opportunity to..."Attack the remnants, then ATTACK the newcomers! Attack! ..." ;)

We want to see all the new modern tools we are about to get to play with too! Throw in some devastatingly decisive attacks ... that should demo Black Sea's robustness.

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:D Oh What????? Really????? WHY ME????? :D

I get a free 3-day weekend, NO family, no jobs, ..... just free to game and game and game ........ then this happens - sheesh that's another thing - this is at least month of productivity out the window! :mad:

Anyway Thanks Bill, if it's not clear from the above: This is great news, I love your AAR's learn something every turn. Genuine and sincere thanks to you,... Also BFC note the fact that it's your AAR's got me to finally press the button and purchase CMBN (and all it's DLC) after a few years "lurking with intent".


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